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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Churchill predicts "Islamophobia"

Â"In a very few years, perhaps in a very few months, we shall be confronted with demands with which we shall no doubt be invited to comply. Those demands may affect the surrender of territory or the surrender of liberty....

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Al-Qaeda tells jihadists: Don't attack Yemeni police; they're not "tools in the hands of the crusaders"

No kidding. "Al-Qaeda urges attacks on US interests in Yemen," from Deutsche Presse Agentur, May 26: Sanaa (Yemen), May 26 (DPA) The Al Qaeda terrorist network asked Monday its supporters in Yemen to limit their attacks to Â"effectiveÂ" operations against...

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Is the price too high?

Last March, scarcely a day after Geert Wilders's film Fitna was released on LiveLeak, LiveLeak pulled it, explaining: Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British...

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Spencer Blogging the QurÂ'an: Sura 26, Â"The PoetsÂ"

Â"And the Poets, it is those straying in Evil who follow themÂ…Â" The latest in my Blogging the Qur'an series at Hot Air (links in the original): This is a Meccan sura; its name comes from v. 224, which...

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Fitzgerald: The Alawites and Hizballah

The Alawite despotism may seem to be calling the shots in Lebanon, but it is Hizballah that, by enraging the Sunnis in Lebanon, may cause all kinds of problems for the Alawites of Syria. The Alawites who rule Syria constitute...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Row in Church of England over call to proselytize Muslims

Why is this controversial? Christianity, like Islam, is a missionary faith. Muslims, as Mohammed Rasheed/Nicky Reilly newly reminds us, are energetically proselytizing among Christians. But no, say the dhimmi bishops, it is not a two-way street. If no coercion is...

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Fitzgerald: The immigrant's bad faith

In February, Hussain and 24 other Muslims joined a statewide lawsuit against Citizenship and Immigration Services and the FBI for what they called unusually lengthy delays in processing their citizenship applications. Some waited as long as five years. ''The...

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Fitzgerald: McCain, Parsley, and the larger Jihad

"In a statement to ABC News about Parsley's comments, McCain's campaign said the senator 'obviously strongly rejects such statements.'Â" -- from this article Senator McCain both "obviously" and "strongly" rejects "such statements"? Why "obviously"? And why "strongly"? If he wishes...

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Fitzgerald: The Times tells us what to think about Israel and Syria

In the Times a few days ago Ethan Bonner notes that most Israeli "strategists and generals" have "said that giving up the strategic advantage of the Heights in exchange for promises or even written treaties makes no sense." And he...

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