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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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UK: Officials fear Gaza will "radicalise" British Muslims

Apparently the same way Iraq, dogs, and underwear ads tend to radicalize Muslims. If the latter are constantly crying "wolf" -- that is, if everything "offends," "enrages," and "radicalizes" them -- exactly when should the world take their complaint seriously?...

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Genocidal Jew-hating jihadist Sheikh has a friend in...Ohio!

Earlier today we saw Sheikh Qaradawi expressing these pious sentiments: Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down...

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Israeli politicians, 2004: Disengagement from Gaza will bring peace

This is what happens when public officials ignore and deny the Islamic doctrines of jihad and Islamic supremacism. These politicians were all wrong, and what we were warning here -- that the withdrawal from Gaza would only embolden the...

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"Heil Hitler" and "We must just kill all those Jews, man!" -- at Copenhagen pro-jihad demo

Henrik Raeder Clausen kindly sends along this video (thanks to Mikael from the Danish blog Turban Bomb) from the pro-jihad, Jew-hating demonstration in Copenhagen last Saturday, along with this translation of some of the notable remarks made there: 00:10:00...

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London Muslim protesters attack police: "Run, you cowards! Kuffar!"

The protesters, repeatedly shouting "Allahu akbar," throw traffic cones and sticks at the police and taunt them, calling them cowards and "kuffar" (unbelievers). The police do nothing, but simply continue to retreat, until 5:50, when they finally start to...

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Muslim "reformist": "Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one."

Al-Qaradawi has been praised by establishment dhimmi Islamic scholar John Esposito as a champion of a "reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism and human rights." He counts among his friends Ken Livingstone, former mayor of...

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Father Zakaria Botros on "The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet"

Life TVÂ's Father Zakaria Botros recently ran a show dedicated to discussing the question of morality and how it is—or should be—one of the hallmarks of Â"prophethood.Â" At the start, he posed the focal question of the show: Â"Was...

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Neofascists bomb French synagogues -- no, wait...

The eighth paragraph of this AFP story, "France is home to EuropeÂ's biggest Jewish and Muslim communities," indicates that AFP knows full well the identity of these "vandals" -- and it ain't alleged Eurofascists. Eurabia Alert: "Bomb attacks on French...

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Make an anti-jihad statement in the 2008 Weblog Awards

Don't neglect to vote today in the Weblog Awards. Rebuke the egregious defamer, the Grand Imperial Lizard himself, and reward good and hard work by voting for Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs for Best Conservative Blog. Roll back a Leftist/pro-jihad...

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Fitzgerald: The Big Fakery

What we are observing is La Grande Montatura, the Big Fakery, Fakery of every sort being "mounted" in Gaza by Hamas, and aided and abetted by those Westerners who have a long record of being viciously anti-Israel. These include Mads...

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Italian pol: "Enough with pro-Hamas marches now"

We need a politician Stateside to say that. "Italian minister blasts Muslim protesters' prayers," from Reuters, January 11 (thanks to Diana West); "Enough with pro-Hamas marches now," said Riccardo De Corato. "Milan is not a province of Gaza and has...

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Leftist/Jihadist alliance at pro-Hamas rally in LA

With the Race Card thrown in for good measure. Photos courtesy Jihad Watch reader PRCalDude....

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Oslo: Jihadists use children as human shields during violent anti-Israel demonstration

Well, it has worked so well for them in Gaza...This Feel the Love Alert comes courtesy Jihad Watch reader Mike....

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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CAIR endorses Simpsons

Woo Hoo! As expected, not only is the so-called "controversial" Simpson episode far from offensive to Muslims, it has actually earned praise from CAIR. "The Simpsons and Islam," by Ericka Andersen for Nosh, January 12:Are the Simpsons being anti-Muslim...

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UK minister and radio host fired for defending Christian teachings on air, thereby offending Muslims

Rev. Mahboob Masih: racist? Absurd Britannia Update: "Presenter sacked for 'supporting the Bible's teachings' on radio," by Andrew Alderson for the Telegraph, January 11 (thanks to Leal): A radio presenter is taking legal action after he alleged he was...

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