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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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One US official: al-Qaeda is "imploding"

Another: "al-Qaeda is the most potent threat to the United States." As usual, then: you decide. "US officials: Al-Qaida unpopular and 'imploding,'" by Pamela Hess for the Associated Press, September 15:WASHINGTON (AP) — Top U.S. counterterrorism officials Monday said al-Qaida...

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Pennsylvania woman deeply offended to learn that there's a jihad against the U.S.A.

Truth offends her Reaction to Obsession DVD distribution shows many Americans clueless about jihad, Part 2: "DVD on radical Islam offends Lemoyne recipient," by Carrie Cassidy for The Patriot-News (Central Pennyslvania), September 11: Sally Lopez said she opened the...

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Reaction to Obsession DVD distribution shows many Americans clueless about jihad

The DVD Obsession is being packaged with the morning paper all over the country, and millions upon millions of copies have been distributed. That's all to the good, but the reaction to it shows in numerous ways that many,...

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Peace In Our Time: Olmert offers "Palestinians" 98.1% of West Bank

Land for Peace -- why didn't anybody think of that before? This will make the jihad go away in a jiffy! "Channel 2: Olmert offers PA 98.1% of West Bank," by Tovah Lazaroff for the Jerusalem Post, September 14 (thanks...

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Iran: Khamenei has plan for nuclear arms

Peaceful nuclear arms, no doubt. "Iran: Secret memo reveals Khamenei plan for nuclear arms, says report," from AKI, September 15 (thanks to C.C.): Tehran, 15 Sept. (AKI) - Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reportedly has a secret plan to...

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Virginia: Christian extremists leave threatening note on 9/11 statue -- no, wait...

Making reference to "the daily injustice inflicted every follower over the sees [sic] murdered by the United States every day," and to "Allah with his tears" -- yep, it's those Methodists again. "Note Left At Falls Church 9/11 Memorial...

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Pakistani Army blocks US raid in border area

Friend and Ally Update -- another report on this incident: "Pakistan: US helicopter raid blocked in border area," from AKI, September 15 (thanks to Report On Arrakis): Wana, 15 Sept. (AKI) - The Pakistani army and local tribes on Monday...

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Pakistani TV denounces Ahmadis as infidels, not Muslims

Also in Indonesia: Anti-Ahmadi "Demonstrations" And the real Muslims go on rampage targeting the Ahmadi community. More on this story. "Violence Against Ahmadi Muslims Spikes After Pakistani TV Broadcast," by Priya Abraham for the Cutting Edge, September 15:Members of...

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Pakistani army fires shots as U.S. soldiers approach border

An update on "Pakistan's Own War," and which side they're on. "Pakistan soldiers 'confront US'," from BBC News, September 15 (thanks to Sanman): Pakistani troops have fired shots into the air to stop US troops crossing into the South Waziristan...

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Australia: Six found guilty in jihadist plot

Abdul Nacer Benbrika Update. "Australia: Six found guilty in country's largest terror trial," from Adnkronos International, September 15: Melbourne, 15 Sept. (AKI) - An Australian court has found one man guilty of leading a terrorist organisation and several others of...

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Former bin Laden bodyguard to establish "jihad think-tank" in Yemen

But he pledged not to use violence inside Yemen (Osama bin Laden's orders), and claims to have government backing. Friend, Ally, and jihadist "bus station" Update. "Jihad think-tank to be established in Yemen," by Nasser Arrabyee for the Yemen Observer,...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Moroccan theologian: marrying 9 year old girls permissible; "mainstream" Muslims accuse him of "distorting" Islam

Ready to settle down, raise family of own Strangely, however, another Muslim theologian at the other end of the Muslim world reached the same exact conclusion? "Moroccan theologian: Muslim girls can wed at nine," Middle East Online, September 15:Sheikh...

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UK: "Sharia law now legally binding"

"I think itÂ's appalling. I donÂ't think arbitration that is done by sharia should ever be endorsed or enforced by the British state." Druid/Archbishop Rowan Williams begs to differ. More on this story. "Sharia law is now legally binding," from...

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British Secretary for Justice Jack Straw says PakistanÂ's security vital for UK; condemns US unilateral operations in Pakistan

Consistent behavior: in 2005, Jack Straw asserted that if Europe did not allow Turkey into the EU, the Turks could get rowdy; here he is three years later insisting that both the UK and US should appease the ever duplicitous...

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Verdicts issued against Australian terrorists; half to serve jail time

"Prior to these convictions, only three Australians have been convicted of terrorism offences." More on this story. "Australian Muslims convicted on terrorism charge (2nd Roundup)," by DPA for Asia Pacific News, September 15:Sydney - An Australian cleric and five of...

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Iran Parliament passes bill establishing death penalty for apostasy

Muhammad would have approved. Islamic Tolerance Alert from the Islamic Republic: "Iran Parliament Passes Death Penalty for Apostasy Bill," from the Christian Post, September 11 (thanks to all who sent this in): The Iranian Parliament voted in favor of a...

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Sharia comes to the UK

Britain will come to regret this, but whether or not it will before it's too late is an open question. More on this story. "Revealed: UKÂ's first official sharia courts," by Abul Taher in The Sunday Times, September 14 (thanks...

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Bostom: Obama, 9/11, and Freedom of Conscience

Over at The American Thinker my friend Andrew Bostom has a helpful, wide-ranging and exhaustively researched look at Obama and Islam: Ibn Warraq's formal childhood experience of Islam mirrored Barack Obama's -- it was no more extensive. Yet despite copious...

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Al-Qaeda to Egyptian analyst: "The Mujahideen don't joke"

Along with this stern warning, a picture of a knife with blood dripping was offered. Why such hostility? Apparently the analyst commented that the title of the latest al-Qaeda tape -- "Eight Years of Crusade Wars" -- "was catchy, but...

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US praises Yemen's fight against al-Qaeda

In related news, al-Qaeda member establishes a "jihadi think-tank" in the capital of Yemen. "U.S official praises Yemen's fight against al-Qaeda," from Saba News, September 14:SANA'A, Sep. 14 (Saba) - Chief of General Staff Ahmed Ali al-Ashwal has discussed with...

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"Islam: you deserve to know"

Seattle: land of grunge rock and Islamic proselytization. "Muslims turn to bus ads in Seattle to create awareness about Islam," by Janet I. Tu for the Seattle Times, September 15:Running on the sides of several Metro buses, they merely say:...

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Saudi judge: Television "sorcerers" could face death, too

Do not take unbelievers as Psychic Friends... But only if a court orders it. That makes it ok, you see. "Death for TV 'sorcerers' ," from the Straits Times, September 15: RIYADH - A SENIOR Saudi cleric has said...

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