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Friday, May 16, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, May 16, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Jordanian prof: Let's send suicide bombers with small nukes to Israel

Professorial. "Jordanian University Lecturer Ibrahim 'Alloush Suggests Sending Suicide-Bombers Armed with 'Small Nuclear Bombs' to Israel," from MEMRITV, May 13 (thanks to Sr. Soph): Following is an excerpt from an interview with Jordanian university lecturer Dr. Ibrahim 'Alloush, which...

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Hamas official: "After we defeat the Zionists we will persecute them... we will persecute them to eternity"

Land for what, now? "Zahar: 'We will persecute the Zionists'," from the Jerusalem Post, May 14: Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said Wednesday that a Palestinian state will be established on all of the land of Palestine and not only on...

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Getting hit with a cluebat in Iraq

Bill Ardolino of the Long War Journal has never been a friend of this site, but while over in Iraq these days taking pictures, he was hit with one giant cluebat. To the photo above he gives this caption:...

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"Jihad to Israel" spray-painted on London synagogues

"Here we do not have any problem with Arabs - there has never been anything like this before, but now we are worried." "Synagogue walls daubed with anti-Jewish graffiti," by Benedict Moore-Bridger and Robert Mendick in the Evening Standard, May...

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Human Rights Watch calls on Saudis to stop trials for "insulting Islam"

This is a positive step, particularly when the Organization of the Islamic Conference and others are trying to criminalize "insults" to Islam in the West. "Saudi Arabia: Stop Trials for Â'InsultingÂ' Islam," from Human Rights Watch, May 13 (thanks to...

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Fitzgerald: The end of Lebanon

The end of Lebanon dates from that day, in 1982, when Bashir Gemayel was blown up -- the same day he, in a speech, first used the word "dhimmitude." Lebanon was always the redoubt and refuge of Christians, who found...

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Islamic world urged to stand against Western-style human rights

This is a call to Islamic states to stand against the freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, equality of rights of women with men, equality of rights of non-Muslims with Muslims, etc. From IRNA, May 15 (thanks to Twostellas): Secretary...

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Burqa-clad suicide bomber kills 16 in Afghanistan

Possibly, but not certainly, a woman. From AFP, May 15 (thanks to JCB): HERAT, Afghanistan (AFP) - A suicide bomber apparently wearing a burqa detonated in a busy bazaar in southwestern Afghanistan, killing 16 people including four policemen, a provincial...

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And now, a message from the Left

I just received this email: Hey, I love how you go by "Charles Martell" on youtube. He is always a favorite hero of the bookburning fascist crowd such as yourself. Of course you and your right wing cabal are always...

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Indian jihadist group sends pre-blast Jaipur footage to Indian broadcaster, warns of more attacks

This amounts to a claim of responsibility for the Jaipur blasts from the jihadists. "'Indian Mujahideen sends pre-blast video footage,'" from India Today, May 14 (thanks to Tedji): An e-mail along with a video clip of the pre-blast footage has...

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Jew-killing Hamas rabbit's grandpa wants to return to imaginary city

The Hamas grievance mill is ever-churning, teaching the youngest children to hate Jews and aspire to kill them. In this latest video, the rabbit that wants to kill Jews and eat them up gets a history lesson from his...

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Jordan give 3 jihadists 15 years for plotting to kill Bush, bomb Danish embassy

Worth blowing up an Embassy for? Why the Danish embassy? Why, Cartoon Rage, of course. "Jordan's military court sentences 3 militants to 15 years for plotting to kill Bush," from The Associated Press, May 14 (thanks to Sr. Soph):...

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CAIR rep Omer Subhani exposes Robert Spencer! Part II

Omer Subhani of CAIR is one of the only people who have even attempted to show that what I've written about Islam is inaccurate, so despite the ineptness, mean-spiritedness, and dishonesty of his attempt, I've thought it only sporting to...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Queen Elizabeth II dons headscarf to visit Turkish mosque

When you're in a Muslim country, you should adapt your behavior to accommodate Muslim sensibilities. And when Muslims are in a non-Muslim country, non-Muslims should adapt their behavior to accommodate Muslim sensibilities. Got it? "Queen dons Muslim headscarf to visit...

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Fitzgerald: Where Muslims prefer to live

There are, within Robert SpencerÂ's General Evisceration of CAIRÂ's Omer Subhani, some details that deserve to be held up for special inspection. This is the part that struck me the most. Spencer says: What's more, the Spanish Muslim Ibn Jubayr...

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UK dhimmi cops fail in attempt to whitewash jihadism in mosques

A major victory for truth and common sense. "Police apologise over mosque show," from the BBC, May 15 (thanks to all who sent this in): West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Service have apologised for accusing the makers of...

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Belgium: Police protect "Muhammad Pulpit" after threats

A "hideous insult" -- like the jihad against Europe This pulpit is part of European history and heritage. The figure in the photo above is not even certainly Muhammad, but in any case if Muslims want to regard this...

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OPEC looks the other way as inflation driven by oil prices causes food riots in Egypt

On the other hand, "The United States leads all donors at more than a $1 billion" given to the World Food Program. Death to America! Wait-- save us, America! And then, you know, die. More on this story. "OPEC Stands...

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