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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Sunday, July 6, 2008

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"Jihad against America obligation of all Muslims"

Wali-ur-Rehman bases this on the Islamic principle that defensive jihad is fard ayn, incumbent upon every individual Muslim, if an Islamic land is invaded. "'Jihad against America obligation of all Muslims,Â'" from the Daily Times, July 3 (thanks to Jeffrey...

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Al Qaeda recruiting prepubescent boys for the jihad?

This is actually not altogether surprising. Back in 1998, Bin Laden declared that Â"we find that the only age group capable of giving and waging jihad is the 15-25 age bracketÂ" (The Al Qaeda Reader, 267). According to Ayman Zawahiri:...

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Muslims as Jews?

Some Muslims don't feel like the Jews of Europe Fraught with contradictions: Â"British Muslims 'feel like the Jews of Europe,'Â" by Murray Wardrop for the Telegraph, July 4: Shahid Malik, the UK's first Muslim minister, said it has become...

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U.K.: Police dogs to wear "booties" when searching Muslim homes to avoid causing offense

An attempt at appeasement, in an update on this story. "Sniffer dogs to wear Â'MuslimÂ' bootees," by Stuart MacDonald for the Sunday Times, July 6: Police sniffer dogs will have to wear bootees when searching the homes of Muslims so...

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Fitzgerald: The fate of the Christians of Iraq

The fate of the Christians in Iraq should not have come as a complete surprise. It is true that some believed that the kind of Iraqis in exile they met, the soft-spoken thoroughly westernized chalabis and makiyas, were representative men...

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Fitzgerald: Work back from the results

Citizens of the Western world should work back from the results. When the British government decides that it cannot deport Abu Qatada, who has been identified as a leader of Al Qaeda in Britain, because he might be ill-treated in...

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U.K.: Schoolboys disciplined for 'refusing to pray to Allah' in religious ed class

Two budding non-dhimmis refuse to follow the pack. Were students told the prayer includes the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith that "there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"? "Schoolboys disciplined for 'refusing to...

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Malaysia: Sharia court steps in before high court can rule, declares deceased Hindu a Muslim

More of this from Malaysia. "Syariah court declares deceased a Muslim," from the New Straits Times, July 5: GEORGE TOWN: A dispute over the right to claim the body of a man between the religious authorities and the deceased's family...

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