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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Minnesota madrassa officials attack news crew

Tarik ibn Zayad Academy Update. "News crew attacked during report at TiZA charter school," by Nicole Muehlhausen for KSTP, May 19 (thanks to Itachi): The state Education Department on Monday directed a Minnesota charter school to "correct" two areas related...

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UK Muslim charged with poisoning food, children's books with urine, feces

Poisoning food with feces is detailed as a tactic in the Al-Qaeda manual found a few years ago by British intelligence. Also, there are precedents, both involving Muslims, as does this story: UK: Shop-owners sold chocolate cake sprinkled with human...

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Geert Wilders to Bush: "Saudi Arabia is no good and won't be for the foreseeable future"

Geert Wilders for President! "Analysis: Dutch critic of Islam warns Bush," by Leander Schaeraeckens for UPI, May 19 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist): BRUSSELS, May 19 (UPI) -- As President George W. Bush wraps up his trip to the Middle...

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Iraqi Sunni party demands tough action against Qur'an-shooting soldier

An apology, however groveling it may have been, is not enough. More on this story. "Iraqi Sunni party demands tough action against U.S. soldier shooting Quran," from Xinhua, May 19: BAGHDAD, May 19 (Xinhua) -- A key Iraqi Sunni party...

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Morocco arrests 11 Methodists for planned terror attacks -- no, wait...

Once again, initial assumptions that Christianists were behind this have proved to be incorrect. "Morocco 'holds 11 over planned attacks,'" from AFP, May 19 (thanks to Louis): RABAT (AFP) - Moroccan police have broken up a "terrorist network" of 11...

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Shock horror: Aussie Muslim clerics on Saudi payroll

No surprise here. And remember: with Saudi money comes the Saudi ideology. While Wahhabism is not the only violent or supremacist strain of Islam, it is a violent and supremacist strain, and it is the one the Saudis are bankrolling....

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"Critics may be as surprised at his conclusions as they are unable to refute his carefully compiled corpus of evidence"

What some readers are saying about Andy Bostom's new book: "The publication of the present anthology...is a ground breaking event of major scholarly, cultural, and political significance....Everyone interested in Jewish and Islamic history, as well as current events in...

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"One can hardly exaggerate the vast importance of this volume, which will henceforth become indispensable for any student of Islam, of Judeo-Islamic relations, of anti-Semitism in particular and of hate-literature in general"

More on Andy Bostom's great and essential new book. "Bostom's legacy," by Raphael Israeli in the Jerusalem Post, May 15: Following the recent publication of his massive compendium The Legacy of Jihad - a breakthrough inasmuch as the enormous...

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Ali Sina's book Understanding Muhammad available again

Ali Sina, the courageous, unfoolable, and intimidation-proof ex-Muslim who runs the superb Faith Freedom site, has once again made available his book Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of AllâhÂ's Prophet. The book description begins: "Why are some Muslims intolerant, violent...

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D.C. Watson: CAIR's Omer Subhani: Playing for the wrong team

Our friend D. C. Watson weighs in on Omer Subhani, the CAIR op who has been engaged in increasingly paltry and desperate attempts to "expose" my work as inaccurate. Over the past several days, readers of Jihad Watch have been...

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Fighting back: the Stop the Madrassa Coalition's defamation complaint

Here is a pdf of the full defamation complaint that the Stop the Madrassa Coalition has filed against the former principal of the notorious Brooklyn madrassa. It is very heartening to see someone fighting back against the defamation weapon that...

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US Army Colonel: "The enemy weÂ're facing in the war on terror, al Qaeda, says they are fighting a jihad against the West to establish the faith of Islam"

Lt. Col. Joseph Myers bucks the establishment. "Army Colonel Says U.S. Needs Better Focus in the War on Terror," by Matt Korade for CQ Politics, May 15: To better understand the Quranic basis of jihad as practiced by extremists without...

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Bostom's new book smashes myths about Islam and the Jews

Huge, in all senses of the word The indefatigable anti-jihadist Andrew Bostom's new book is out, and it is huge: not just because it is a massive compendium of information (700 pages in double columns), but because it will...

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"Strive against the unbelievers with a great jihad"

The "great jihad" in Jaipur last week This latest section of my Blogging the QurÂ'an series at Hot Air takes up Sura 25, Â"The CriterionÂ" (links in the original): The name of this late Meccan sura is Al-Furqan (&#1575;&#1604;&#1601;&#1585;&#1602;&#1575;&#1606;),...

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New OBL tape: Secular Arab leaders "agents of the Crusaders"

Probably he had people like Mubarak and Musharraf in mind, although in my book both could be much more effective agents of the Crusaders than they have been up to now. "Bin Laden lashes out at Arab leaders," by Omar...

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CAIR rep Omer Subhani exposes Robert Spencer! Part VI

The rollicking series continues. Here you can find Parts I, II, III, IV, and V. In today's installment, our hero begins chasing his own tail. Back in his Part II, he said this: Taqiyya is a Shia concept that essentially...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Germany: Brother stabs sister in honor killing; had prior record of assaults against her, another sister

"The man was sentenced in March on an assault charge to one year and five months without possibility of probation ... The man had requested his March sentence be deferred, prosecutors said. He was notified in writing on Wednesday -...

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Taliban chief escapes: "Bridge builder" German forces not allowed to fire

Absurdity. "Top Taliban chief escapes," from The Sun, May 19 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): A TOP Taliban commander in Afghanistan with links to the killers of several British Army soldiers has escaped from German special forces because they were not...

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Pakistan moves towards Sharia in seven districts

This will mean, of course, the subjugation of women and non-Muslims. "Pakistan Takes Steps Towards Shari'a State In Seven Districts," from MEMRI, May 16 (thanks to Sr. Soph): On May 11, 2008, the secular government in Pakistan's North West Frontier...

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