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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, May 22, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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We know too much!

The Pakistan Daily has apparently removed the detailed exposition of jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism, explaining that jihad is not spiritual struggle, but war, and that it is offensive, not defensive, that I linked to this morning. Could it be...

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Afghanistan: Taliban claim death of 'female US spy'

"Her information caused a lot of American attacks on the position of the mujahadeen, their killings and arrests." By Syed Saleem Shahzad for AKI, May 21 (thanks to Sr. Soph): Karachi, 21 May (AKI) - (by Syed Saleem Shahzad) -...

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French media watchdog acquitted of libel for calling the Muhammad Al-Dura tapes "pure fiction"

"In acquitting Philippe Karsenty, the court ruled that he had acted in good faith and 'exercised his free criticism against a power, that of the press'." An update on this story. If the ruling holds up to promised challenges from...

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Funding jihad with pirated films

Buy a legit copy, will you? Drug dealing and now film piracy -- no criminal activity is off limits to the jihadists. "Islamic militants may be behind film piracy: Philippines official," from AFP, May 21 (thanks to Twostellas): MANILA...

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Hizballah wins veto power over Lebanese gov't actions at peace talks in Qatar

Hizballebanon Update. "Lebanese Rivals Reach Agreement Seen as Major Triumph for Hezbollah," from the Associated Press, May 21: BEIRUT, Lebanon — Lebanon's feuding factions reached a breakthrough deal Wednesday that ends the country's long political stalemate, but also gives the...

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Pakistani govt makes peace with jihadists: stop attacks in area and hand over foreign militants in exchange for prisoner release and Sharia

Surrender. "Pakistani authorities, militants agree peace deal for insurgency-torn valley," from The Associated Press, May 21 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): PESHAWAR, Pakistan: Pakistan's new government signed a peace deal Wednesday with Islamic militants in a valley of northwestern Pakistan, in...

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Afghan MPs protest Iraq Qur'an-shooting

Demands for the soldier to be put on trial (for what?), and for more kowtowing to Islamic Sharia norms. "The people of Afghanistan can tolerate anything but we would never tolerate insult to our religion and the Koran." "Afghan MPs...

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Muslim translator who stole classified Iraq maps gets 11 years

Why just 11 years? Because maybe he "was only a troubled man who gathered the material for no apparent reason." Yeah, that's it! "Translator Who Took Classified Iraq Maps Is Sentenced," by Joseph Goldstein for the New York Sun, May...

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"Jihad is carried offensively to cleanse the earth from the kufr [unbelief], with the implementation of Islam as a system"

I turned to "Clarifying the meaning of Jihad" in the Pakistan Daily, May 21 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist), expecting more of the same old denial and obfuscation we see so often from Muslim spokesmen -- as we saw yesterday...

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Iranian dissidents would welcome U.S. strike against Iran

Iranian freedom-fighters would like to see the U.S. act against the mullahcracy. "Iranians Would Welcome Airstrikes, Sources Say," by Kenneth R. Timmerman for NewsMax, May 20 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist): As Barack Obama and John McCain thrash it out...

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Spencer: How Would Iran Read Obama?

In "How Would Iran Read Obama?," the feature article at Human Events today, I discuss the Let's-Sit-Down-And-Talk stance of Obama the Unready: Reeling from President BushÂ's criticism of the proposition that we should negotiate with terrorists, Â"as if some...

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CAIR rep Omer Subhani exposes Robert Spencer! Part VIII

Omer Subhani is the CAIR rep who has undertaken in a multipart series to expose my "errors," but, typically, all he ends up exposing is his utter disregard for truthfulness and honesty. Here you can find Parts I, II, III,...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Nigeria: Muslims destroy six churches in protest of police rescue of kidnapped Christian girls

"These girls are usually kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam, and then married out to other Muslim men against the will of both the girls and their parents." And this is nothing new. "Nigeria: Rescue of Girls Ignites Islamic Rampage," from...

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Iranian police arrest members of 3 families of converts from Islam to Christianity

No compulsion in religion: Just arrests and possible execution for leaving Islam. "Iran: Police arrest 12 Christian converts," from Compass Direct News, May 21: ISTANBUL, May 21 (Compass Direct News) – Police in the southern Iran city of Shiraz this...

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The "unescapable" stench of sewage and executions in the park: The joys of Basra under militias enforcing Sharia law

Another "success" story for Sharia law, which the jihadists want to impose on all of us. "Iraqi: 'I killed her with a machine gun'," by Arwa Damon for CNN, May 21: BASRA, Iraq (CNN) -- The man, blindfolded and handcuffed,...

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Gambian Prez vows to behead every homosexual in the country

While the gay rights campaigners in the West target Christians for opposing gay marriage, this is what is going on elsewhere in the world. Sharia Alert from Gambia: "President plans to kill off every single homosexual," from Afrik.com, May 19...

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Fitzgerald: The innocents in charge of us

Another part of Bush's speech dealt with the supposed spread of "democracy" in the Muslim world: "He [Bush] also offered plenty of praise for democratic advances, naming countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco and Jordan. 'The light of liberty is...

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Fitzgerald: Bush, democracy, Islam

This is how the part of BushÂ's recent Knesset speech that dealt with democracy has been reported: "Bush rebutted what he said are the many arguments from 'skeptics about democracy in this part of the world,' without specifying who they...

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Qaradawi: Churches in Qatar OK

Here at last is Qaradawi the reformist, about which we have heard so much and seen so little. He readily admits that his is a minority view, not supported by more than one school of Islamic jurisprudence, but hey, this...

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