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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Sunday, July 20, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Hamas: Kidnapped Israeli soldier "will continue to serve as a bargaining chip" to secure release of jailed jihadists, "including prisoners with blood on their hands."

Israel established a precedent for that with the release of Samir Kuntar to Hizballah. More on this story. "'Schalit is Hamas's bargaining chip'," from the Jerusalem Post, July 19: Hamas will not give up on any prisoner in negotiations to...

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Jihadi leader warns Israel "that failure to comply with Hamas's demands would prompt the movement to kidnap more IDF soldiers in the future to release Palestinian prisoners"

More demands; more threats. "Hamas, Islamic Jihad threaten to end Gaza Strip cease-fire," by Khaled Abu Toameh, for the Jerusalem Post, July 19:One month after the cease-fire agreement in the Gaza Strip came into effect, Hamas said over the weekend...

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France files charges in transnational jihad funding scheme

Eurabia Alert: Here's the case of a man "of Turkish and Dutch origin," extradited from the Netherlands to face charges in France for funding a group seeking to establish "an Islamic regime across Central Asia." "Suspected head of Uzbek extremist...

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Iraqi jihadis going to the aid of Afghani jihadis?

Update to yesterday's story. Not only is al-Qaeda summoning jihadis from all around the world to rally around them in Afghanistan, but even those in Iraq, indicating, perhaps, that Afghanistan, not Iraq, is their priority. Either that or Iraq is...

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Sunnis rejoin Iraq's Shia-led government

An end of sectarianism in Iraq? The establishment of a stable multiparty parliamentary democracy in Iraq? I still rather suspect that the political character of Islam and ancient hatreds between Sunnis and Shi'ites will reassert themselves, but history has taken...

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"Virtual Jihadi" video game challenges players to kill President Bush

"'The game itself is not an act of terrorism,' said one protester. 'But it simply promotes it.'" Indeed: there is freedom of speech and there is incitement to murder. A cartoon of Muhammad harms no one, although there are those...

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Recent Pipes interview on Islamism

JW friend Daniel Pipes on Islam:Q: You have written extensively about the distinction between Islam and Â"IslamismÂ", also called Â"militant IslamÂ", or Â"fundamentalismÂ". How do you explain the difference? DP: Islam is a personal faith, and there are many different...

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Islamic cleric: "Pakistan is IslamÂ's fort that cannot be broken up on JewsÂ' behest by the U.S. and its allies"

Paranoid Fantasy Alert: he has also said that "the U.S. and India are directly involved in the terror attacks in Pakistan." "Cleric: U.S. Cannot Break Up Pakistan On JewsÂ' Behest," from MEMRI, July 18 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): Qari Saeed...

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Prosecutors in Fort Dix jihad case challenge move by defense to purge "jihad" and "al-Qaeda" references

The defense says references to jihad and al-Qaeda would be "inflammatory" -- never mind establishing motive. "US: Don't drop jihad references from charges," from the Associated Press, July 18: MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (AP) - Federal prosecutors say they should not...

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Hamas children's show tackles amputation for theft

Doesn't everybody's mom and dad have a portrait of Sheik Yassin on the night table? Now, didn't Bert and Ernie have this same discussion once? "Hamas Children's Show Discusses Severing Hands As Punishment for Theft," by Steven Hoffer for...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Scotland: Muslims "resent" being inconvenienced

Well, it's either that or another 7/7. At any rate, surely Asians and Muslims experience far more "hassle" in their own countries of origin, and so this isn't too much to be asked from their foreign hosts: "Scottish Muslims claim...

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Russia: Muftis demand their radical literature back

Anti-dhimmitude alert: "Russian Muslims protest radical literature ban," from the Agence France-Presse, July 19:MOSCOW -- Russia's highest Muslim council on Saturday issued a protest against a ban on some Islamic publications considered by the authorities to be "extremist." The Council...

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Jews fail to behave like dhimmis, "almost leading to blows" with Muslims

What, trouble in paradise? "Interfaith conference fails after argument between Muslims and Jews," from Macau News, July 18:An interfaith conference which has been held in Madrid during the week has ended on a bad note with Muslims and Jews involved...

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UK: State school students may be taught Islamic traditions as part of compulsory citizenship lessons

Absurd Britannia Update: "All state pupils may be taught Islamic traditions as part of compulsory citizenship lessons," by Matthew Hickley for the Daily Mail, July 19 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): State school pupils are set to be taught Islamic traditions...

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UK government taking Islamic theology seriously?

About time---if the angry Muslims making these claims are right: "UK targeting Islam not extremism, says Muslim News editor," from Mathaba, July 18:The British government Friday was accused of trying to interfere in the Muslim community on religious matters by...

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CAIR demands apology from McCain regarding Muslim remark

McCain campaign reveals that it understands the nature of Islam, sort of. "McCain surrogate makes controversial Muslim comment," from CNN, July 18: A leading John McCain surrogate stirred controversy Friday after defending the Iraq war in particularly stark terms, telling...

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Parties behind Yemen's proposed religious police have lengthy "to do" list

High on the list: Putting an end the allocation of seats in the legislature for women. Many more items on the agenda are included below. More on this story. "Yemen: Feminists clash with planned 'moral police'," from Adnkronos International, July...

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