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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Pakistan: Muslims accuse mentally challenged girl of blasphemy

She was not even sure of her own name, but they were sure she had blasphemed Islam -- yet another indication of how Pakistan's blasphemy laws victimize non-Muslims. Instead of prattling about Islam's tradition of tolerance, Obama should have called...

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Afghanistan: Jihadists behead university student

"It was Islam...that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment." -- Barack Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009 A beheaded student? What's the big deal! They invented algebra! "Militants behead Afghan...

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Supporting our troops -- Anti-Jihadists roaring back!

Hearty thanks to all those who supported our troops and ordered care packages today. This afternoon's Troopathon 2009 Update shows The Anti-Jihadist team still in second place -- but we won the day decisively. The Hot Air Steamers remain...

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"Allahu akbar" from dissidents in Tehran

Here is a different perspective on the cries of "Allahu akbar" in Tehran, which I noted here. Khomeini encouraged his mobs to shout it during the 1979 Revolution -- and now it is being shouted against the mullahs. But is...

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Even after Friday prayers and a sermon from the Supremo himself...

This just in from a contact who is in touch with people in Iran. Usually Khamenei doesn't lead Friday prayers or give a sermon -- usually a "substitute" prayer leader does it. But today Khamenei gave his pitch, and here's...

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Iran's Supremo blames "media belonging to Zionists, evil media" for coverage of Iran demos

Well, this was inevitable: after flirting with the idea that the trouble must be coming from the U.S. and Britain, Khamenei reverts to default mode: it's all the Jews' fault. "Ruling Cleric Warns Iranian Protesters," by Nazila Fathi and...

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Iran's Supremo says the vote was real, now blames Britain for unrest

Yesterday it was the U.S.'s fault, today it is Britain's. But what about the evil Zionists? "Supreme leader: Iran vote was 'definitive victory,'" from The Associated Press, June 19 (thanks to Abscedere): TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's supreme leader said...

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"Arab militias" attack pro-Mousavi protesters in Iran

We've already seen that Palestinians are there. It looks as if the Thug-In-Chief and the mullahs are calling for help from their jihadist pals. "Iran: 'Arab militias' attack pro-Mousavi protesters," from AKI, June 19 (thanks to C. Cantoni): Tehran, 19...

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The Silly and Harmful Fantasy of "Two States for Two Peoples"

Steven Plaut takes apart the "two state solution" at Zionist Conspiracy (thanks to Israpundit). I am not sure Netanyahu is going along with this "solution" except under duress, but in any case, Plaut's analysis of the flaws of the "solution"...

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Somalia: Suicide attack kills security minister

The latest from the Somali theater of jihad: "Suicide bomber kills Somali security minister," by Abdi Guled and Ibrahim Mohamed Abdi Guled for Reuters, June 18:MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Hardline Islamist insurgents killed Somalia's security minister and at least 24 other...

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Saudi Arabia: Father has son arrested for "disobedience"

Thanks to the Commission for Investigation and Prosecution which has "issued an arrest warrant for the son on the grounds that disobedience is a crime punishable by Shariah law." "Father takes son to court for Â'disobedienceÂ'," by Ahmed Al-Selma for...

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Troopathon 2009: Support our troops with The Anti-Jihadists!

This morning's Troopathon 2009 Update: The Anti-Jihadist team remains in second place. The Hot Air Steamers team has widened the gap, standing now at $5,631.34 in care packages, with The Anti-Jihadists team tallying $2,799.61. Let's close that gap --...

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Student jailed for trying to fight British in Afghanistan

His fellow traveler, on the other hand, was "acquitted after claiming he thought he was going on a trekking holiday' when he travelled to Turkey, and that he had been deceived by his co-defendant." "Student jailed for trying to fight...

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Jihadis perfect the art of "hacking"

Not the sort of "hacking" one is most accustomed to hearing about, but for the same ends, namely, the defeat of infidels. "Militants, 'hacktivists' exploit Web, eye recruits," by Lolita C. Baldor for the Associated Press, June 18:(AP:WASHINGTON) Terrorist groups...

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Thai Muslims to gov't: Money can't buy you love

They said it. The conflict isn't about poverty or development; it's about imposing Islamic law, which is, of course, the aim of jihad. Indeed, Thailand's own control of those provinces arose from attacks on Siam by the Malay sultanate amid...

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Report: Female suicide bomber at large in Pakistani frontier province

Schools? No. Suicide bombs? Mais oui! "Female bombers ready in Waziristan: Punjab home secretary," from GeoTV, June 18: LAHORE: Eastern Turkistan Islami [sic] Party has prepared a female suicide bomber in Waziristan, which may target any important personality or a...

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Algeria: Jihadist ambush on paramilitary police demonstrates al-Qaeda's expansion in northern Africa

As reported here. And in Algeria, al-Qaeda has its most convenient point of departure for Europe itself, as well as a base of operations to support its activities within the continent. "Algerian jihadists seek to expand," from UPI, June 18:...

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