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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, September 18, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Nebraska Swift Plant adjusts schedule to accommodate Ramadan fast

No one knows when this accommodation will stop. Muslims have never explained how much Sharia accommodation they will want in the U.S., and in what ways they will be willing to adapt to American society. No one has ever asked...

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Bush: Yemen attack reminder that we're at war with "extremists"

Extreme what? "Bush Addresses Meeting With Gen. Petraeus," from the CQ Transcripts Wire, September 17: PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: [...] Recently, we saw how important it is, with the attack on our embassy in Yemen. There were some security forces...

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Iran arming Taliban

Sunnis And Shi'ites Will Never Work Together Update: "Afghanistan: Taliban 'receiving arms from Iran,'" from AKI, September 17 (thanks to C.C.): Zahedan, 17 Sept. (AKI) – Iran's Revolutionary Guards have been arming Taliban groups in western Afghanistan for the past...

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UK: Sharia law superceding British law

Sharia courts are now operating in Britain, and what's the big deal? They're just private, voluntary arbitration tribunals, like similar arbitration panels for Jews and Catholics. In "Britain Adopts Sharia" in Chronicles, September 16, Serge Trifkovic explains what's wrong with...

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India bombings: Muslims angry (at the police, not the jihad terrorists)

Â"Terrorists do not belong to any religion. They should be hanged. Why donÂ't the police realise this and stop persecuting Muslims alone?Â" Because, of course, the terrorists in question are Muslims who explain and justify their actions by reference to...

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Controversial Boston mosque run by Muslim Brotherhood opens, will broadcast call to prayer over loudspeaker

Sure, the controversy has faded -- except for the fact that the Muslim American Society is running this mosque. According to a 2004 Chicago Tribune exposé, the Muslim American Society is the name under which the Muslim Brotherhood operates in...

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Afghanistan releases al-Qaeda suspect's son to Pakistan

Where he will be as free as a bird, living with his family. As for 10 and 13 year old Christian girls abducted, raped, and forced into conversion, the Pakistani government is having a real hard time deciding on whether...

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Netherlands: Muslim policeman was spying for Morocco

As we have noted many times, Islamic loyalty supersedes nationalism, and it is impossible to tell where any given believer's loyalties actually lie. "Top Policeman Spied for Moroccan Secret Service," from NIS News, September 17 (thanks to Fjordman): THE HAGUE,...

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U.S. praises Yemen's fight against al-Qaeda, car bomb kills 16 at U.S. embassy in Yemen

Great job on Al-Qaeda, fellows. Now about Islamic Jihad in Yemen, and the Islamic jihad ideology in general... Can we expect the Yemenis to work against that ideology? Can we expect the law of gravity to be suddenly suspended? "Car...

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Muslim organization to present resolution in UN outlawing caricatures of Muhammad

Come and get me The international Islamic assault on free speech continues. If this passes, not just caricatures will become illegal. It will become illegal to speak about the elements of Islam that jihadists use to incite violence and...

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Spencer: Will ObamaÂ's "Empathy" Prevent Another 9/11?

In Human Events today I discuss some foreign policy pronunciamentos from The Great One: As the seventh anniversary of the jihadist murder of nearly 3,000 American civilians passed last week, it is useful to recall an article that the Hyde...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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UK sharia courts not adopting Islamic law in its entirety -- "We're taking a bit of it, which is civil Islamic law"

Welcome to the "one-step-at-a-time" zone. More on this story. "Muslim community uses own tribunals," from Express and Star, September 17:Islamic tribunals have been set up in the West Midlands to resolve disputes among the Muslim community. Special hearings, comprising of...

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Nigeria: Muslims want to postpone police recruitment, since they " will still be fasting and our young men interested in joining the force will not manage to participate in the exercise, which demands a lot of running"

Muslim Special-Treatment Alert: "Muslims want AP hiring deferred," by Abdulrahman Sheriff for the Daily Nation, September 17:The recruitment of Administration Police officers set for next Wednesday should be put off until after the holy month of Ramadhan, Muslim clerics have...

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Egypt: Muslim convert to Christianity, "on the run" and "hiding for his life," including from his own family

Just another day in the life of an apostate, his wife, and baby daughter. More on this story. "One Egyptian ConvertÂ's Never-Ending Struggle," by Damaris Kremida for Compass Direct News, September 15:ISTANBUL (Compass Direct News) – EgyptÂ's most famous convert...

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Pakistan: "In my experience they have not given us the custody of minor girls even as young as 9 years old that have been declared Muslim"

Something of a compromise? The 10 year old child is to be returned to her parents; the 13 year old, on the other hand -- since she is a whole four years above and beyond the legal marrying age for...

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