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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, September 25, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Not only "moderate," but apparently "radical" Islam is not all that bad

Based on this "open-minded" op-ed, apparently "liberal" thinkers are no longer content with separating Islam from "radical" Islam: now, we are told, radical Islam itself is "not monolithic," and that there are perhaps some nuanced forms of "radical Islam" that...

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Court rules that monitoring of Muslims was constitutional

A small victory. "US court: Monitoring Muslims was constitutional," by Larry Neumeister for AP, September 24 (thanks to Doc Washburn): NEW YORK (AP) — A federal appeals court says it was constitutional for the United States to require visitors from...

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Revealed: Suspected mastermind of Islamabad Marriott jihad attack

Fox-like cunning A member of Al-Qaeda's inner circle. "Pakistan: Suspected Marriott bombing 'mastermind' emerges," by Syed Saleem Shahzad for AKI, September 24 (thanks to C.C.): Karachi, 24 Sept. (AKI) -- The alleged mastermind of last Saturday's deadly truck bombing...

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Mickey Mouse can dismiss his bodyguards; Egyptian cleric says he's not an agent of Satan

Breathing easier Good news! Mickey Mouse can come out from hiding. An update on this story. "Egypt cleric says Mickey Mouse is not agent of Satan," from AFP, September 24: CAIRO (AFP) — An Egyptian Muslim scholar has called...

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Muslim in UK was senior Al-Qaeda leader

Not quite loyal to the Queen Did these two attend a mosque? Were their activities known to other Muslims in the UK? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Has anyone considered the implications of the fact that no Muslim...

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Pakistani pol: US must hold talks with Taliban

"The solution, the bottom line, is that political stability will only come to Afghanistan when all political power groups, irrespective of the length of their beard, are given their just due share in the political dispensation in Afghanistan." "US told...

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Misunderstander of Islam asks judge if he is misunderstander of Christianity

Well known as an extremist and fanatic "We are well-known as extremists and fanatics, and there are also Christians and Jews that are very extremist." They don't fly planes into buildings or cut off heads, but never mind --...

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Muslims beat homeless man for eating during Ramadan

Celebrate diversity! "Celebrate Diversity: Proper Behavior on Ramadan," by Brian C. Ledbetter at Snapped Shot, September 23: A homeless man in Brussels was beaten to a pulp this past Friday. His assailants were arrested and will presumably be charged with...

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Keeping Toledo hate-free

In "Keeping Toledo Hate-free" at Revuse, Kamala Kamala skewers inconsistency in Ohio over Obsession and hate: In the September 21, 2008 issue of the Toledo Blade newspaper in Ohio, Dr. Zaheer Hasan and his co-author, Dr. Abdul-Majeed Azad, wrote a...

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An October Surprise from the jihadists?

Of course, Al-Qaeda has done this before -- most notably with the March 11, 2004 bombings in Madrid that led to the election of the hopeless Zapatero. But we have also seen -- many times over the years -- an...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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US Congressman: "There is no way that the Constitution of the United States and Sharia law can co-exist"

Anti-Dhimmi Alert. More on this story. "Does U.S. need legal protection from Jihad?" by Chad Groening for OneNewsNow, September 24:A Colorado Congressman has introduced legislation that would deny U.S. visas to advocates of so-called Sharia law, as well as expel...

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US ex-officials urge for better relations with Islamic world, including "diplomatic engagement" with Iran

If-We're-Only-Nicer-They'll-Like-Us Alert: "US Ex-Officials Want Good US Relations with Islam," from Fars News, September 24:TEHRAN (FNA)- The next US president should speak out for better relations with the Muslim world in his inaugural address, a diverse coalition of 34 former...

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Fitzgerald: There is compulsion in religion

The continued emphasis by Muslim and non-Muslim apologists for Islam on a single verse -- "There is no compulsion in religion" -- is permitted not only because their Infidel audience has no idea either about what is said relevantly elsewhere,...

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UK: Family barred from holding burial on Saturday because they aren't Muslim

Still more reasonable accommodation in Absurd Britannia: "Family barred from burying their dead stepfather on a Saturday... because he isn't a Muslim," from the Daily Mail, September 24 (thanks to Dave): A council has barred a grieving family from burying...

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London: Toilets for 2012 Olympics to face away from Mecca so as not to offend Muslims

Reasonable accommodation marches on. "London's Olympic Park toilets to turn away from Mecca out of respect for Islamic law," from the Daily Mail, September 24 (thanks to Simone): Toilet facilities are being built at London's Olympic Park so Muslims will...

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Iran: Death penalty for man accused of homosexuality

What much of the world does not realize is that Iran did not invent this policy; nor did Saudi Arabia. It is a part of Sharia law, justified with references to Muhammad's own orders: "Kill the one who sodomizes and...

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