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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Brave Sir Ahmed ran away: Hamas-linked CAIR op passed up a chance to be on ALA panel, and now crows about his victory over free speech

Brave Sir Ahmed In "The Islam-Basher and the Librarian Kerkuffle" at the Huffington Post, July 14, Ahmed Rehab of Hamas-linked CAIR-Chicago, who just succeeded in strong-arming the American Library Association into canceling a panel on which I had been...

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Fitzgerald: "That will have to do for now. Perhaps another time."

Yes. "Perhaps another time." Svend White, Defender of the Faith (that faith being the Total Belief-System of Islam), will "perhaps another time" be able to begin to find time in his busy schedule of Defending That Faith and Attacking All...

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ISNA's U.S. Government-Approved Racist Hatefest

In "ISNA's U.S. Government-Approved Racist Hatefest" at Human Events today, Pamela Geller examines the recent convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an unindicted co-conspirator in a jihad terror funding case and close partner of that other unindicted...

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Hamas accuses Israel of sending aphrodisiac gum into Gaza; will Bill Clinton announce a fact-finding mission?

Okay, so the part about Clinton is a joke. But when Hamas accuses Israel of corrupting the young, that is no joke at all. When Hamas levels such a charge, it is aware of the significance it will have for...

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Fitzgerald: In Iraq, Is What's To Come Still Unsure?

After all the effort, all the expense, all the thousands of men killed and the tens of thousands who are permanently maimed and will require lifetime care; after all the handing out of contracts, and the spending of nearly a...

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Indian state promises to stop referring to terror groups as "Islamic"

Question: has Anwarul Haq Chaudhury or any of the Muslim MLAs, or Congress, AGP, AUDF and Independent legislators who objected to the term "Islamic militancy" ever registered any objection to the names of the following terror groups? Al-Qaeda Organization in...

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A non-answer from a critic

I'm constantly told that what I say about Islam and jihad is wrong, wrong, wrong, and evidence that I'm an evil fellow to boot -- as CAIR and its useful idiots have been saying again and again in the wake...

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Uighurs called for jihad, pulled out knives

"The imam then ended the prayers, adding: 'We will definitely not follow you. Get out!'" Good for him, although it is more likely that his disapproval was motivated by political expediency rather than by some deep conviction that Muslims must...

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We are not at war with Maliki -- but is he at war with us?

Traveling correspondent Michael Totten takes issue with this post: Robert Spencer, founder and lead writer for Jihad Watch, has a bit of trouble telling the difference between friend and foe in Iraq and still thinks, despite everything, that the...

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Iranian artist gets five years in jail for "musical Qur'an"

Another consequence of Sharia law and its strictures on freedom of speech and expression is a climate of fear that makes creative thought too risky. And its chilling effect reaches far beyond the performing arts, retarding the development of the...

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Al Qaida: Western spies multiply "like locusts" and "pretend they are Muslims"

And the locust sang Creating a thorny legal problem: "al-Libi ruminated at length on the religious and legal problem of the Muslim spy. Can there be a Muslim who spies against other Muslims or, since such a person would...

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Hamas-linked CAIR instructs Muslims approached by "extremists" not to go to law enforcement, but to call them first

As Hamas-linked CAIR crows about its victory over free speech at the American Library Association convention, here is a revealing video from that unsavory organization. As Pamela says, "Attempting to silence us, attacking free speech, silencing everyone who uses...

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Jihadist group to meet in Chicago -- will CAIR-Chicago complain?

The Chicago chapter of the Hamas-linked group the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) succeeded in intimidating the American Library Association into canceling a panel on which I was scheduled to appear this past weekend. CAIR, of course, would have you...

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Pervert Travels in the Muslim World

Gay rights advocates make a huge issue of Christian opposition to gay marriage, while remaining indifferent to the Islamic jihad -- or, if they care about the jihad, many are still willing to throw overboard allies who may not be...

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Everybody knows that the plague is coming: Leonard Cohen encounters jihadist intransingence

He wanted to show his support for the "two-state solution." But the Palestinian Arabs only wanted him to appear if he supported a one-state solution, and the destruction of Israel. Steven Plaut reports (thanks to Ruth King): You no...

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Selectivity and spin? An open request to critics

In the course of the recent controversy with the ALA, which caved to pressure from Hamas-linked CAIR and canceled a panel on which I was to appear, numerous criticisms of my work have appeared. One repository of them is at...

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Dirty wizard or homeless Santa

"Bruno" interviews a jihad terrorist. (Video thanks to Nicholas.)...

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