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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, July 19, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Muslim "judge" rules kidnapped Christian girls "converted to Islam and cannot return home"

Update about the adolescent girls who were kidnapped and forced into conversion. Seems they did so "voluntarily." "Kidnapped Christian girls, judge ratifies marriage and conversion," by Qaiser Felix, for Asian News, July 16:The district of Muzaffargarh rules in favour of...

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"We are here to prevent a symbol of Milanese sport from being transformed into a mosque"

More Muslims not fitting in; more Europeans not taking it. Nor can this be credited to "Islamophobia" since the mosque in question has already been accused of terrorist ties, including with al-Qaeda. "Evicted Milan Muslims pray at stadium 'mosque,Â'Â" from...

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Jihadis around the world, unite: in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, always overlooked, always forgotten, seems to also always be the rallying point for jihadis, at least since the Soviet era. "Al Qaeda luring recruits to fight in Afghanistan," from the Associated Press, July 18:A fresh influx of jihadi fighters...

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Islamic charity leader gets year in slammer for lying to the FBI

He met a leading jihadist in Afghanistan, and then lied about it. The Justice Department said he "abused the tax system to send money to organizations that have since been branded by the government as terrorists." There is a lot...

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Jihadists plotted to kill Bush in Israel

By shooting down his helicopter. No one, however, had the bright idea to try to shoot down his appeasement-minded "peace-processing." "Israel makes arrests in alleged plot against Bush," from Reuters, July 18: JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel accused six Arabs on...

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Wahhabi cleric complains about religous intolerance

Taqiyya in full-swing in Madrid. "Attempts to impose views lead to conflicts," by Badea Abu Al-Naja for Arab News, July 18:MADRID: Sheikh Hassan Al-Saffar, a prominent Saudi Islamic scholar, expressed his hope that the World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid...

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NPR: No jihad here

NPR, predictably, loves the new Administration guidelines on Speak No Jihad, Hear No Jihad, See No Jihad. "What Does 'Jihad' Really Mean?," by Jamie Tarabay for NPR, July 17 (thanks to all who sent this in): Morning Edition, July 17,...

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Spencer: De uitvinding van de Islam

Dutch-speaking readers of Jihad Watch may be interested in picking up the latest issue of Academy magazine, which contains my essay "De uitvinding van de Islam."...

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Free speech in an age of jihad

On Thursday, April 10, I was one of the speakers at a conference at the Princeton Club in New York, co-sponsored by The New Criterion and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies: "Free Speech in An Age of...

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Chertoff: "European terrorists" trying to enter the U.S.

Conspicuously absent from this story is any mention of the ideology driving this group of "terrorists" and why it is present in Europe, aside from passing mention of al-Qaeda in the third paragraph. Yes, anyone reading will know Chertoff isn't...

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Morocco to send "moderate" Muslim preachers to Europe to fight "extremism" in Moroccan communities during Ramadan

Where did the "immoderate" ones come from? And what, again, constitutes moderation? Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert. "Morocco sends moderate Muslim preachers to Europe," from the Associated Press, July 17: RABAT, Morocco - Morocco plans to send scores of moderate...

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Hamas: Egyptian negotiators too pro-Israeli; we'll see if Germany can get us a better deal for Schalit's release

Emboldened by the assymmetrical swap with Hizballah, Hamas wants more. "Hamas: Germany will get us a better deal on returning Schalit," by Khaled Abu Toameh for the Jerusalem Post, July 18: In the aftermath of Wednesday's prisoner swap between Israel...

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Hizballah now moving into Lebanese towns without Shi'ite majorities

Not only has the Lebanese government shown it won't challenge Hizballah's increasing presence, it has allowed the group veto power in governmental decisions, and has shown the depth of its support for Hizballah's jihad by giving Samir Kuntar a hero's...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Text of Saudi-led interfaith conference's "Madrid Declaration"

It's easy to see why some participants were fuming about the document issued on their behalf. It is presented below in its entirety. Note the predictable platitudes about "justice" and "respect," along with more ominous pledges to badger governments and...

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Saudi-led "interfaith" meeting closes with U.A.E. official's swipe at Zionism, participant complaints of control by Muslim World League

Shocking, isn't it? "U.A.E. Official Attacks Zionism at Saudi Conference," by Joseph Goldstein for the New York Sun, July 18: MADRID — The Saudi king's talk of tolerance and moderation notwithstanding, the Jewish state is proving to be a divisive...

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Algeria: Accuser in "blasphemy" case against Christians posed as convert, later went to police

Rachid Mohammad Essaghir Update. "Algeria: Accuser in blasphemy case linked to Islamists," from Compass Direct News, July 18: ISTANBUL, July 18 (Compass Direct News) – Three Algerian Christians fighting a blasphemy sentence arrived at court in northwestern Algeria on Tuesday...

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Yusuf Islam "refused to speak to or even acknowledge any women who were not veiled and was not prepared to speak to women other than through an intermediary"?

Dhim-mis have bro-ken, like the first mo-o-o-rn-ing. "Yusuf Islam accepts libel award," from the AFP, July 18:LONDON (AFP) — Yusuf Islam, the singer-songwriter formerly known as Cat Stevens, on Friday accepted substantial libel damages and an apology for articles that...

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Muslim media trying to portray Pope as a dhimmi?

Pope simply said the "Church eagerly seeks opportunities to listen to the spiritual experience of other religions," to which Islam Online claims that the Church is "open to learn from other faiths." Yet there's a world of difference between listening...

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UK Muslim youth to be taught good citizenship skills

If freedom of speech is a prized right of the UK's citizenry, does the following mean that Muslims will be taught that it's ok to openly discuss Islam---indeed, even draw cartoons of its prophet? "Citizenship class for young Muslims," from...

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"There is one law, and one constitution for every person in this country. And there is no special law for an Islamic girl, or an Islamic man. There is no Sharia."

A Swiss patriot speaks to Diana West -- "A Swiss 'Extremist' Against Islamic Law": THE SWISS ALPS, SWITZERLAND -- "Explain the minaret ban," I asked. I was sitting in the side room of a house, overlooking a flat plot somewhat...

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Bridge for Sale: Saudi-led interfaith conference calls for gender equality

I'm sure they're getting right to that in Riyadh at this very moment. Actually, the article below shows a mixture of dissimulation and religiously- and culturally-loaded notions like the "dignity" of women, which can mean very different things depending on...

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Polio resurfaces in Swat region of Pakistan, where jihadists campaigned against vaccination

"A Swat-based pro-Taliban cleric, Maulana Fazlullah, had reportedly opposed polio vaccination, saying it was a Western conspiracy to render Muslims infertile." "Polio surfaces in region of Pakistan," by Sadaqat Jan for the Associated Press, July 17: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) —...

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