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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Lockerbie bomber to be released

He's "going home to die" in the company of family, friends, and well-wishers. His victims were not so fortunate. An update on this story. "Terminally ill Lockerbie bomber released," from CNN, August 20: (CNN) -- Convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbeset Ali...

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Spencer: Yale University Press Bows Before Jihadist Intimidation

Adopting the world view of the enemy. In "Cartoon Jihad Continues" in Human Events today, I explain how Yale University Press has unwittingly taken on the jihadist world view. A much-needed new book is coming from Yale University Press: The...

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Palestinian prof says Jews have no ties to Western Wall

We have seen this appropriation of other traditions many times in the past -- indeed, the Qur'an's depiction of the Biblical prophets as Muslim prophets indicates that this kind of appropriation is foundational in Islam: "Abraham was not a Jew,...

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Nonie Darwish: Saving Rifqa; Apostates Demand Protection

Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim and author of the superb book on Sharia, Cruel and Usual Punishment, comments on the Rifqa Bary case: "Former Muslims need protection now from the US government and court system. We need protection from Sharia Islamic...

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Father of Malaysian model facing caning for drinking beer: Don't flog her in jail, do it in public

An appalling update on this story. "Father Wants Public Caning for Malaysian Woman Who Drank Beer," by Ranjeetha Pakiam for Bloomberg, August 20: Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- The caning of a Malaysian mother for drinking a beer should be conducted...

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"Burkinis" for non-Muslims scrapped at British pool

An update on this story. "Swimming pool's dress code for non-Muslims is scrapped," by Neil Millard for the Evening Standard, August 17: A London council has backtracked on rules forcing swimmers to cover up at a public pool to avoid...

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U.K.: "Islamic Awakening" website cheers British casualties in Afghanistan

A government spokeswoman said: "The role of the internet in radicalisation is an area of concern." The role of canonical Islamic texts... not so much. "Sick fanatics cheer body bags," by Padraic Flanagan and John Ingham for the Daily Express,...

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Head of Fatah militia in Lebanon: We do not recognize Israel; we will remove Israel from the region

Fatah. You know, the "moderate" guys. "Head of Fatah Militia in Lebanon Munir Al-Maqdah: Fatah Does Not Recognize Israel; Israel Will Be Removed from Palestine," from MEMRI, August 17 (thanks to Sr Soph): Following are excerpts from an interview with...

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General Petraeus in Pakistan for talks on equipping the Pakistanis

But what serious assurance does he have that Pakistan is no longer playing its double game? Are all the players of that game gone from the high levels of the Pakistani government? "U.S. general in Pakistan for talks on equipment,"...

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Malaysia: Muslim model will be first to be caned for drinking beer

"The rattan cane to be used on Kartika would be lighter than the one used on men, and its purpose was to 'educate' rather than punish." A moderate caning in modern, moderate Malaysia. An "educational" one, to boot. The ability...

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Oh, to be in England

Actually, I am in England, having arrived this morning via transatlantic kayak from Jihad Watch headquarters in Secure Undisclosed Locationville. I'll be working this week on a documentary about the Islamization of the U.K. and Europe with the Christian Action...

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Baghdad: Wave of bombings kills 75, injures over 300

The bombings targeted Iraqi government ministries, demonstrating again that the only casus belli needed for violent jihad is "occupation" by an insufficiently pious government -- even a Muslim one, in spite of the fact that prime minister Nouri al-Maliki called...

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Obama reaches out to Pakistani jihadists

"As a general proposition, democracy in Pakistan is fragile enough now that negotiating with people that some on the democratic side of the Pakistani spectrum would think themselves are terrorists strikes me as fairly risky." That's an understatement, Mr. Bolton....

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Philippines: Troops retake remote islet from Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Philippines Jihad Update. In the past, the MILF brass have blamed incidents like this on "renegades." They sure seem to have a lot of them. "Philippines: Troops clash with gunmen in south," from AdnKronos International, August 19: Manila, 19 August...

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Jihadist attacks continue ahead of Afghan elections

The Afghan government's response: A media blackout on reports of attacks, continuing their none-too-stellar record where transparency is concerned. Among other things, the attacks are a reminder that the resurgence of the Taliban is partly of the Karzai government's own...

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Indonesia: Up to 450 jihadists trained for bombing ops since 2000

Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert, both for the bombers and the external sources of funding described below. "Indonesia: Up to 450 'recruited by Islamist terrorist'," from AdnKronos International and the Jakarta Post, August 18 (thanks to Sr Soph): Jakarta, 18...

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Iran: Protestors alleging rape in detention told to provide four witnesses as proof

A new twist on the Qur'anically prescribed requirement of four witnesses (4:15, 24:4, 24:6, and 24:13) to "prove" a sexual offense. So many aspects of Sharia, including this one, are illogical and unjust when followed conventionally, but as such, they...

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Rotterdam's city government moves to sever ties with Tariq Ramadan over his show on Iran's regime-financed PressTV

Another "moderate" falls from grace: "The sources at Rotterdam city hall said the board of council executives and the mayor feel Ramadan has lost credibility as an adviser on integration issues." "Rotterdam fires Tariq Ramadan over Iranian TV show," by...

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Al-Qaeda claims attack in Mauritania, blames "Crusaders" and "apostate" government

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Update. It is the Mauritanian government's designation as "apostates" that makes them lawful targets for slaughter. What policymakers the world over fail to grasp is that the death penalty for apostasy is not the invention...

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Hamas buys legitimacy with blood

Why Hamas crushed a rival jihadist group -- as I said here, "Hamas can now tell gullible Western officials that it is fighting against 'extremism'!" "Jihadi Public Relations," by Walid Phares in Human Events, August 18 (thanks to JRH): How...

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