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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, January 24, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Suspect freed from Guantanamo becomes al-Qaeda leader in Yemen

A small taste of things to come -- especially as President Obama prepares to permanently shut down Guantanamo, while declaring an end to the "war on terror." An update to this story. "Freed by the U.S., Saudi Becomes a Qaeda...

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Philippine court convicts three jihadists for train bombings

They were responsible for "five near-simultaneous bombings on December 30, 2000, which killed 22 people." On December 30, 2000, hardly anyone in the world understood the global threat of jihad terrorism and Islamic supremacism. It wasn't until September 11, 2001,...

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Obama declares end to "war on terror"

As defined by his predecessor. Obama reassures Muslims yet again. More on this story. "Obama 'declared end' to war on terror: media," from the AFP, January 23:WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Barack Obama "declared an end" to his predecessor's "war on...

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Turkey -- Secularist coup plot foiled: "Turkey is fast becoming an empire of fear"

An attempt to stem the tide of Islamization and the advance of Sharia in Turkey has been foiled. "Dozens more held in Turkish coup plot," by Suzan Fraser for AP, January 22 (thanks to Oao): ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - Police...

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Jihadist hate preacher welcomed in Netherlands as it prosecutes Wilders for "hate speech"

Some "hate speech," apparently, is just fine in the Netherlands. They say that he will be prosecuted if he says something "hateful" in the Netherlands, but his positions are already abundantly clear -- if Dutch officials wanted to be...

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Wilders: "The problems with Islam will only increase"

Geert Wilders interviewed about his looming prosecution. "Wilders feels persecuted in 'political process,'" by Herman Staal for NRC Handelsblad, January 23: Geert Wilders was Â"completely surprisedÂ" when he heard on Wednesday that the appeals court of Amsterdam ruled he...

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Wilders: His prosecution "puts hundreds of thousands of Dutchmen on trial for opposing Islam's violent messages"

"Things are not looking good for me. In its 33-page ruling ordering my prosecution, the appeals court already determined I was guilty." I hope Wilders can come to America, and be granted asylum here. Of course, the new Administration is...

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Jordan seeking international arrest warrant against Wilders

Geert Wilders sends along this Dutch-language article, "Binnen tien dagen arrestatiebevel tegen Wilders," from Elsevier, January 23. Gates of Vienna has the translation: Â'Within 10 days arrest warrant for WildersÂ' The Jordanian Muslim movement The Messenger of Allah Unites Us...

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After synagogue attacks, Chicago-area Jewish organizations heighten security

Welcome to the glories of multicultural America: as a result of these attacks, Jewish organizations in the Chicago area are stepping up security. Incidentally, in the same area not too long ago, a Muslim student faked a hate attack against...

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UK: Muslims walking into Jewish-owned shops and saying, "I'm going to kill you"

Jihad graffiti on a bus shelter in Temple Fortune Threats to Jews in New York, threats to Jews in London, threats to Jews all over. And yet the UN is focused on "Islamophobia," and Islamic advocacy groups in the...

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Threats made against Chabad headquarters in New York

We saw Islamic jihadists target the Chabad house in Mumbai. Now they have threatened the Chabad headquarters in Brookyn, New York -- "770," for 770 Eastern Parkway. And who is behind it? The revolting Yousef Al-Khattab, the convert from...

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Bawer: Wilders case another blow against Dutch freedom

Bruce Bawer, author of While Europe Slept, discusses what has led up to the Wilders travesty in "Submission in the Netherlands" in City Journal, January 22 (thanks to Ruth King): [...] The appalling decision to try Wilders, the Freedom PartyÂ's...

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Spencer: Obama to 'Reassure' Muslims

Obama's agenda for the Islamic world is the focus of my column in Human Events this week: At last the triumphant day has come, and Barack Obama is President of the United States. Few presidents have taken office burdened with...

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Former Gitmo detainee now among top dogs in Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Good thing Obama is closing the place, eh? Gitmo Recidivism Update: "Freed by U.S., Saudi Becomes a Qaeda Chief," by Robert F. Worth for the New York Times, January 22 (thanks to James): BEIRUT, Lebanon — The emergence of a...

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Iranian Parliament Speaker: Gaza foiled international plot against Iran

Crowing And "Gaza is the beginning of Israel's serious downfall." "Larijani: Int'l Plot Against Iran Defeated," from the Fars News Agency, January 22 (thanks to James): TEHRAN (FNA)- The international plot by the US and some western and Arab...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl

The most revealing aspect of the following entries is how obvious it is, especially to Pakistanis, that the local authorities, especially the "police," are in cahoots with the Taliban -- if not simply taking orders from them. "Diary of a...

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Taliban gun down teacher for not hiking "salwar" above ankles

Even "though the Pakistani Taliban have not issued any edict for the salwar to be worn in this manner." Apparently the Taliban has no more intentions of offering courtesy warnings and deadlines before murdering less than ideal Muslims. "Taliban gun...

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Pakistan: Lahore High Court rules that honor killing is not a crime

More indication of the widespread acceptance of honor killing in Muslim countries -- while the world continues to look the other way, and no one calls upon Islamic communities in the West to do anything about this, despite the fact...

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Nigeria: Sharia cops block women's rally as "un-Islamic"

"Women's rights activists say divorced women are often thrown out of their homes, lose custody of their children, and many end up destitute." But they can't protest against this treatment. Oh, no. That would be "un-Islamic." "Sharia police block women's...

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"Under Indonesian law, men can marry at 19 and women at 16, although under some Islamic laws there is no age limit"

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, consummated his marriage with Aisha when she was nine. This fact is recorded several times in the hadith collection Muslims consider most reliable, Bukhari: 5.48.234; 5.58.236; 7.62.64; 7.62.65; and 7.62.88. Because Muhammad is the excellent...

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Turkey: Muslims bring "malicious" legal action against 1,600-year-old monastery

They want one-third of monastery property -- and their legal action, Christians say, is "part of a larger system of discrimination" against Christians. The Muslims say that it is...occupation! "Our land is being occupied by the monastery." Sheesh. "Turkey: Ancient...

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