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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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"We are coming, Jews"

This "new" group in the Gaza Strip is modeled after the "ideology" of al-Qaeda (a politically correct way of saying it's modeled after Islam's sharia and its division of the world into dar al-harb and dar al-Islam)."Pro-al Qaeda fighters...

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"Creepy": Six Middle Eastern men take multiple photos of 2010 G8 Summit site

Just tourists, you Islamophobe. On the other hand, their behavior was curious, and the site makes it even more so. "Curious tales emerge about site of lakeside 2010 G8 summit," by Roy MacGregor for the Globe and Mail, August 25...

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Pakistan: We just barely missed nabbing Zawahiri!

Because, after all, the Pakistani government is doing it's absolute very best to capture al-Qaeda -- except when it's pre-warning them of U.S. operations. "Pakistan 'missed chance' to catch al Qaeda deputy," by Kamran Haider, for Reuters, September 1:ISLAMABAD, Sept...

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Recession will cause racism, which will cause terrorism, says UK govt

Does poverty really cause terrorism? This has been disproven in study after study. Does racism cause terrorism? Then were Muslim doctors involved in the Glasgow and London plots last year, when it can hardly be said that they were victims...

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Blast from the Past: Ibrahim Hooper accuses Dennis Prager of Islamophobia

And asks Prager if "he is now ready to repudiate Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch?" This was originally covered here, but since Europe News just republished it, and for all you new JW followers out there, here it is...

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Jihadists kill six in nail bombing on bus in Philippines

The jihadists in the Philippines seem not to have gotten the memo that the war on terror is winding down and the terrorists are on the run. "Six die in nail bombing on bus in Philippines," by Jenny Booth for...

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Undercover Mosque: How much has changed?

Watch this space for more. Background here. And David Thompson points out some of the worst of what was found in one of BritainÂ's Â"most respected centres for moderate Islam.Â"...

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Angola: Militant Christians decapitate Muslim girl -- no, wait...

Actually, oddly enough, it was jihadists who decapitated a Christian girl. An undated but apparently recent item from the Barnabas Fund, "Angola - Girl Decapitated In Attack By Muslim Extremists": Muslim extremists recently attacked the Christian community in the town...

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Iraq takes over Anbar province

Formerly an epicenter of the Iraqi jihad. Endgame: "Iraqi troops take control of Anbar province," from CNN, September 1 (thanks to Jean de Florette): BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Coalition troops formally handed over security control of Iraq's Anbar province to...

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11-year-old in Gaza: "I am learning how to fight the Jews and kill Jewish children"

Indoctrination. "Gaza Terrorists Training 11-Year-Old Children to Kill Jews," by Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel for Israel National News, August 31: "I am learning how to fight the Jews and kill Jewish children," said 11-year-old Muhammad, one of dozens of children who have...

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Sudan: Prosecution says jihadist suspects charged with the murder of U.S. aid worker misunderstood Islam

Funny how that keeps happening, and it keeps leading to violence, suffering, and death. An update on this story. "Sudanese accused of U.S. killing are extremists: lawyer," from Reuters, August 31: KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Five Sudanese men accused of murdering...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Egyptian government denies Christians transplant organs

Update on this story. "Egyptians move to ban Christian transplants," by Charlie Butts for OneNewsNow, September 1:The Egyptian Parliament is considering a move to ban Christians from buying transplant organs from Muslims. Michael Munier of the U.S. Copts Association says...

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Chuck Hustmyre: The Islamophobia of Random House

In my FrontPage article "Random House and the Islamic War against Free Speech" on August 22, I said this: Although when Random House canceled publication of Sherry JonesÂ' trashy novel about MuhammadÂ's nine-year-old wife, Aisha, it was succumbing not to...

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Phoenix Airport allows special clothing for Muslim janitorial workers

When non-Muslims travel in Muslim countries, they have to adapt to Islamic mores. When Muslims immigrate to non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims have to adapt to Islamic mores. Got it? Here again, people will say, What's the big deal if they wear...

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No new mosques, says Italy's Northern League

Because "mosques can be used to 'spread hatred for the West.'" Can anyone honestly dispute that assertion? "Finally, someone says: No new mosques! Party seeks to ban prayer towers, loudspeaker chants, Arabic sermons," from WorldNetDaily, August 28 (thanks to all...

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