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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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MILF rebuffs Philippine president's New Year greeting

Being a jihadist means never having to say you're sorry: it's always the other guy's fault. "MILF rebuffs Arroyo's New-Year greeting," from GMANews.tv, December 30 (thanks to James): MANILA, Philippines - Accusing her of an inconsistent peace policy, the Moro...

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British terrorism expert predicts dire reaction to Israeli incursion

"Terrorism expert" For the record, this "British terrorism expert" also happens to be Egyptian-born, Muslim brotherhood spokesman, Kamal El-Helbawy, who once questioned whether Israeli children are legitimate targets -- this before Israel's latest "blame-all" incursion. One must wonder, therefore,...

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Death to All Juice

From a pro-jihad, anti-Israel demonstration on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Pamela has more....

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UK: Muslims claim Jesus would have been locked up in prison

Palestinian "freedom fighter"? Mujahid fi sabil Allah? Why would he be locked up? Because, according to Muslims, Â"Jesus was indeed a Muslim and like the Muslims today [such as Osama bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, Mullah Omar, et. al.], called...

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Next Al-Qaeda target "most likely" to be UK

Due in part to the fact that Britain -- particularly Londonistan -- shelters "a substantial community of people who have links with, and can easily travel to, Pakistan." "Al Qaeda may hit UK next," from the Dawn, December 29:LONDON, Dec...

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Iran's "Combatant Clergy Society" signing up volunteers to fight jihad against Israel

Combative clergy Combatant Clergy? But...but...don't they have to study Islam to become clerics? And wouldn't they get the picture, in all that study, that Islam is a Religion of Peace™? Why is it that, all around the world, so...

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"When Christians kill Muslims, it's the Crusades. When Jews kill Muslims it's murder, and when Muslims kill Muslims, it's like talking about the weather. Nobody really cares about it."

That quotation comes from Dan Gillerman, in this posting from July. Gillerman's observation is once again highly appropriate as Egypt fires on Gaza residents fleeing the territory and the Taliban kills 14 children, among countless other examples that appear in...

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Suspected al-Qaeda operative at El Paso detention facility awaiting deportation after prison term

Mohamad Kamal Elzahabi's story is all too familiar: He got into the U.S. on a student visa, and entered into a sham marriage to stay in the country. "Suspected operative for al-Qaida held at center in El Paso," by Diana...

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Afghanistan: Car bomb kills 14 children, Taliban claims responsibility

Despite Karzai's statement below, there has been no eruption of outrage from the Muslim world -- a reaction that is a certainty when non-Muslims fight back against jihadists. "Afghan car bomb kills 14 children," from CNN, December 28 (thanks to...

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Pakistani Taliban enforces sharia on tribal region

An update on the Taliban's encroachment in Pakistan, while Islamabad diverts troops from the area. "Taliban Â'enforce shariaÂ' in lower Orakzai Agency," by Abdul Saboor Khan for the Daily Times, December 28: HANGU: The Taliban have announced the enforcement of...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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"We [Christians and Muslims] all share the same God, the same principles of loving one another, of peace and justice"

"How we do that, the difference is in the details, and that's one of the things this class is going to address." At least that's how First Methodist church Rev. Susan Boegli sees it. "Details," indeed -- such as those...

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Female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan: "we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it"

The mainstream media and Islamic advocacy groups in the United States constantly tell us that female genital mutilation is a cultural practice that has nothing to do with Islam. They do this despite the fact that the among the schools...

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Muslims bring child slaves to the U.S.

This story makes no mention of Islam, but it is Islam that enables this practice to continue: the Qur'an takes slavery for granted, and there has never been an anti-slavery movement in the Islamic world. It is only in the...

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UK: "The Government, the Opposition, the police, schools, the Church of England, the BBC and now Channel 4 are all helping Muslims construct a parallel Islamic state"

At last, someone says it. "Indulgence of Islam is harming society," by Damian Thompson in the Telegraph, December 26 (thanks to all who sent this in): Channel 4's decision to invite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver its "alternative" Christmas message...

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