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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Napolitano adds adviser with ties to jihad groups

Jihadists as heroes. "Napolitano adds adviser with ties to terror backers: Swears in leader of Arab group that hailed jihadists as 'heroes,'" by Aaron Klein for WorldNetDaily, June 7: JERUSALEM – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano swore in to her...

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Pakistan: Villagers enraged by mosque attack battle Taliban, kill 14

It is good to see Pakistanis battling the Taliban, and the media will certainly anoint them as "moderates," but unfortunately it is by no means clear that that is what they are. After all, we have never seen similar outrage...

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First Saudi woman minister cannot appear on TV without permission

Thanks to a "puritanical" form of Islam predominant in Saudi Arabia. "Saudi woman minister needs permission to be on TV," from Reuters, June 8:RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's first woman cabinet minister cannot appear on television without permission, a newspaper...

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Pakistan: 60% of Swat schools "completely destroyed"

Many thanks to the Taliban. "60 per cent of Swat's schools destroyed: UN," from the Hindustan Times, June 8:Sixty percent of the schools in Swat in Pakistan's restive northwest, where the military is currently focussing [sic] its anti-Taliban operations, have...

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Muslim singer tries to "show the true face of Islam"; Muslims accuse him of "desecrating" Islam

And he concludes that "People don't have to associate Islam with fear and sadness. Why is that the only image of Islam in the media?" "African singer criticized by Muslims plays in NYC," by Verena Dobnik for Associated Press, June...

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Trained at Fort Bragg, Taliban trainer says the jihadis will "never be defeated"

And graciously, "he has offered to find the Americans a way out, 'We can give them a face-saving solution but they must change their strategy'. First, he says, they must spend billions on reconstruction. Then they must open talks with...

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Fjordman: To President Obama: Regarding Islam and Science

In his latest essay, Fjordman examines what Barack Obama called "civilization's debt to Islam." US President Barack Hussein ObamaÂ's speech delivered at Cairo University in Egypt on June 4 2009 contained so many half-truths, distortions or plain lies that it...

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Fitzgerald: Seminar Time in Washington

"In an effort to find common ground with IslamÂ…Â" -- Barack Obama, in his Cairo Outreach Speech Did anyone among all those who busied themselves with draft after draft after draft of The Speech That Will Live In Infamy check...

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Hamas misuses humanitarian aid, converts ambulances into military vehicles

These ambulances came, according to the report, from "Arab states," but of course a huge amount of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians comes from the West. Will this lead Obama and the EU to reconsider humanitarian aid to the Palestinians?...

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Electoral victories in Lebanon, Europe

Hizballah loses, Wilders gains. A dramatic reversal of fortune, and a setback for the Syrian/Iranian jihad in Lebanon. "Lebanon's ruling coalition claims election victory over Hezbollah," by Hugh Macleod in The Guardian, June 8: Jubilant supporters of Lebanon's US-backed ruling...

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Obama quoted jihad verse from Qur'an

WND checks my work with Islamic imams and finds out that I was right. "Obama speech quoted jihad verse from Quran: Address to Muslims used Islamic text urging war against nonbelievers," by Aaron Klein for WorldNetDaily, June 7 (thanks to...

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