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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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New York: Muslim satellite TV company owner pleads guilty to broadcasting Hizballah TV

How many subscribers to Al-Manar did he have? Where are they now? Have they dropped their support for the jihad and Islamic supremacism? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? "New York man admits he helped air Hezbollah TV," from The...

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Pakistan to India: If you strike, we'll retaliate

And the escalating tensions are all India's fault, of course. "Pakistani army warns India of response," from The Australian, December 24 (thanks to JE): ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's military would retaliate within minutes if India carried out a surgical strike within Pakistan,...

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The global jihad: It's all your fault

In "Spencer Responds to the "Muslim Leaders" who Respond to the Verdicts in the Fort Dix 5 Trial," December 23, the folks at SANE take my article here and go me one better: [...] In short, the defense by the...

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"It is the duty of the United States Forces to respect the laws, customs and traditions of Iraq...." -- i.e., Sharia?

The ever-perceptive Diana West reveals the sorry truth about SOFA dhimmis: We've all heard about Couch Potatoes. Get ready for SOFA Dhimmis. What is SOFA? The Status of Forces Agreement the United States has signed with Iraq providing the legal...

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Lawsuit: AIG bailout promotes Sharia in the U.S.

Stealth Jihad Alert -- an update on this story. "AIG Bailout Promotes Shariah Law, Lawsuit Claims," by Catherine Herridge for FoxNews, December 22 (thanks to Angela): The U.S. government's bailout of the American International Group is helping promote Shariah law,...

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Tentative headstone design for Aqsa Parvez

Pamela Geller has taken up a collection to provide honor killing victim Aqsa Parvez with a headstone -- at present Aqsa lies in grave #774 in Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton, Ontario. Pamela and I have been in touch with...

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Spencer lapsing into Spengler?

Jacob Laksin, a senior editor at FrontPage and a fine writer and journalist (with terrific taste in ties), has reviewed my book Stealth Jihad over at Pajamas Media. It's a generally positive review. Laksin concludes this way: SpencerÂ's intermittent...

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US to Russia: Don't sell missiles to Iran

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not Russia actually has sold missiles to Iran. In any case, it wouldn't be surprising if it had -- extreme in its short-sightedness, Putin's Russia has never shied away from aiding the...

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Spencer: Muslims in the U.S. convicted of jihad, Muslim leaders furious -- at the government

In the featured article at FrontPage today, "Shilling for the Ft. Dix Six," I discuss the Fort Dix verdict and the reaction to it: The Fort Dix jihad plotters are guilty, and Muslim spokesmen in America are outraged –...

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India's Foreign Minister: Pakistan in "denial" and "shifting the blame" on Mumbai

As the great philosopher once said to me, Well, duh. "Pakistan militants 'world threat,'" from the BBC, December 22 (thanks to all who sent this in): Militant groups in Pakistan are "the greatest danger to peace and security in the...

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FBI: Madoff scandal is so large, we had to shift agents away from counterterrorism ops

Hey, thanks, Bernie Priorities. "Synagogue of $ufferers: Bernie's Scam Hits Elite Temple," by Stefanie Cohen and Kelly Magee for the New York Post, December 21 (thanks to Joel): [...] Meanwhile, the FBI admitted that the Madoff scandal had grown...

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Muslims on Fort Dix jihadists: They wuz framed!

No they ain't, say their friends and supporters It was all a joke, says Mohamed Younes! Of course! When Mohamad Shnewer was in a particularly joking mood back in 2006, he showed a fellow plotter who turned out to...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Georgia: Police to get sensitivity training after arrest of headscarf wearer

Victorious Originally AP reported that "Valentine violated a court policy that prohibits people from wearing any headgear in court, police said after they arrested her Tuesday." Now, apparently, that policy is out the window, and court officials are in...

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Iran: 80-year-old bride needs father's permission to marry

But he abandoned her when she was two, and no one knows for certain whether he is alive or dead. Sharia Alert from the Islamic Republic: "Bride, 80, blocked until dad says yes," by Robert Tait in the Guardian via...

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Iraqi Christians flee jihadists, take refuge in monastery

"They told me I should become a Muslim like the other Shias in that area. They held my hands in the fire and beat me with sticks and rifle butts calling me an infidel." The jizya is also being collected,...

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