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Thursday, September 16, 2004


Try looking at the CBS EVENING NEWS site. News used to be news. Now it is an unpaid ad for the Democratic Party! If you look over the site, you see many negative references to President Bush. Many questions about his National Guard service. I noticed NO QUESTIONS about John Kerry's scant 4 month service questioned by many who served with him. Especially the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth at http://www.swiftvets.com . Most of the people who knew and served with Kerry, do NOT SUPPORT HIM. Wonder why? Check out their website!!! We got tired of listening to the CBS EVENING VIEWS WITH DAN RATHER because it was so slanted to the left that I had to go to my chiropracter the next day to get the crook out of my neck!!

Has Dan Rather ever interviewed the Swift Boat Veterans??? If not, why not? Isn't news supposed to be checking out BOTH sides of an issue INSTEAD OF ADVERTISING ONE SIDE??? I remember when news used to news, not views! And why didn't Rather interview the family of the late National Guard commander of President Bush's younger years? Well could it be that I heard reported that the son said that the memos were not how his dad would speak?? So why would Rather interview him when it would shoot down his socialistic liberal Bush-hating redneck-newsman bias???

Sorry Dan, but when YOU retire (I hear next February), we won't miss you. We will just hope and pray that your replacement believes in the REAL NEWS not "NEWSMAN VIEWS" ! Maybe then the once most-listened-to nightly NEWS show will recover from its basement standing!

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