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Friday, September 12, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, September 12, 2008

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American teacher in Bahrain hauled to court for "insulting Islam"

Improperly dressed "She had shown them pictures depicting the Prophet Mohammed improperly dressed." The mind reels. But in any case, one hopes that the Bahraini authorities will be hearing from the State Department forthwith about this, and the charges...

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I ain't gonna let it be

Sorry lads, no can do In "A Day That Will Live In... Accomodating Islam," Diana West explores "how successful that heinous strike" has been "in utterly changing us and our world": A high school sophomore asked me this week...

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Â"That it is impossible to deprive men of the liberty of saying what they want.Â" -- Spinoza quoted at the UN Human Rights Council

Comments by David G. Littman, Representative at the UN (Geneva), Association for World Education and World Union for Progressive Judaism to the United Nations: This is a follow-up to our September 4 article on the OIC Report on Â"IslamophobiaÂ". A...

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"'Islamic terrorism' is a myth"

No myth On this day of remembrance, a Muslim restates the majority view: "Opinion: Terrorists hijacked the Muslim faith," by Saqib A. Zuberi for the San Jose Mercury News, September 10 (thanks to Doug): As the nation remembers the...

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Global poll: Maybe it was the US, maybe Israel, that pulled off 9/11

Never mind that Osama bin Laden has admitted being behind 9/11. He's a Mossad agent, doncha know. "No consensus on who was behind Sept 11 - global poll," from Reuters, September 11: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Seven years after the Sept....

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Next jihad attack could be by "white Americans and Europeans"

The fruit of jihadist recruitment of Americans and Europeans, which we have noted many times here -- and which underscores that, despite the dominant understanding of this issue, it is not a racial issue at all. "Next US terror attack...

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Raymond Ibrahim: The Islamic Way of War

Today on NRO I discuss the fact that Islam's classic war doctrines are being virtually ignored -- even in military schools that pride themselves on studying the "classics," such as Sun Tsu's The Art of War: "Studying the Islamic Way...

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McCain, Obama, and Jihad

An informative article delineating the two candidates' differing views and approaches to the war on terror. "The lessons of 9/11," by Amir Taheri for the NY Post, September 11:TODAY's joint visit to Ground Zero may give the impression that John...

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Seven years of bad luck

Seven years have passed since the mujahedin murdered nearly 3,000 office workers in what was a clear declaration of war against the United States, and the situation is more muddled than ever. Some think, as I noted yesterday, that the...

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Swift plant fires 100 Muslim workers

Swift was offering to change break times for Muslim workers to accommodate the Ramadan fast -- which offer caused resentment among non-Muslim workers who had to work longer periods without a break as a result. That in itself shows that...

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Thailand: Jihadists kill 2 in separate ambushes

The jihad continues in Thailand, not often with large-scale attacks, but one ambush or bombing at a time. "Two killed in attacks in Thailand's south: police," from Agence France-Presse (thanks to Dumbledoresarmy): Separatist militants in Thailand's troubled south have killed...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Muslims condemn the screening of "Obsession" movie on 9/11

Because by watching it, "We're feeding the fire by focusing on hate. We need to come together instead" -- and that's from a Jewish activist. "Critics slam screening of Muslim documentary today," by Niraj Warikoo for Freep.com, September, 11:Claiming Dearborn...

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Ramadan: a time to cleanse the soul, and watch TV drama

If jihad is an offence to the "modern world," the latter is infiltrating the otherwise austere practices of Ramadan. The depraved, infidel media continues making inroads among the faithful, watering down their religion -- according to "salafists," that is. "For...

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Pakistan: One of kidnapped Christian girls allowed to go home

The judge has ruled in favor of returning the the younger sister to her parents' custody. But in the case of the older one, while her relatives have official documents that put her age at 13, "the court has accepted...

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