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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Jihadists bomb music, video stores in northwest Pakistan

Haram. Sharia Alert. "Music stores bombed in Pakistan," from the BBC, June 4: At least four people have been wounded after militants bombed video and music outlets in north-west Pakistan. The injuries were all from a blast at the...

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Phares: How can these counterterrorism bureaucrats process bin Laden's words which they can't use or touch "when dealing with Terrorism"?

In "Good Jihadists and Bad Jihadists?," the always excellent Walid Phares brilliantly explains what's wrong with the new State Department gag rules on using the word "jihad" and other words. I tried to explain it here and here, but Walid...

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"We consider the statements of Obama to be further evidence of the hostility of the American administration to Arabs and Muslims"

Predictable. One day one of these guys is going to say, "We consider the statements of Obama to be further evidence of the hostility of the American administration to Islamic jihad terrorism and the murder of innocents," and then I...

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Obama more pro-Israel than Olmert and Bush?

Apparently. "Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel: Obama," from AFP, June 4 (thanks to JCB): WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Democratic presumptive nominee Barack Obama said Wednesday that Jerusalem must remain the "undivided" capital of Israel in a speech...

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Indonesia arrests 59 jihadists for attack on rally for religious tolerance

Why we don't see more rallies for religious tolerance in the Islamic world. It's good to see that "moderate Indonesians" were outraged by this attack, but why did the police let it happen? "Extremists arrested for rally attack," from AFP,...

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What to call the jihadists: not just an academic exercise

Ed Morrissey is a standup guy and a terrific commentator over at Hot Air, and I've much enjoyed being on his radio show a couple of times. A few days ago, however, he posted a favorable evaluation of the Singer/Noor...

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Thug-In-Chief: Iran expects "different approach" from next President

Hoping for a different approach -- like this guy's Banking on Obama? The Thug-In-Chief is certainly pushing numerous Leftist buttons here. "Iran Expects 'Different Approach' from Next US Leader: Ahmadenijad [sic!]," from AFP, June 4 (thanks to Sr. Soph):...

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Raymond Ibrahim: Would a Jihadi by Any Other Name Smell as Foul?

Raymond Ibrahim, editor of the essential Al-Qaeda Reader, in the American Thinker skewers the politically correct wordplay lauded in the New York Times, which I discussed here yesterday. The estimable Ed Morrissey wrote about this at Hot Air last night...

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Spencer: War On Terror Ends?

More on Washington's new Orwellian turn, in my Human Events column this week: Good news: the war on terror is over! Charles Allen, the Department of Homeland SecurityÂ's senior intelligence official, said last week that American officials should stop calling...

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Wafa Sultan: "Islam attacks me, and I am merely attacking back"

The great Wafa Sultan says some very harsh things here about Muhammad and Islam. Her assertions are all accurate in terms of Islamic history and theology -- not that truth has ever mattered to the jihad apologists, Muslim and...

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Are jihadists really repenting?

Here is excellent insight on what I discussed yesterday: the recent phenomenon of jihadists apparently turning away from jihad, and how it is misleading the ignorant who don't realize that a stealth jihad even exists. "Less Violent Islamists Are Still...

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What is going on at Fox News?

"Shame on Fox News," from the United American Committee: What was often viewed as one of the most pro-American and patriotic news channels just a few years ago has now resorted to the same anti-American, anti-Western propaganda and revolting...

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Anti-Christian 'Cleansing' Campaign Picks Up Pace in Gaza

Islamic Tolerance Alert. By Gil Ronen for Israel National News, June 4 (thanks to all who sent this in): (IsraelNN.com) Attacks on Christian targets and those identified with Western culture have grown more frequent in Gaza in the past two...

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