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Monday, February 16, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Monday, February 16, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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CBS Publishes Piece Criticizing Â"Homegrown JihadÂ" and End Up Embarassing Themselves

Jihad Watch obtained a copy of the trailer, too! More mainstream media idiocy about the jihad threat. From Ryan Mauro's WorldThreats.com: CBS News decided to run an article attacking the new documentary, Â"Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.Â"...

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So many, I did not think death had undone so many

The courageous warrior Pamela Geller has just posted at Atlas Shrugs a harrowing collection of photographs of honor killing victims. Scroll and scroll, and it just keeps going -- so many victims, and still these photographs represent only the...

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Steyn: Headless body in gutless press

Mark Steyn at The Corner notes that the mainstream media paid far more attention to the launching of the moderate Muslim Bridges TV than it has to news that the founder of that network has beheaded his wife. Just asking,...

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Pakistan surrenders, imposes Islamic law in Taliban stronghold -- hoping to "placate extremists"

If we give them what they're fighting for, then they won't fight us, right? Right, genius. That's called "surrender." Goodbye to any vestiges of equality of rights for women and non-Muslims in Malakand. More on this story: "Pakistan imposes Islamic...

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Hamas kiddie jihad: Puppet says "I declare war on the Zionists"

From Palestinian Media Watch (thanks to Gabrielle Goldwater): After having three puppet hosts, Mickey Mouse look alike, the bee and the rabbit, die on TV, Hamas childrens television has introduced a fourth puppet host. The new one, a bear...

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Raymond Ibrahim: Islam, War, and Deceit: A Synthesis (Part II)

(See here for Part I; to read with hyperlinks, see the Pajamas Media version, where this essay was originally posted.) War is eternal The fact that Islam legitimizes deceit during war cannot be all that surprising; as the saying goes,...

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Iraq: Mass graves discovered, the result of jihad

Skeletons from al-Qaeda's closet emerge: "Iraqi army finds 10 bodies in mass grave," from AFP, February 15:BAGHDAD (AFP) — The Iraqi army has uncovered 10 bodies in a shallow mass grave north of the capital believed to date back about...

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Malaysia frees suspected al Qaeda pilot

Even though the U.S. government said that he "was one of three potential pilots recruited by the al Qaeda to carry out a Sept.11-style attack on the U.S. west coast in 2002." "Malaysia frees suspected al Qaeda pilot - report,"...

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UK conference to "emphasise the need for all Muslims worldwide to struggle as much as they can for the sake of Allah (SWT) to implement the Shari'ah on the earth"

The black flag of jihad "For over 1300 years this magnificent superpower dominated world affairs and introduced a law and order that lifted the masses from the darkness of man-made law and into the light of al-Islam." And institutionalized...

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Saudis linked to Mumbai jihad massacres

"Saudi Arabia has contributed very much to what Lashkar-e-Taiba looks like, how it thinks, its motivation, ideology, and funding. Saudi Arabia presents itself as the protector and the spearhead of the defense of Muslims around the world against what they...

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Terror From Within: A panel discussion on 'stealth jihad'

Fatah, Gaffney, Spencer, Nauert, Darwish From the Center for Security Policy, February 11: On Monday, February 10, the Fox News Strategy Room presented an hour-long panel discussion on the 'stealth jihad' called Terror From Within. The Center's Frank Gaffney...

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"Those who speak on behalf of Islam still justify things like stoning or killing a woman for this or that reason as being part of their religion. I have heard this at the most official of levels."

That's funny. I thought only "Islamophobes" said that things like that had anything to do with Islam. Violence against women is justified in Sharia in numerous ways, as I explain here. Sharia also contains an expansionist imperative to subjugate non-believers...

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Â"He said he regretted murdering his sister, particularly after forensic tests proved that she was virginÂ"

He "decided to kill her without checking the truth." Whoops. Yet another honor killing: "Suspicious Jordanian kills sister," from AFP, February 11 (thanks to Pamela): AMMAN: A Jordanian man has been charged with premeditated murder for killing his sister while...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Egyptian convert from Islam to Christianity: "I am afraid. Many, many people can kill me and my daughter anytime"

Muhammad said, "If anyone changes his religion, kill him" (cf. Bukhari vol. 9, bk. 84, no. 57). Islamic Tolerance Alert: "Egyptian Christian's recognition struggle," by Christopher Landau for the BBC, February 13 (thanks to all who sent this in): Maher...

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Sharia law goes virtual

"A virtual world governed by the rules of Islam" Yet the founder of Muxlim.com insists that "We are not a religious site, we are a site that is focused on the lifestyle." In Islam, what's the difference, as "religion"...

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Pakistan: Five Ahmadis arrested for blasphemy

"No evidence has been presented, nor has any witness come forth." Pakistan's blasphemy law is simply a tool the powerful can and do use to terrorize the powerless. "Presumed guilty five Ahmadis arrested in Punjab for blasphemy," by Qaiser Felix...

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