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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Iran could have ability to build nuclear bomb by 2010

One more year of taqiyya on the one hand, and UN naivete and quibbling on the other, and the Shia state will be prepared to usher in the mahdi -- that is, Armageddon: "Iran could have ability to build...

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Egyptian Muslim cleric airs Holocaust footage, says: "This is what we hope will happen, but, Allah willing, at the hand of the Muslims"

As you read this and/or watch this clip, keep in mind the open calls for genocide against the Jews made by Muslim demonstrators in recent weeks in the U.S. and Europe. "Egyptian Cleric Amin Al-Ansari Justifies the Holocaust, Airs Footage,...

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"Stealth Jihad is heartily recommended for those who would like to understand the greatest threat we face today"

Understandable, but incredible The European essayist Fjordman reviews my book Stealth Jihad over at Atlas Shrugs. His conclusion: One of the many great things about Spencer is that he is always understandable. This is far from self-evident. Even among...

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The Battle of Gaza: Stirring New Dilemmas

"The Battle of Gaza: Stirring New Dilemmas" is an exclusive Jihad Watch essay by Raphael Israeli. Raphael Israeli was born in Fez, Morocco, and arrived in Israel at the age of 14. A professor of Islamic, Middle Eastern and Chinese...

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Toward a History of Antisemitism in Islam: A Groundbreaking Book

Here is a translation of a review by Shmuel Trigano of Andrew Bostom's massive The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. The French original, "Vers une histoirede LÂ'ANTISÉMITISME en Islam : un livre événement,Â" appeared in the November 9, 2008 issue...

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Tracing "the slow transformation of the Pakistani state itself into an instrument of the jihadist agenda"

Here is a very useful historical overview of why Pakistan is not and never has been a reliable ally of the U.S., and how it is steadily and probably inexorably becoming a jihadist state. "Understanding PakistanÂ's response to Mumbai," by...

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Jihadists breach truce, kill Israeli soldier

In Islamic law one only concludes a truce with a non-Muslim enemy if one believes the enemy is going to convert to Islam, or in order to gather strength to fight again more effectively. The latter, obviously, is the more...

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Obama: "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy"

In a highly significant symbolic move, Obama gives his first interview as President to...Al-Arabiya. "Obama Al-Arabiya Interview: Full Text," from the Huffington Post, January 26 (thanks to all who sent this in): [...] Q Sir, you just met with...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Thailand: "Insurgents" murder Buddhist couple

These "insurgents" were angry and felt the need to "retaliate" for the arrest of their leader by...slaying Buddhists? For the record, nearly 90% of the inhabitants of Pattani, where the murder took place, are Muslims; this may perhaps -- just...

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UK: Gaza donations double after appeal screened

More on this story. "Gaza donations double after DEC aid appeal screened," from Times Online, January 27:Donations to an emergency fund for Gaza doubled overnight after three TV channels broadcast an appeal that the BBC and Sky News have refused...

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Pakistan: Taliban bombs and torches more girl-schools; government resigns itself to defeat

Aside from some defiant, but apparently empty, words "the minister said the government could not stop destruction of schools when the area people took up arms and wore suicide jackets to torch and bomb their own schools." "School burnings in...

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"By your definition, madame, I am an Islamist"

The UK's only Muslim peer, Lord Nazir Ahmed, was responsible for the British Parliament's dhimmi cancellation of a showing of Geert Wilders' film Fitna. He called the cancellation "a victory for the Muslim community.Â" And Brian of London has more:...

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Pakistan: Muslim robbers gang-rape girl when they realize she is Christian

"After robbing the homes, the six men returned to Rafiq Masih's house and began mocking Rafiq and his wife for being Christians." "Muslim Thieves Rape Girl When They Realize Victim is Christian," from AINA, January 27 (thanks to all who...

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You have the "Islam is the light" doll. Now get the video game!

The "Islam Is the Light" doll was widely dismissed -- people insisted that wasn't really what it was saying. And yet here it is, coincidence of coincidences, the same message shows up now in a Nintendo game. "Video game...

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Indonesia: Christians protest fatwa saying only Muslims can be president

Sharia dictates that a non-Muslim cannot hold authority over Muslims. So this is simply more evidence of Sharia creep in modern, moderate Indonesia. "Indonesia: Christian party criticises Muslim edict," from AKI, January 27 (thanks to Twostellas): Jakarta, 27 Jan. (AKI)...

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