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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, February 21, 2009

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John Kerry turns over Hamas letter

Exonerated! More on this story. "Kerry Turns Over Hamas Letter to U.S. Consulate," from Fox News, February 20:There were conflicting reports over whether U.S. Sen. John Kerry accepted a letter from Hamas to President Obama while traveling in the...

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Slate assures us that people besides Muslims behead people, too

Slate notes that "a Muslim man was accused of beheading his wife last week" -- a cursory and uninformative way to explain what happened in Buffalo last week -- and Slate's Explainer feature today undertakes to explain whether or not...

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"Everyone in the Muslim community was aware" that Aasiyah Hassan was "going through abuse" before her husband beheaded her

They knew They knew, and apparently kept silent. "Muslim community knew of Hassan's abuse," by Mylous Hairston for WIVB, February 19 (thanks to Axel): ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) - A grand jury will now decide whether the founder of...

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Israel says that Iran and Syria working on secret nuke projects

Dr. Strangelove inspects the Natanz uranium enrichment plant 1939 Alert. "Israel: Iran, Syria secretly continuing nuclear projects," from the Jerusalem Post, February 20 (thanks to Louis): "Iran and Syria are secretly working on nuclear technology in a manner which...

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Obama's adviser: Solve Arab-Israeli conflict, end global jihad

Possible victim of "all-jihadi-violence-traces-back-to-Israel" syndrome Or simply just another delusional/wishful-thinking ex-CIA agent? "An Obama Adviser's Not-So-Bright Idea for Winning in Afghanistan," by John McCormack for the Weekly Standard, February 20: President Obama named Bruce Riedel, a former CIA official...

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Egyptian cleric: I am 'absolutely' calling to wage jihad against the Jews, who are devils in human form

The jihadists and their supporters keep telling us that this is a religious issue, not a political one, and the learned analysts in the West keep refusing to believe it, and keep telling themselves and us that a concerted...

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Ibn Warraq deconstructs Edward Said

A.J. Caschetta reviews Ibn Warraq's monumental deconstruction of the work of the single individual who was most responsible for the effacing of honest discussion about Islam and jihad from America's universities: Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's...

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Taliban: Afghanistan Will Be 'Graveyard' For U.S.

Winning trust is going to be tough! "Taliban: Afghanistan Will Be 'Graveyard' For U.S.," from CBS News, February 19 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): A former government minister from the Taliban regime that ruled Afghanistan says the United States can throw...

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West: Win the "trust" of people who hate us? What?

The always perspicacious Diana West discusses the wrongheadedness of American policy toward the jihadists in Afghanistan: "Win the 'Trust' of People Who Hate Us? What?," by Diana West, February 19: The buzzword on Afghanistan is "trust." Having routed the Taliban,...

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Somali jihad ultimatum: Government has 120 days to fully implement sharia -- or else

Will the Somali government buckle the way the Pakistani government recently did? "Somali clerics call for rule of Islamic law," by Abdi Guled for Reuters, February 19:MOGADISHU, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Somali religious leaders have given the new government 120...

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Thailand jihadis decapitate soldiers

More on this story, including the fact that the slain soldiers were beheaded -- increasingly, the hallmark of jihad. "Attackers behead 2 soldiers in southern Thailand," from AP, February 20:PATTANI, Thailand (AP) — Suspected Muslim insurgents ambushed a military convoy...

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Pakistan: Suicide-attack claims over 30 lives

"Sectarian violence" According to a retired Pakistani official, "frustrated" people are unwittingly undergoing "Talibinization." "Over 30 Dead in Pakistan Bombing," by Pir Zubair Shah for the New York Times, February 20:ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A powerful explosion blamed by police...

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Top al-Qaeda leader incites Yemenis to overthrow their government

A message from the "most wanted al-Qaeda fugitive in Yemen," whose name, "al-Wahishi," somewhat appropriately means "savage" or "barbarian." "Al-Qaeda leader urges Yemeni tribes to rise up against government," from the Earth Times, February 19: Sana'a, Yemen - The leader...

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Magic Madrassa Bus comes to San Fran

Magic Madrassa Bus or Dawa Trolley? Note the standard dissimulation tactics below, in an update on this story. "SF: Islamic Circle of North America kicks off bus ad campaign," from KPIX, February 19: The Bay Area Chapter of the...

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U.S. Dept. of Transportation rules U.S. Airways didn't discriminate against Flying Imams

An update on this story, found buried in a set of Associated Press news briefs -- hence the highly unusual headline. "MINNESOTA: Man faces life ... Mercury in fish ... etc," via the Grand Forks Herald, February 19: Imams lose...

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Epic Fail: British Government apologizes for endorsing lesson plans calling for students to think like 7/7 bombers

Hey, now, mass-murderers have feelings too. But it doesn't mean young students should be encouraged to empathize or identify with them. At best, it's creepy, and in horrendously poor taste. At worst, it could validate the supposed grievances of the...

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Thailand: Jihadists kill 2 soldiers in ambush

Thailand's jihadists continue their persistent, random acts of violence to advance the cause of what, we're told, is a Religion of Peace. Funny how that keeps happening. "2 soldiers killed in Yala ambush," from The Nation, February 20: Yala -...

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