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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Turkey: "There is concern among some liberals that the country is becoming a police state"

The world continues to hail the Turkish Constitutional Court's decision not to ban the ruling AKP as a victory for democracy, while not taking into account in the slightest the possibility that the AKP may one day succeed in overturning...

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MILF jihadists attack Philippine troops after land giveaway halted

But of course they sincerely want peace. An update on this story. "Muslim rebels attack Philippine troops after deal halted," from AFP, August 6 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): COTABATO, Philippines, Aug 5, 2008 (AFP) - Muslim separatists traded mortar fire...

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Karzai: We've got the goods on Pakistan's involvement in jihad attack

Karzai noted: "Unfortunately, there are elements within the establishment in Pakistan who do not see things as we see (them), and who perhaps are not opting for a life that the absolute majority of our people seek and are working...

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Chinese officials insist Olympics "safe" despite jihad threat

And the Chinese probably can guarantee this, because -- as far as I know -- unlike Western countries they don't play politically correct games allowing Muslims who have not been adequately vetted (or vetted at all) access to high-level law...

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China: "We found papers on one of the suspects saying that their religious beliefs are more important than their lives, the prosperity of their families and even the well-being of their mothers. They were trying to perform a jihad"

It's official: recent Chinese attacks were prompted by jihad fi sabil Allah: Terror bombing was 'Muslim jihad,'" by Malcolm Moore, for the Telegraph, August 5:The Chinese government has said the bombing which killed 16 policemen in Kashgar was a premeditated...

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Jihadis take on Gandhi's strategy

And go on a hunger strike? Would this count as martyrdom? What about the famous "Do not kill yourselves" Koranic verse 4:29? "Islamist suspects stage hunger strike in Lebanon jail," from AFP, August 5:BEIRUT - Several hundred suspected members of...

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Hirsi Ali: "The ideas of Mohammed are incompatible with the ideas that liberal secular democracies are based on"

The interviewer here is intent on portraying Islam and Christianity as essentially identical in character, but Hirsi Ali, who certainly holds no brief for Christianity, is able to tell him some truths anyway. "Political writer Hirsi Ali discusses democracy...

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How dare you say Islam teaches "kindness" and "human dignity"? demand prominent Muslim leaders

Now, if Omar's pact of dhimmitude plainly states that non-Muslims are not to teach their own children the Koran, the following report makes clear the "hysteria" a non-Muslim teaching the Koran to Muslim students can cause: "Muslims blast Israel for...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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U.K.: Woman brought from Pakistan for arranged marriage beaten, forced to work 17-hour days; husband told her he intended to marry a second wife

The obvious question: How many like Sania Bibi have not yet been discovered in the U.K. and other Western countries? "Muslim bride 'beaten every day by husband and mother-in-law' after being flown from Pakistan for arranged marriage," by Andrew Levy...

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Fitzgerald: When non-Muslims marry Muslims

JIDDAH, Saudi Arabia -- A Turkish soap opera featuring an independent fashion designer and her amazingly supportive and attractive husband is emptying the streets whenever it's on and has more than doubled the number of Saudis visiting Turkey this summer....

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Fitzgerald: How Western governments should deal with Muslim immigrants

"Regarding the issue of the burgeoning rate of Muslim immigrants to Canada, Weinstein declares that, 'some kind of form must be signed that prohibits entry into Canada of people that believe in the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. This would make it...

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"The notion that immigrants should adapt to America is being destroyed ... one ACLU-approved Muslim foot-washing bath at a time."

Update on this story. "'Multiculturalism Run Amok' as Muslims Repeal Labor Day in Tennessee," from Earth Times, August 5:SPRINGFIELD, Va. English First today denounced as "multiculturalism run amok" a decision by a Tennessee Tyson Foods' poultry plant to eliminate Labor...

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Indonesia: Christians protest implementation of sharia

Christians protest increasing shariazation of Indonesia. "Christians in Indonesia's Papua rally over sharia," from Reuters, August 5:JAYAPURA, Indonesia (Reuters) - About 1,000 people from a Christian group in Indonesia's Papua held a rally on Tuesday to protest against any implementation...

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Esposito spearheading interfaith dialogues

Renowned apologist for Islamania, soft-spoken "Catholic" dhimmi, and, most recently, misrepresenter of data, John Esposito declares that Catholics and Muslims should -- drum roll please -- dialogue: "Georgetown scholar: Muslims comfortable in dialogue with Catholics," by Chris Herlinger for the...

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