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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, July 1, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Pentagon charges mastermind of USS Cole mass murder

The perpetrator of a pre-9/11 jihad attack is charged. "Alleged USS Cole Mastermind Charged: Pentagon Says Guantanamo Detainee Met With Bin Laden, Purchased Boat and Explosives," by Luis Martinez and Theresa Cook for ABC News, June 30 (thanks to JMB):...

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Judge: "Jihad" message on Volkswagen van is protected speech

As the right to free speech is threatened as never before, here comes this decision: this fellow is free to make a political statement by scaring the daylights out of passersby -- at least, unless his Volkswagen van looks too...

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UK: Convert and misunderstander of Islam left fake nailbomb on bus

"There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. God is great, god is great, god is great. Britain must be punished." Another convert to Islam doesn't get the memo about how Islam is really a...

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Iran digs thousands of graves for its enemies

But who will lie in them? "Iran digs thousands of graves ready for enemies," from Agence France-Presse, June 30 (thanks to all who sent this in): IRAN is to dig 320,000 graves in border districts to allow for the burial...

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Spencer Blogging the QurÂ'an: Sura 32, Â"The ProstrationÂ"

In this latest edition of my Blogging the Qur'an series at Hot Air, I discuss the Qur'an's sura 32, which recapitulates many core themes of the Qur'an. In the comments field at Hot Air are lively discussions of whether...

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Dutch prosecutor: Wilders will not be charged over Fitna

"A statement Monday by the prosecutor said Wilders made his anti-Muslim remarks in the context of a legitimate debate." A victory for free speech and common sense. But there remains the Jordanian effort to use Interpol to secure his arrest...

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"Someone like Charles simply doesn't make a story up"

Charles Enderlin is the French journalist responsible for the notorious Muhammad Al-Dura footage that ignited an orgy of mass murder by Palestinian Arab jihadists. The footage has been proven to be a hoax. But journalist Anne-Elisabeth Moutet finds that her...

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Palestinian jihadists encouraged in use of violence, kidnappings by Israeli prisoner swap plan, but miffed that Hizballah struck a deal without them

It is unclear what concrete gains the Olmert government expects to secure by returning a live jihadist convicted of murder as part of an exchange for two Israeli soldiers who are now presumed dead. It may seek some sense of...

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Taliban threatens Peshawar, says peace negotiations with Pakistan are off

Well. A fine lot of good Pakistan's efforts since 2006 to make peace with the Taliban have done. The Taliban certainly got what it wanted, but did anyone in Pakistan or elsewhere learn anything about negotiating with jihadists, or about...

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Report: "Moderate" Fatah ordering rocket attacks against Israel to derail truce with Hamas

This would be a win-win situation for Fatah: The truce would fail, making Hamas look incompetent, and both of Fatah's enemies would inflict casualties on each other. Now that they've been caught, will that change the PA's relationship with Western...

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Muslim former guard at Andrews Air Force base convicted of concealing alias on job application

"Darrick Jackson, 38, left his Muslim name off the application, prosecutors said, to conceal his ties to a local imam known for inflammatory comments." An update on this story. "Air Base Ex-Guard Convicted of Hiding Muslim Name," by Henri E....

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Raymond Ibrahim: Land Dispute or Jihad? The Coptic Monastery Raid Revisited

Even though Dhimmi Watch admirably noted the recent attack on the Abu Fana Coptic monastery in Egypt, after just watching a graphic video detailing the affair on the Arabic satellite program Hiwar al-Haq—which makes clear that the raid (ghazwa) was...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/021581.php>
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Scotland: Pakistani converts to Christianity face last-minute appeal to avoid being deported

Their asylum bid failed on a technicality. But they are clearly in danger, ironically, for the same reason as ex-Muslims who may even be citizens of the U.K., as the government looks the other way from the present-day application of...

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Yemeni tribal saying: "Give me a girl of 8, and I can give you a guaranteeÂ" for a good marriage

Here is the story of another of the untold number of child brides in Yemen, most of whom are voiceless and defenseless. If there is one promising aspect in this report, it is the acknowledgment in this New York Times...

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Iran: Ex-Muslim converts to Christianity arrested, told "The next time there may also be an apostasy charge, if you donÂ't stop with your Jesus"

"No compulsion in religion..." And of course, the penalty for apostasy is death, as directed by Muhammad himself. "Iran - Convert couple arrested, tortured, threatened," from Compass Direct News, June 24: LOS ANGELES, June 25 (Compass Direct News) –...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/021571.php>
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