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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Michigan: Muslim community leader wants apology from McCain after being dropped from finance committee over alleged Hizballah ties

"Jawad said he was not forced into resigning. He asked to be removed from the committee after receiving two calls from the McCain campaign inquiring about the allegations and questioning his integrity and loyalty to this country." Why not answer...

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Son of Kuwaiti ambassador to Poland abducts 3 Jews, claims he has bomb

Here yet again is more evidence of what we have pointed out many times over the years: that there is no reliable way to distinguish between Islamic "extremists" and Islamic "moderates" -- no doubt everyone would have assumed the son...

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UN teacher by day, jihadist bomb-maker by night

He probably didn't see any contradiction, and there isn't much of one, but of course there is the usual denial from the usual deniers. "UN teacher by day Â… Islamists' chief bomb-maker at night," by Adam Entous for The Scotsman,...

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U.S. officials: Hizballah training Iraq jihadists in Iran

A new twist on the well known problem of Iranian support for jihadists in Iraq. Well known, that is, to everyone but the Iraqi government, which is looking for more evidence that Iranian interference is still ongoing. "Hezbollah Trains Iraqis...

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U.S. to Pakistan: Live up to 'war on terror' commitment. Please?

What is distinctly absent from this discussion is any mention of how the U.S. intends to persuade Pakistan to bolster its scant cooperation on rooting out jihadists in Pakistani territory to any meaningful level. All of the suggestions -- and...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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California: Muslim polygamist goes on trial for imprisoning, abusing 3 wives and 19 children

And he justified his actions based on Islamic law, including beating his wives (Qur'an 4:34), and forbidding them to leave the house, which Muhammad endorsed according to a hadith quoted in the jurisprudence manual 'Umdat al-Salik (The Reliance of the...

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