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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, November 29, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Mumbai police: Last Taj hotel jihadists killed

Not all news organizations are ready to declare the siege over at this point. "Taj operation over with all militants dead, police say," from France 24, November 29: Indian commandos on Saturday killed the last Islamic militants holed up inside...

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Captured jihadist: Lashkar-e-Taiba trained us in marine warfare

Ajmal's claim that all of the jihadists were Pakistani citizens does not fit other accounts (except in possible cases of dual citizenship), but he also describes a smaller number of jihadists. Time will tell if the rest of his story...

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Indian government sources: Seven Mumbai jihadists from the U.K.

An update on this story. "Seven Mumbai gunmen are from 'Leeds and Hartlepool'," from the Mirror, November 28: Seven of the terrorists who brought carnage to Mumbai are British, Indian government sources claimed yesterday. They said two British-born Pakistanis are...

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"Oh Allah, destroy the Hindus and do it in the worst of ways"

Piety. "The battle that is underway in Mumbai is a battle for Allah between its servants and the infidels." Will the UN charge the person who wrote that with "defaming Islam"? "India: Al-Qaeda websites rejoice over Mumbai attacks," from AKI,...

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Somali Muslim to Western counterparts: "How dare you sit at home, looking at the TV, seeing people being killed, Muslims getting killed?"

That Somalis are the ones killing other Somalis -- that is, Muslims killing Muslims -- never figures in his speech. Instead, English and American infidels are told, "We're coming for you! We're going to exterminate you all!" More on the...

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UAE to give 1 billion dollars to Pakistan

Wonder if any of this money will -- somehow or other -- find its way to the jihadists, as part of the "financial jihad" (jihad al-mal)? "UAE to give $1bn to Pakistan," from the Daily Times, November 28 (thanks to...

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Al-Qaeda top dog to U.S.: Avoid financial meltdown by converting to Islam

Man with a solution Al-Zawahiri invites us to accept Islam, which Muhammad the prophet of Islam stipulates as the first step when meeting the unbelievers, before going to war with them (cf. Sahih Muslim 4294). But of course, he...

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Zawahiri continues pontificating, predicting, and predicating

Evidencing that al-Qaeda's Internet problems have been, at least for now, solved. "Zawahiri blames global financial crisis on 9/11 in latest al-Qaeda video," by Ben Farmer for the Telegraph, November 28:Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has said in a new internet...

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Rabbi and wife among dead hostages at Jewish Center in Mumbai

How many more such outrages, how many more wanton murders of innocent people, will the non-Muslim world endure before it wakes up? How many more iterations of "It's Just a Tiny Minority of Extremists" and "What About the Crusades?" and...

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Five hostages found dead at Mumbai Jewish center; standoff continues at Taj Hotel

More on this story. "Five hostages killed in Jewish center, chaos at hotel," from CNN, November 28: MUMBAI, India (CNN) -- The bodies of five hostages have been found at a Jewish center in Mumbai, according to reports, but fighting...

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Mumbai jihadists freed Turkish hostages because they were Muslims

Who are the attackers in Mumbai? According to AFP, they're "militants" and "extremists." According to the Press Trust of India, they're "terrorists." According to the Indian Foreign Minister, they're backed by "elements in Pakistan." AP speaks of "suspected Muslim militants,"...

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Two Mumbai gunmen were British

Britain, exporter of jihadists. Will this revelation lead to any searching questions about what is being taught in mosques in Britain? Will it lead to any public discussion about immigration and assimilation, or about British values and Sharia? Somehow I...

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Debate: Islam -- Threat or Not? Part 3

This is the third part of last summer's FreedomFest 2008 debate between Professor Daniel Peterson and me on the topic of "Islam: Threat or Not?" It is the second part of my opening remarks, which turned somewhat unexpectedly into...

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Pakistan warns India: Don't "destroy all the goodwill" by linking us to Mumbai jihad attacks

What goodwill? "Pakistan warns India against attack accusations: Says linking it to Mumbai terrorism would 'destroy all the goodwill,'" from AP, November 27 (thanks to Chaza): ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan warned India against accusing of it links to the Mumbai...

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Fitzgerald: The Mumbai jihadist link to Al-Qaeda, and why it misses the point

Â"Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism specialist with the Swedish National Defense College, said there are Â'very strong suspicionsÂ' that the coordinated Mumbai attacks have a link to al-Qaida....Â" -- from this news article Yes, yes. We have all heard the solemn...

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"A kind of slow motion, under the radar attack on America"

New book by a "surprisingly mild-mannered" author Kathy Shaidle is a great warrior of free speech in Canada, where that fundamental right is already largely lost -- as she chronicles in her book The Tyranny of Nice (which she...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Dhimmi shrinks harpoon Obama's choice for CIA director

"Of all the pleasant surprises in the president-elect's appointments, John Brennan might have been the best." And that's almost certainly why he was torpedoed. "Shrinks And Spooks," from Investor's Business Daily, November 26 (thanks to DFS): Some 200 "psychologists and...

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Islamophobe says, "Child marriage in Islam is permissible. In the Koran there is no specific age of marriage" -- no, wait, it was an Islamic cleric

There is not only the lack of a minimum age for marriage in the Qur'an, but also the permission for child marriage implied by the permission granted to divorce prepubescent girls (Qur'an 65:4), and of course, Muhammad's own example in...

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