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Friday, February 06, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, February 6, 2009

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"September 10 America is back"

Over at The Corner, in "Military Drops Cole Bombing Charges ... For Now and Possibly Forever," Andy McCarthy has some important observations about Obama's ordering the charges withdrawn against the USS Cole bombing mastermind: [...] I hate to say "I...

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Hillary wants to "reach out" to Muslims too, set to go to Indonesia

It's all the rage "The secretary feels it's important that we need to reach out and reach out early to Indonesia." Just so long as she doesn't show up with any members of the Rotary Club, all should be...

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Obama to order charges withdrawn against USS Cole bombing mastermind

"I am concerned about the President considering dropping the charges because it may be indicative that the president does not intend to follow the military commissions process which has undergone extensive legal and legislative review." Yes. It is good that...

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German Misunderstander of Islam gets 18 years in prison for synagogue bombing

18 years for involvement in the killing of 21 people? "German, Tunisian sentenced in synagogue attack," by Verena Von Derschau for AP, February 5 (thanks to James): PARIS (AP) — A French court sentenced a German convert to Islam to...

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Hamas negotiators leave Egypt with no ceasefire deal, but millions in cash

Apparently someone in Egypt is interested in bankrolling Hamas' jihad against Israel. It could even be someone in the Egyptian government who was involved in these negotiations. But we will probably never find out for sure. "Hamas negotiators stopped with...

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Obama orders $20.3 million for Gaza refugees

What will this $20.3 million be used for? Where will these refugees go, especially given that Palestinian refugee status is now something that is handed down to children and grandchildren? Does Obama mean to pressure the neighboring Arab countries to...

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Obama at National Prayer Breakfast: "There is no religion whose central tenet is hate. There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being."

Halo slightly tarnished already At the National Prayer Breakfast this morning (full text of his remarks here), Obama made a number of interesting and highly questionable assertions: [...] But no matter what we choose to believe, let us remember...

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Everything you need to know about Shariah Finance

David Yerushalmi has written the comprehensive explanation of what Shariah Finance is, and why it is a threat to free people. From his Law Offices' website: In November 2007, the Center for Security Policy retained the Law Offices of David...

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Somali pirates receive 3.5 million, largest ransom in history

"Pirates ahoy!" (Bottom, right-hand corner; magnifying lens may be required) Rest assured a portion, perhaps a very large one, is going to fund the mainland jihad, and perhaps even the international terrorist network, which is all the more reason...

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UK: Al Qaeda plot to murder MPs uncovered

The logic of "bloggers" Paganslayer and Resistance: If Muslims are going to commit suicide to kill infidels, and even if the odds are 4 dead Muslims for 100 infidels, it's better to at least target some of the higher ranking...

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Released Gitmo inmates up the jihadi rhetoric

Gratitude More on such stories. "Out of Gitmo, spewing hate: Released suspects head to Web to threaten attacks," from Metro International, February 4:Armed with a grudge and an assault rifle, Said Ali al-Shihri [pictured above] is the kind of...

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US study: Israel did not commit war crimes

Common sense. "US study: IDF didn't violate rules of war," by Yitzhak Benhorin from Israel National News, February 4: WASHINGTON – Israel did not violate the rules of war during its recent Gaza operation, a new US study says, while...

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Wilders hires top Dutch lawyer, will ask for prosecution to be quashed "in the interest of the law"

It should be quashed in the interest of free speech as a basis for any free society in which dissent from the positions of the powerful is allowed. Wilders Defender of Free Speech Update: "Top lawyer to defend Dutch...

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Iran: Dialogue with US will succeed only if Obama accepts Iranian nukes

Obama said that he would talk to Iran without preconditions. The Iranians have reacted with contempt, saying that Obama wants to talk because the U.S. has failed. And the Iran has cheerfully begun setting out its own preconditions: first Ahmadinejad...

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Bullets fired at Jewish Center in Amsterdam

"However, police are investigating whether the incident was related to the escalation of tension in the Middle East." No kidding, do you think there could be a connection? Eurabia Update: "Jewish Center in Amsterdam Attacked, No Injuries," by Avraham Zuroff...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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"Evidently the lesson never sinks in that bowing to Muslim demands for territorial concessionsÂ…is a losing proposition"

A note from Jim Jatras over at the American Council for Kosovo: For years, proponents of Western, especially U.S., backing for Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo have been assuring us that we would be acting as midwife for the ever-elusive...

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Wafa Sultan: "The Subjugation of Women Reduces Them to a Level Lower Than Beasts"

Wafa Sultan, who famously dressed down an Islamic cleric about jihad and dhimmitude on Al-Jazeera a few years ago, now speaks out about the claim that Islam honors women and in general about the dehumanization of women in Islamic theology...

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