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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Sunday, November 9, 2008

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"Thousands" of jihadists in the UK

Tiny Minority of Extremists™ Update: where are all these thousands of jihadists? In what circles do they move? How many of their fellow Muslims among the Vast Majority of Peaceful Moderates™ know about their activities and have reported them to...

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Hate Muslims? Of course not

If you speak honestly and accurately about the Islamic jihad doctrine and the Islamic supremacist agenda, and even confine your case entirely to quotes from authoritative Islamic sources and spokesmen, you will still be accused of "hating Muslims." This...

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Bali bombers executed -- watch for riots

Bali bomber's mom teaches kids to hate This just in: "Three Bali bombers executed in Indonesia: TV," from Reuters, November 8 (thanks to PRCS): JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia has executed three Muslim militants sentenced to death for the 2002...

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Life TV's Zakaria Botros: Â"Was Muhammad a messenger from God or Satan?Â"

Islam's Public Enemy #1 Life TVÂ's Father Zakaria Botros recently ran a show dedicated to answering the question, Â"Was Muhammad a messenger from God or Satan?Â" As usual with these shows, viewers were asked to call in and respond...

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Shariah Finance: Jihad with money

A terrific video from ACT for America....

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The honeymoon is over: Iran criticizes Obama

The Thug-In-Chief congratulated Obama on his victory -- the first time that has happened under the mullahcracy -- and Majlis First Vice-Speaker Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi-Fard was fairly happy about Obama's victory just a few days ago. But the bloom is already...

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Henrik Raeder Clausen: Making sense of Ramadan

Henrik Raeder Clausen offers a survey of what Ramadan really means in Islamic theology and history. It's a cautionary tale for non-Muslim leaders who are anxious to prove their commitment to multiculturalism by participating in Ramadan iftaars or Eid ul-Fitr...

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U.N.: World powers line up for another Saudi-led "dialogue" charade

Another Saudi-led meeting on "cultural and religious tolerance" that, interestingly, is not being held in Saudi Arabia. This one seeks an additional veneer of legitimacy under the United Nations banner, but only serves to further diminish any remaining shred of...

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Fitzgerald: The effects of French rule in Algeria

The semblance of sense that some Algerians, of the French-speaking elite, can exhibit, in very small numbers, is due to the influence of the French, in two ways. First, there are the continuing effects of French rule and French civilising...

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Fitzgerald: A perfect example of the mentality one can see all over the Western world

Arie Oostlander is the EU Rapporteur for Turkey. Here's what he said in an interview given on 18 November 2005 in Arnhem, about his work as that EU Rapporteur for Turkey: "My approach was, strict, fair, and open. There are...

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