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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Democrats: No offshore drilling

No one understands this problem in the context of the global jihad, so they do not understand the urgency of finding solutions. "Bush to Congress: Embrace energy exploration now," by H. Josef Hebert for Associated Press, June 18: WASHINGTON -...

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Obama, Islamophobe? Muslims barred from picture at Obama event

Once again he throws a billion Muslims under the bus by tacitly acknowledging that they carry just a bit too much political baggage for him. (But it's OK -- he apologized.) "Muslims barred from picture at Obama event," by Ben...

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McCain camp: Obama "naive"; Obama camp: McCain fearmongering

And meanwhile neither one fully understands the Islamic supremacist agenda or the various mechanisms of the stealth jihad. "McCain Camp Hits Obama for Terrorism Remarks: Praise of 1993 World Trade Center Bombers Prosecution 'Naïve' and 'Dangerous,' Campaign Says," by Jake...

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Italian PM and Muslim convert to Christianity targets of jihadist death threats; Islamic conference decries "Islamophobia"

Compare and contrast: "Terrorism: Italian PM and Christian convert targets of Islamist death threats," by Hamza Boccolini for AKI, June 17 (thanks to Bat Ye'or): Dubai, 17 June (AKI) - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and a prominent Italian journalist...

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And now it's time for another episode of...Samurai Obama backer and jihad sympathizer!

Al-Samurai, hastily photoshopped Time for a new round of disavowals. "Meet Obama's new albatross: Supporter backs Iraqi terror: Former Baghdad minister holds U.S. citizenship, boosts Dem with money, insurgency with words," from WorldNetDaily, June 16 (thanks to Doc Washburn):...

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"These children are being taught to hate"

More on real hate. Islamic Saudi Academy Update: "Islamic Academy Protested: Group Says School Teaches 'Hate,'" by Jerry Markon for the Washington Post, June 18 (thanks to all who sent this in): More than a dozen people protested yesterday outside...

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7000 Muslims throw gas cylinders, Molotov cocktails at Hindu pilgrims in India

Now this is real hate. And note that only Hindus were arrested. "Muslim Mob Attacks Hindu Pilgrims in India," from AINA, June 14 (thanks to News4U): West Bengal, India (AINA) -- A mob of nearly 7000 Muslims attacked a group...

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France to block "hate websites"

Here again, since stealth jihadists routinely characterize resistance to Islamic supremacism as "hate," this will diminish the resistance to Islamization in France. "France to block porn, terror, hate websites," from AP, June 11 (thanks to Paul): The French state and...

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Fitzgerald: The price of oil, and how it got there

The price of oil is now very high, and it became very high very rapidly. Some blame "speculators," without realizing how small is the amount of money that speculators take -- see Philip K. Verleger -- while almost all of...

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Fitzgerald: Everyone agrees we must boost moderate Islam?

"Of all the cures commonly proposed for the many ailments afflicting the Middle East, there is one tonic nearly everyone seems to agree on: boosting moderate Islam." -- from this Foreign Policy article by Steven Cook "Everyone seems to agree"...

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Spencer: Repeal Hate Speech Laws

Because jihadists -- violent and stealthy -- and their useful idiots consistently characterize speaking honestly about the jihad threat and Islamic supremacism as "hate speech." From FrontPage today: On June 9, a 53-year-old man named Mahmoud Alkhazaleh stood in the...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Welcome to Germany

Photo courtesy Jihad Watch reader Ben....

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UK frees top jihadist: judge says his beliefs "are indeed a perversion of Islam"

Abu Qatada's beliefs are a "perversion of Islam" because they encourage violence. Where is the standard, correct form of Islam that discourages violence? Well, no one actually has ever seen it, but they firmly believe, as firmly as Linus ever...

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Israel/Hamas truce begins Thursday, but Kassam attacks continue

Attacks continue, but the Israelis are hoping they will stop. And Condoleeza Rice, let us remember, said a few days ago: "We should be in a position of encouraging confidence, not undermining it. No party should be taking steps at...

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Pakistani sentenced to die for blasphemy

He insulted Muhammad. Wonder what will be the final outcome of Sharia accommodation in the West? Things like this. From AP, June 18 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist): ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — A Pakistani judge sentenced a Muslim man to...

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"Unduly empowered by the bedlam of unguided judicial proceedings, many jihadists will be freed"

In "A Quick Way Forward After Boumediene: Either Congress reasserts itself, or terror-friendly bedlam ensues," in National Review, June 16, Andrew C. McCarthy discusses the Supreme Court's disastrous decision and what can be done about it: Naturally, Sen. Barack Obama...

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"For me, wearing pants is the same as being naked"

Stealth jihad update from Minnesota. "On the job, their way," by Chris Serres in the Star Tribune, June 15 (thanks to Paul): Fatuma Hassan has just enough rice in her near-empty cupboards to make it through the month. The anger...

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