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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Pakistan braces for retaliatory airstrike from India on jihadist headquarters

India hunts for a "Mafia don" In this story from The Australian, India is demanding that Pakistan turn over a "Mafia don." Anything to avoid calling a jihadist a jihadist. "Military chiefs urge raid inside Pakistan," by Bruce Loudon...

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Panel: Nuke or bio attack on U.S. likely by 2013

What kind of "terrorists" are trying to do this? Fox doesn't say, but it doesn't mention way down in the article that Al-Qaeda would love to launch a nuclear or biological attack. Did this panel discuss combating within the United...

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Italy arrests two jihadists planning attacks on Italian civilians

They met to plot jihad at the "Peace Cultural Centre." "Al Qaeda terror suspects nabbed," from ANSA, December 2 (thanks to Insubria): (ANSA) - Milan, December 2 - Milan anti-terrorist police on Tuesday arrested two Moroccans suspected of belonging to...

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Raymond Ibrahim Appointed Associate Director of the Middle East Forum

I am very pleased to announce that I will be working at the Middle East Forum as Associate Director starting January 2009. I will also, of course, continue writing daily for Jihad Watch. Here is the press release from the...

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Pakistan "security expert": Mumbai the work of "Hindu Zionists" and "Western Zionists"

And for a little lagniappe, he blamed America for 9/11. Remember also that the Muslim Brotherhood said something like this a few days ago. Projection Alert: "Pak TV channel says 26/11 hatched by Hindu Zionists," from the Times of India,...

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UK Muslim leader: "In an Islamic state, non-Muslims will have to wear a sign to show what they are – it should say Kaffir. We wonÂ't discriminate on height, race or appearance but we will discriminate on faith."

Choudary believes no non-Muslim is innocent "The subject peoples," [i.e., the dhimmis] according to a manual of Islamic law endorsed by Al-Azhar University in Cairo, must "pay the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya)" and "are distinguished from Muslims in dress..."...

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Spencer off topic

Waaaaay off topic Last night I was on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance radio show with Pastorius and the Fu2rman, starting at about fifteen minutes into this podcast. For about half of the 45 minutes I was on, we talked...

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Why resist the jihad?

Because of a little boy who is calling for his mama For background, see here: "Rescued boy Moshe Holtzberg wakes up to his second birthday an orphan," by Sheera Frenkel and Catherine Philp in the Times, November 29 (thanks...

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Spencer on the BBC: Must Muslims now accept that Islam has a problem with terrorism?

Sometime during the hour between 10 and 11AM Pacific time, that is, in just a few minutes, the BBC World Service will include me in a radio discussion on the question, "Must Muslims now accept that Islam has a problem...

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Hamas top dog: Within several years, the world will submit to Muslim will

Note his reference to this hadith: Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew...

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India demands Pakistan hand over two jihadists

Temperatures continuing to rise. "India Demands Action From Pakistan," by Matthew Rosenberg and Eric Bellman, from the Wall Street Journal, December 1 (thanks to DFS): MUMBAI, India -- With evidence of a Pakistani link to the attack on Mumbai growing,...

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Nigeria: 2,000 "angry youths" storm mosque

More from the ever-ambiguous yet perpetually angry "youth" who go on apparently "random" rampages every once in a while. And what triggered this latest outburst, which left hundreds dead? Rumors that Muslims had lost a local democratic election to a...

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"German man of Pakistani heritage" charged with recruiting, raising money for al-Qaeda

It's probably about time to update any Trivial Pursuit cards that may ask about Pakistan's #1 export. Aleem Nasir Update. "Pakistani-German tried on al-Qaida charge," from the Associated Press, December 1: KOBLENZ, Germany – A German man of Pakistani heritage...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh outraged at being depicted in Christian garb: "Tolerance has its limits"

Outraged "Tolerance has its limits. Get it? Tolerance has its limits." Oh I get it, Sheikh Tantawi. I get it. "Sheik of Al-Azhar Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi Appalled after Newspaper Depicted Him in Christian Garb," from MEMRITV, October 3 (but...

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Bush to Olmert: Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing?

"It's not for nothing," said Olmert. "It's in exchange for a change in the region's strategic alignment." Bush shot back: "Why should you believe him?" And Olmert was silent. Really, you can't make this stuff up. "Bush to Olmert: Why...

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Fitzgerald: Nine things the police in Columbus, Ohio, need to know

Â"Topics [being taught the police in Columbus, Ohio by members of CAIR] covered included the basic beliefs and practices of Islam, practical advice to help future law enforcement personnel develop cultural competency when interacting with the Muslim community." -- from...

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Catholic chapels should be opened in Islamic schools, say mosque leaders

Just kidding. "Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in Catholic schools, say church leaders," by Simon Caldwell for the Daily Mail, December 2 (thanks to Sr. Soph): Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in every Roman Catholic school, Church leaders...

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Jordan: Man who murdered 16-year-old sister for leaving husband's house "without a reason" gets reduced sentence

An update on this story. "Girl strangled slowly for family's honour," from the Herald Sun, December 2 (thanks to JE): A JORDANIAN man slowly strangled his 16-year-old married sister, using wire and the girl's scarf, after she visited a female...

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