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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, July 26, 2008

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The Muslim Brotherhood: Now on Facebook

Forget Scrabulous, will there be a Halal or Haram application? "Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood goes on-line on Facebook," from Adnkronos International, July 25: Cairo, 25 July (AKI) - The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has launched a discussion forum on Facebook, the...

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Serial bombings in Bangalore, regional jihadist groups suspected

Another serial bomb attack in India; the various news organizations differ on the exact number of bombs. "7 blasts rock Bangalore; two killed, 20 wounded," from the Times of India, July 25: BANGALORE: Seven synchronized small bombs shook Bangalore during...

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"I'm Muslim and hate Jews"

Now why would a Muslim say such a thing? It's all about Israel, right? Wrong. Note, for example, this exposition of Qur'anic antisemitism from IslamOnline. In it, Sheikh 'Atiyyah Saqr, the former Head of the Fatwa Committee at Cairo's Al-Azhar...

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Mysterious blast in Iran: sabotage of Hizballah arms convoy?

Good news -- sabotage inside Iran? "'Mysterious Iran blast likely an attack on Hizbullah arms convoy,'" from the Jerusalem Post, July 25 (thanks to Dennis): A mysterious explosion in a suburb of Teheran that killed 15 people last Saturday was...

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Turkey's dilemma

Can democracy be protected by the court-ordered closing of a political party, and possibly even by a coup d'etat? If democracy is simply head-counting, as Hugh Fitzgerald puts it, then no, it cannot. But Turkey faces the possibility that its...

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Australia: Police raid Muslim "charity" that admitted channeling aid to organization banned for jihadist links

And the executive director says he's shocked -- shocked! -- that the illegal activity was still going on. "Police raid on Muslim charity," by Richard Kerbaj for the The Australian, July 25: A SYDNEY charity that admitted channelling aid through...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Maliki tells Pope: No persecution of Christians in Iraq

Never mind stories like this. Or this, this, and this. Nope. It's all copasetic. "Pope tells Iraqi leader Christians need protection," by Phillip Pullella for Reuters, July 25: CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy (Reuters) - Pope Benedict told Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri...

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Magic Mountain to become "Muslim Mountain" for a day

Can't help but wonder if on "Muslim Day" the theme park's "six flags" will depict swords with the words "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" -- you know, to better help foster a...

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Obama promises to "tear down walls" between Muslims and the rest of the world

More meaningless chatter that only belies Obama's ignorance -- real or feigned -- of Islam. "Walls separating Muslims, Christians, Jews must be torn down," from Khabrein, July 25:Obama BERLIN, (KUNA) -- Democratic candidate for US Presidency Barack Obama on Thursday...

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Saudis continue "reaching out" to Jews and Christians, while simultaneously teaching their children to hate those same Jews and Christians

But then again, they are our politicians' "friends and allies." A closer look into Saudi textbooks for children: "Saudi schoolbooks teach piety, hate," by Anne Applebaum, for GoErie.com, July 24Here, for example, is a multiple-choice question from a recent edition...

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Obama's win-win position with Muslims

"Obama and Muslim voters a 'double whammy'?" by Michael Conlon, for Reuters, July 25:CHICAGO (Reuters) - Barack Obama should be able to count on heavy support from U.S. Muslims in the November election, if polls are correct, but he risks...

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UN demands British government take "energetic measures to eliminate" Islamophobia

UN continues down the road of unabashed dhimmitude. "Treat Muslims better, Britain told by UN," by Chris Irvine for Telegraph, July 25:The nine-member human rights committee composed of legal experts, said it was concerned "negative public attitudes towards Muslim members...

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Dearborn: Two Muslim women sue McDonalds for $10 million for not hiring them over Islamic attire

Fast food restaurants have employee dress codes not only for appearances, but for hygiene and safety. With that in mind, this case is sounding a lot like the case of the women wanting to wear Islamic attire in a Midwestern...

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