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Friday, June 19, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, June 19, 2009

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"They are underestimating the 'Islamic value' of his words": Italian Muslim MP concerned anti-terror police not taking threat against her seriously

She said it, in so many words: The content of the death threat has the force of Islamic law to support it. She has been accused of apostasy from Islam (punishable by death, per Muhammad's own command), and told she...

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Michigan: Judge says Arab Christian group can't roam freely and give out literature at Arab festival

Is this America? Now Arab Christians don't have the same rights that Arab Muslims do at an Arab festival in the United States of America? They don't have the right to free exercise of their religion? The judge says this...

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Commander Of Gaza Organization Ansar Jund Allah To Jews: 'We Have Come To You... With People Who Love Death More Than You Love Life'

Of course, we all know that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs has nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with stolen land, and settlements, and all that -- just ask Obama and Hillary. Still, in...

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Troopathon: Anti-Jihadists closing the gap -- plus new daily prize!

Today's update on Troopathon 2009 finds The Anti-Jihadist team still firmly ensconced in second place: the Hot Air Steamers team continues to hold first place with $4,844.48 for care packages and our Anti-Jihadists team is roaring up, in second...

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Hillary: Total settlement freeze "important and essential" step for Israel

But Lieberman refused. Good for him. Why the Obamaite obsession with the settlements? Who has ever said that the anger the Palestinian Arabs have toward Israel was caused by the settlements? They are just another pretext to justify jihadist bellicosity,...

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Breaking news! Muslim countries lead in human trafficking

Actually, this was quite to be expected, as slavery-- whether infidels captured during the jihad, or whether one is born into it -- is legitimate according to Islamic law. Here's an interesting Bernard Lewis article on the topic. "Muslim Countries...

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Poland: Muslims refuse to pray for Poland, demand rights

It is, or was, standard practice to pray for the caliph (or sultan) during the Friday khutba. But in Poland, Muslims refuse to pray for his infidel counterpart or the nation they preside in -- which of course does not...

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Germany: Militant Saudi cleric receives medical attention and police protection

Even though he "is one of the brainwashers who is responsible for terrorism and the killing of innocent people." "Saudi Cleric With Militant Views Paid Medical Visit to Germany," by Souad Mekhennet for the New York Times, June 17:BERLIN —...

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Egypt: Police randomly arrest Copts as ploy to portray symmetry in "sectarian clash"

More on this story. "Egypt: Rescue of Coptic girl prompts Muslim attack," from Compass Direct News, June 17:ISTANBUL, June 16 (Compass Direct News) – Egyptian news sources report security forces have wrongly detained two Christians for nearly a month as...

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Obama refuses to "meddle" in Iran, Iran accuses U.S. of meddling anyway

If the Threat of the Great Satan doesn't exist, it is necessary to invent it. "Iran election: Barack Obama refuses to 'meddle' over protests," by David Blair in the Telegraph, June 17 (thanks to James): Barack Obama, the US president,...

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Wilders: Israel is "the first line of defense for the West"

He is absolutely correct. The destruction of Israel would embolden the jihadists like nothing else, and mortally threaten what remains of free Europe, as well as the United States. "Dutch anti-Islam MP: 'Israel is West's first line of defense,'" by...

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Kuwait: Two get five years in the slammer for sending "youths" to Afghan jihad

The Kuwaiti government is on one side and these men are on another. They want to wage jihad against the Americans, and the government has stopped them. When Islamic spokesmen and apologists in the West say that the U.S. is...

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Egypt: Court denies second ex-Muslim's right to convert

"... Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality." - Barack Obama in Cairo An unsurprising update on this story. "Egypt: Court denies right to convert to second Christian," from Compass...

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