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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Imam leads honor killing of woman and child in Pakistan

How is it that an imam, trained in Islamic theology, can so misunderstand his peaceful religion? "Family killed in name of honour," from APP, June 17 (thanks to Block Ness): SHAHDADKOT: Three persons including a woman and a child were...

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Join the Anti-Jihadists: send a care package to our troops!

This afternoon's update on Troopathon 2009: the latest members of our Anti-Jihadists team are #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor's "Thorum" and Random Thoughts. They join Amillennialist Contra Mundum, Atlas Shrugs, Bare Naked Islam, Birdbrain, B'nai Elim,...

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"The most important thing that I believe people outside of Iran should be aware of is the participation of Palestinian forces in these riots"

Sunni/Shi'ite cooperation. "Obama: Ahmadinejad and Mousavi not very different," by Sabina Amidi for the Jerusalem Post, June 15 (thanks to all who sent this in): [...] On Tuesday two protesters told The Jerusalem Post that Palestinian Hamas members are helping...

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Tampa: Muslim charged for trying to bring knife onto airplane

He just wanted to butter his toast, you Islamophobe. "Man charged with trying to bring knife onto plane at TIA," from Tampa Bay Online, June 16: TAMPA - Federal authorities have charged a 24-year-old man with trying to bring a...

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Pakistan: India telling us to stop jihad terrorism is "unacceptable"

What did Singh say to Zardari that was "unacceptable"? Ready? Here it is. "I am extremely happy to meet you, but my mandate is limited to telling you that the territory of Pakistan must not be allowed to be used...

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Allah tells man to firebomb Yale Power Plant

Of course, deities of all sorts have been accused of giving such orders in the past. By the "disappointed office seeker" and assassin Charles Guiteau's account, the Christian God told him to murder President James Garfield. The only difference here...

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Thai Premier: "Southern insurgents" not linked to al-Qaeda

However, it's a sure bet that they are motivated by the same jihadi doctrines including contempt and hatred for infidels. More on the Thai jihad (or "southern insurgency"). "Thai Premier Dismisses Links Between Al-Qaeda And Southern Insurgents," by D. Arul...

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Pakistan: Parcel bomb critically injures Christians, including women and children

"[T]the news was not highlighted in media due to Christians being targets... the Pakistan government censors such incidents to avoid international pressure and mounting human rights violations." So do Pakistani government officials operating in Washington DC. "Parcel bomb critically injures...

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Taliban buying children, transforming them into suicide bombers

Add that to the list of indoctrinating and kidnapping children into becoming suicide bombers. "Taliban buying kids for Rupees 5 lakh to act as suicide bombers, says Rehman Malik," from the New Kerala, June 16:Islamabad, June 16 : The Taliban...

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Turkey: Iranian refugee beaten for converting to Christianity

He never openly declared his conversion; his coworkers suspected it, however, when they noticed he wasn't going to mosque Friday. "Turkey: Iranian refugee beaten for his faith," from Compass Direct News, June 15 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):ISTANBUL, June 15 (Compass...

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Bahrain: Woman jailed for kissing in public

Sharia Alert from one of the places where Saudis go when they want to escape the strictures of Sharia. "Woman jailed for kissing in public," from the BBC via Australia's ABC News, June 17 (thanks to JE): A court in...

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Afghanistan: Al-Jazeera reporters arrested, released

"They also accuse us of shooting essentially what is fake material, staged action from the Taliban... We did not." Maybe they didn't, but the accusation itself is interesting, given the abundant proof that Palestinian jihadists stage atrocity scenarios for the...

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Saudi cops arrest 71 "homosexuals" at party

Irony of ironies: if you don't have just the right position on gay marriage, or have been seen to stand in the same room on occasion with those who don't have just the right position on gay marriage, gay activists...

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IAEA chief gets hit with cluebat, realizes that Iran wants nuclear weapons

What was your first clue, ElBaradei? "Iran wants nuclear weapon technology: ElBaradei," from Reuters, June 17 (thanks to Sr. Soph): LONDON (Reuters) - Iran wants the ability to build nuclear weapons to gain a reputation as a major power in...

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Support our troops -- and join The Anti-Jihadists!

This morning's update on Troopathon 2009: We may not be able to keep up with the huge blast of Hot Air, but we are in the best company! The Anti-Jihadists team, with me as the captain, is still in...

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Spencer: NetanyahuÂ's Speech Enrages Arabs

In Human Events this morning I discuss the outraged Muslim reaction to Netanyahu's Offer They Can't Accept. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu offered a peace formula that would create a Palestinian state while preserving Israeli security and national identity in...

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Report: Bolivia becoming a hotbed of Islamic "extremism"

"It's about anti-Americanism," the report's author says. Indeed, Bolivia's connections with Iran mirror those of Venezuela under Hugo Chavez: Both countries' leaders fancy themselves populist heroes bent on sticking a finger in the eye of Uncle Sam. And both have...

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Bridge for sale: Haniyeh tells Dhimmi Carter Hamas would accept Palestinian state in '67 borders

Then there's what he didn't say: 1.) That Hamas would accept Israel's continued existence on the rest of the land. 2.) That Hamas would renounce its goal of destroying Israel. Hence, this statement by Haniyeh is simply more of the...

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ACLU outraged over crackdown on Muslim charities

The Holy Land Foundation funneled millions of dollars to Hamas, but who cares? Keep the zakat flowing! What could go wrong? "ACLU condemns U.S. crackdown on Muslim charities," by Duke Helfand in the Los Angeles Times, June 17 (thanks to...

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