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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Bubonic plague killing al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda: medieval in all ways So far, it has only affected the Algerian branch of al-Qaeda -- the one that, after killing innocents via suicide attacks, proclaimed "glad tidings." (So much for the notion that Allah is on "their...

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Why secular Arabs are unmoved by the plight of Hamas

Because unlike "gullible Westerners [who] can delude themselves that a Sharia (Islamic rule) state in Gaza will care only about itself and Israel," they know better, know that the natural state of a sharia-state is to grow and expand, spilling...

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India preparing to "take actions on its own" in Pakistan

"Unfortunately in Pakistan, there are multiple power centres to crack down and unfortunately the civilian government is not one of the more powerful centres.... It (civilian government) has to act fast and convince other power structures to act against terror"...

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Hamas "executes" fellow Palestinians

And no doubt blames Israel for that too. Perhaps some of these were among the victims of Hamas' recent "crucifixion" spree? At any rate, if this is how Hamas "deals" with fellow Muslim Palestinians, what is the point of compelling...

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Pictures that are worth a thousand (often misspelled) words

"Childhood" Expressing "frustration" is one thing; advocating another holocaust quite another. Yet the media, for whatever reason, is in the habit of conflating the two. "Nazis needed," by Tim Blair for the Daily Telegraph, January 19 (thanks to Patrick):The...

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Spencer: Obama selects a Muslim with ties to Hamas to pray at the inauguration

In "Hamas Inauguration," the featured article at FrontPageMagazine.com today, I explain why Barack Obama's choice of Ingrid Mattson of ISNA to offer a prayer at his inauguration festivities is so unwise -- or worse: Barack Obama isnÂ't wasting any...

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Hamas declares "great victory" after Israeli cease-fire

The decisions of Israel's commanders continue to perplex, as the disastrously inconclusive end of the Second Lebanon War casts doubt on whether this truce is a tactical move in a broader plan to isolate and dislodge Hamas, or another study...

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Bomb found outside Chabad House in Florence, Italy

Eurabia Alert. The bomb's placement was designed to intimidate, recalling the carnage at Mumbai's Chabad House in November. "Bomb found at Florence Chabad House," from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, January 18: A rudimentary explosive device was found at the entrance...

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Purported al-Qaeda jihadist threatens Germany: "It has been my wish to blow myself up for Allah since 1993."

That personal note that he "shared" there underscores the fact that the grievance du jour is so often an excuse in whose absence another would be found to justify acts of jihad. Germany didn't have troops in Afghanistan in 1993,...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Christian girls, raped and forced to convert to Islam, fear "societal rejection"

More on this story. "Pakistan: Sisters abducted, forced to convert to Islam," from Compass Direct News, January 19:Repeatedly raped, minor and 18-year-old now face societal rejection. ISTANBUL, January 19 (Compass Direct News) – The ordeal of two teenage Christian sisters...

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Taliban deadline arrives, girls' schools close in Pakistan's Swat Valley

An update on this story. "Taliban restrict women's education in Pakistan," by Omar Waraich and Andrew Buncombe for The Independent, January 18: Thousands of young women living in a part of Pakistan once considered the country's most idyllic tourist destination...

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Love, Yemeni style: "I prefer to marry uneducated rural girls as I believe that uneducated girls are more innocent and easier to control"

A consequence of the enshrinement of Muhammad's consummating his marriage to Aisha when she was 9 years old as a laudable act, worthy of imitating (Qur'an 33:21), is not only the stigmatization of "older" would-be brides, but that "older" is...

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