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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Lebanon capitulates, cancels anti-Hizballah measures

Never mind. Apparently sovereignty isn't worth fighting for. An update on this story. "Lebanese government capitulates to Hizbullah," by Roee Nahmias for YNet News, May 15: Lebanese Information Minister Ghazi al-Aridi said in a press statement on Wednesday that...

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France convicts 7 of recruiting for interior spiritual struggle

The New York Times headline says they were recruiting for jihad. How's that again? Recruiting for a benign struggle for self-improvement? What will the friends of the Times in the U.S. government say when they see the Gray Lady eschewing...

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"Islam needs more criticism, not less"

So says novelist Brad Thor. Why does Islam need more criticism, not less? Watch the video and find out -- he explains it very cogently. Watch also for his latest, The Last Patriot, which puts into a thriller much...

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Apostasy punishable by death, says top Islamic scholar in Maldives

A couple of days ago the New York Times published a piece by Edward Luttwak, wondering if President Barack Obama would face rage in the Muslim world for being an apostate from Islam -- I posted about it here. I...

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Afghan teacher shot dead after speech condemning suicide bombings

Why Islamic reform is about as likely as an attack by men from Mars, part 65320: "Afghan teacher killed after speech condemning suicide bombings," from The Associated Press, May 14 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): KABUL, Afghanistan: A teacher was shot...

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Pakistani jihad leader: U.S. is eternal enemy of Islam and Pakistan

Yet again couching his appeal in religious terms. "Jamaat-e-Islami Leader: U.S. Is Eternal Enemy Of Islam And Pakistan," from the MEMRI Blog, May 13 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): The Deputy Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami in PakistanÂ's Baluchistan province Maulana Muhammad Shah...

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Thug-in-Chief: "The Zionist regime is dying ... The criminals assume that by holding celebrations ... they can save the sinister Zionist regime from death and annihilation."

More of this. And remember, this is the same regime that went to the U.N. over Hillary's pledge to "obliterate" Iran in the event that it attacked Israel with nuclear weapons. "Ahmadinejad says Israel doomed," by Ali Akbar Dareini for...

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As Bush visits Israel, jihadists rain rockets on Israeli shopping center

But he knows they really want peace. "At least 10 hurt as rocket hits Ashkelon shopping center," from the Jerusalem Post (thanks to DM): At least 10 people were wounded Wednesday evening, including a baby girl and her mother, when...

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Iraqi jihadists use 8-year-old girl as suicide bomber

The lovers of death achieve a new low. "Girl, 8, strapped with remote-controlled explosives and used as suicide bomber by Iraqi insurgents," from the Daily Mail, May 14 (thanks to John Doe): An eight-year-old girl was strapped with remote-controlled explosives...

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Bush on Israel: "What happened here is possible everywhere"

As bizarre statements go, this one really takes the cake. Israel is a cause for optimism for democratic change throughout the Middle East? And exactly which of the hostile Arab Muslim states of the Middle East are looking to Israel...

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CAIR rep Omer Subhani exposes Robert Spencer! Part I

Disgraced: Yes, I admit it, I've met Jimmy Carter Deborah Weiss, columnist, attorney, and senior fellow with the Center for Security Policy, has kindly alerted me to an eleven-part -- eleven! -- series written by Omer Subhani, "Exposing Robert...

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India blast has hallmarks of Al Qaeda

A Jaipur update from ABC Radio Australia: Police in India are sifting through the sites of eight bomb attacks that killed at least 80 people in the north-western city of Jaipur. Police have questioned four people in connection with the...

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Spencer: A Slap On The Wrist

In FrontPage today I discuss the sentencing of Nada Nadim Prouty: Nada Nadim Prouty is a Lebanese national who has been employed by both the FBI and the CIA. She has admitted that she searched FBI files for information on...

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Spencer: Guess WhoÂ's Speaking At the Local Mosque?

In Human Events today I discuss some of the unsavory characters speaking at some mosques in the U.S.: Unless you live in a rural area, there is probably a mosque (or more than one) in your town, and most people...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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UK: Second attack on Anglican priest by teenage Muslim thugs

The first time it happened was in March. This time, the good dhimmi who was attacked wants to make sure that no one plays up the religious aspect of the attack -- thereby ensuring that nothing will be done by...

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