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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Netanyahu breaks off US-Israel talks in Paris over settlements issue

Good for him. Netanyahu knows that the jihad against Israel isn't being waged because of the settlements, and won't end if every one of them is dismantled. He knows that Obama has done nothing to pressure the Palestinian Arabs to...

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White House to Iranians: You don't want to come to our party, so you're not invited after all

Good going, Mr. President. Acting like a six-year-old girl flouncing away after none of her friends showed up for her tea party is certain to frighten the mullahs into giving up Sharia and their genocidal antisemitism. "WH rescinds July 4...

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Fear of massacre grips Christian village in Egypt

Whenever Muslims are seen "dancing and chanting 'Come to Jihad' and the 'Cross is the enemy of God" outside the homes of grossly outnumbered indigenous Christians, who are further oppressed by the state, massacres become very real possibilities. More on...

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FBI initiates official outreach to Hamas

I just received this from a well-placed source: Today, FBI Executive Assistant Director Tom Harrington is meeting at FBIHQ with Imam Majid of the ADAMS Center in Sterling,VA. Imam Majid is also the Vice-President of the Islamic Society of North...

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Chaos, murder, "Allahu akbar" -- Tehran, June 24

All the Allahu akbaring suggests that the protesters are not in the aggregate working to throw off the most oppressive shackles of all, those of Sharia. Video thanks to Sr. Soph....

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"This issue is not about cheating (election) anymore. This is not about stealing votes anymore. The issue is about a vast injustice inflected on the people."

More up-to-the-minute Iran news from The Guardian (thanks to Pamela): I only want to speak about what I have witnessed. I am a medical student. There was chaos at the trauma section in one of our main hospitals. Although by...

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Pakistan: Tortured Christian languishing on false charges

Once again, Christians suffer at the hands of Muslims in Pakistan -- Muslim policemen at that. "Pakistan: Tortured Christian languishing on false charges," from Compass Direct News, June 23:Police maneuver to keep incapacitated son of preacher in jail – and...

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Thailand: "Gunmen" attack Buddhist temple, wound 8, including 1-year-old girl

The jihad against Buddhists continues: "8 wounded as gunmen attack southern Thai temple," from Taiwan News, June 23:Suspected Muslim insurgents opened fire on a Buddhist temple in southern Thailand on Monday, wounding eight people, an army officer said. Lt. Col....

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Eyewitness describes brutality in Iran

Video thanks to Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi....

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"in Baharestan we saw militia with axe chopping ppl like meat - blood everywhere - like butcher"

Video of Iranian snipers taking out protesters: Video and dispatch from Iran in the headline both thanks to Pamela, who has much more up-to-the-minute breaking news from Iran, including a great deal of information on what appears to be a...

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Police beating protesters, including women, in Iran

Video thanks to James....

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Iran's Supremo: "Neither the establishment nor the nation will yield to pressure at any cost"

At any cost. Any cost. "Khamenei vows no retreat on Iran election result," by Zahra Hosseinian and Hossein Jaseb for Reuters, June 24 (thanks to James): TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared on Wednesday that a...

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10,000 Basij militiamen gather in central Tehran

Tiananmen-style clampdown coming? From the Iranian site Revolutionary Road, June 24 (thanks to Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi): Live from Baharestan Sq... >More than 10.000 Bassij Milittias get position in Central Tehran, including Baharestan Sq. >25 journalist were arrested last night. >Arrested journalists...

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UN: Islamic law major influence on refugee law

This is just dhimmi pandering, but if there is any truth to it at all, it would explain the artificial prolonging of the Palestinian Arab refugee problem. It would also explain why the UN turns a blind eye to jihadi...

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A leader speaks the truth: "The Iranian regime oppresses its own people"

Obama? Come on. You didn't really think Obama said it, did you? "Iran: Netanyahu, Regime Oppresses Its People," from AGI, June 23 (thanks to C. Cantoni): (AGI) Rome, 23 Jun. -- "The Iranian regime oppresses is own people. I am...

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Obama wants to protect our Saudi Â"friendsÂ" — even when they fund our jihadi enemies

Jihad Presidency Update: "Sovereign Immunity or Cover-Up?: Obama wants to protect our Saudi Â"friendsÂ" — even when they fund our jihadi enemies," by David Yerushalmi in National Review, June 24: Full disclosure: I have a pony in this race. I...

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MILF kills civilian in raid on village after they don't get jizya

No doubt the UN will appoint a commission. "MILF rebels raid village in Maguindanao," by Al Jacinto for the Manila Times, June 24 (thanks to Sr. Soph): ZAMBOANGA CITY: Suspected Moro rebels killed a civilian and wounded four others in...

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Taken down from Turkey

As you may have noticed, the Jihad Watch site was down all night, courtesy of a DOS attack originating from Turkey: [Tue Jun 23 20:58:58 2009] [error] [client] request failed: error reading the headers [Tue Jun 23 20:58:58 2009]...

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High-ranking Afghan jihadist entered Britain illegally, dodged deportation, now living a Glasgow flat

A post-outage missive from our You-Can't-Make-This-Stuff-Up Department. It is indeed ironic that he is seeking "asylum" from the very conditions in Afghanistan he, as a jihadist, helped to create. And rewarding bad behavior encourages more of it. For the moment,...

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ACLU sues over Muslim prayer limits at federal prison

The lawsuit says that "inmates in the CMU are allowed to pray as a group just one hour a week. The ACLU contends that violates a federal law barring the government from restricting religious activities without showing a compelling need."...

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