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Friday, January 23, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, January 23, 2009

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Ezra Levant on Wilders: Holland's national suicide note

One hero of free speech discusses another's case. "Holland's national suicide note," by Ezra Levant, January 21 (thanks to Defend Geert Wilders): The Dutch court of appeal has ruled that Geert Wilders, the Member of Parliament and anti-terrorism activist, must...

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Saudi religious police get tough on jihad and Islamic supremacism -- no, wait...

Actually it's that old black magic, not the jihad, that has stirred them to action. "Saudi Religious Police Get Tough on Black Magic," by Khaled al Oweigan for Asharq Alawsat, January 22 (thanks to Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi): Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat-...

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Wilders expects to be sent to prison

Outrage: "Dutch Lawmaker, Charged With Insulting Islam, Fears Prison Sentence" by Joel Mowbray for FoxNews, January 22 (thanks to Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi): A member of parliament in the Netherlands who has been charged with "insulting" Muslims says he fears he...

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War Is Deceit: Gaza doc says Palestinian death toll inflated

Will the world take note? What do you think? War Is Deceit Update: "Gazan doctor says death toll inflated," from Ynet, January 22 (thanks to all who sent this in): What really is behind the numbers reported on the number...

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Al Qaeda leader: "A wolf is a wolf even dressed as [a] lamb"

Abu Yahya al-Libi This wolf, of course, is not a reference to itself, al-Qaeda, but rather Britain. Another indication that the terrorist organization has Britain in mind for its next major attack? "Al Qaeda figure calls for attacks on...

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Austrian politician convicted of "anti-Muslim incitement"

Free Speech Death Watch Update -- more on this story: "Austrian far-right legislator convicted of anti-Muslim incitement," from DPA, January 22 (thanks to Gudrun): Vienna - Austrian far-right parliamentarian Susanne Winter was convicted Thursday of incitement because of her...

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"Joint hatred of everything Jewish is unifying neo-Nazis and Islamists"

Neo-Nazi/Jihadist Alliance Update: we have noted that jihadists and Nazis have a natural affinity several times over the years -- for example, see here about the Aryan Nations calling Islam "our ally." Of course, some observers today are haunted by...

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Iran: "We are ready for new approaches by the United States"

"Mottaki said Washington must change Bush administration policies that he described as 'based on warmongering, occupation, bullying and unfair relations.'" Iran, you see, need do nothing to improve relations with the United States. It is playing the victim, and demanding...

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Iran prepares to defame the Â"International Day of Commemoration Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust – Remembrance and Beyond.Â" Will the Â'international communityÂ' react before – or not at all, as usual?

This message was sent to UN Ambassadors in Geneva today by David G. Littman: URGENT APPEAL TO AMBASSADORS to condemn now the announced Iranian Defamation of UN Commemoration Day for Victims of the Holocaust (27 Jan. 2009) * * *...

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Memorializing Aqsa

So it shall remain, at least for now Some time ago Pamela Geller began to take up a collection to provide honor killing victim Aqsa Parvez with a headstone -- at present Aqsa lies in an unmarked grave, plot...

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Defend Geert Wilders and Freedom of Speech!

The International Free Press Society was established on January 1, 2009, with the Danish scholar Lars Hedegaard and the intrepid Diana West as Vice President. You can read its policy statement here. The Board of Advisors includes Asger Aamund,...

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Obama's first call to a foreign leader: the PA's Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas, you will recall, is "moderate" in the eyes of the world because he wants to destroy Israel more slowly than Hamas does. Another from our Not An Auspicious Beginning file: "President Obama's first call 'was to President Abbas,'" by...

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Obama issues order preventing use of lawful interrogation techniques against jihadists

And closing Gitmo within a year. From our growing Not An Auspicious Beginning file: "Obama Issues Directives on Detainees, Interrogation, Guantanamo," from FOXNews, January 22 (thanks to all who sent this in): WASHINGTON -- President Obama, putting his executive pen...

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Support Geert Wilders!

From the Freedom Party: The Freedom Party (PVV) and Geert Wilders are faced with an all-out assault. Exploding legal expenses might cripple the continuation of the battle for our liberties. The survival of the Freedom Party and Geert WildersÂ's struggle...

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"There will still be free speech in America in much the same way as Henry Ford used to say that you can have any color car you want, as long as it's black"

"In Defense of Wilders" -- at FrontPage this morning, Jamie Glazov interviews me about the case against Geert Wilders. FP: Robert Spencer, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Spencer: Thank you Jamie. FP: Geert Wilders is being put on trial by the...

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Financial jihad: Large UK bank may fall into control of Middle East investors

"This was a clause to protect the Middle East. There seems to have been no thought about protecting the bank at all. If the clause is triggered at this level, the Middle East can lay claim to the whole bank."...

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Sudanese jihadist accused of killing U.S. diplomat: "Killing American unbelievers is an honor, but I was not involved in this case"

Feel the love, in an update on this story. "Sudanese men deny murdering U.S. diplomat," from Reuters, January 21: KHARTOUM (Reuters) – Two Sudanese men on Wednesday denied murdering a U.S. diplomat and his driver in Khartoum, but told a...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Rome: Directive being prepared to "prohibit rallies from being staged in front of places of worship"

To "prevent provocation, not restrict religious freedom." More on this story. "Muslim prayer at Milan's Duomo sparks ire," from the Associated Press, January 22:ROME: Italy's interior minister has drafted new rules for public protests after a few hundred Muslims ended...

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Islamic cleric: Australians a bunch of gambling drunks

Whereas Muslims are simply wife-beaters. "Muslim cleric says Australians addicted to alcohol, gambling," by Mark Dunn for Courier Mail, January 22:ABU Hamza has claimed Australians are addicted to alcohol, gambling and prostitution in another rant to his followers broadcast over...

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A brief historical survey of Christians in Turkey

Since al-Qaeda, indeed, many Muslims, are close followers of history, quick to point out the "historic crimes" of the West, while demanding satisfaction, here's a brief article demonstrating the ill-fate of Turkey's Christians: Who, O umma, shall pay for these...

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Islamic cleric who advocated wife-beating comes up with an amazingly novel explanation of his words -- one that no one has ever heard before

He told Muslim men that they could beat their wives, in accord with Qur'an 4:34, but wouldn't you know it? His remarks were taken out of context! "Samir Abu Hamza has told a confidant his message has been taken out...

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