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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, July 18, 2008

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Update: Altruist turned terrorist motivated by "childhood anger"

So now his original story has changed. He didn't go to Pakistan to "help earthquake survivors," as he first claimed. No, now the real reason he went to Pakistan (only to return with enough information "that would have enabled him...

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Freed Lebanese jihadists vow to continue fighting Israel

Gee, didn't see that coming. "Freed Lebanese prisoners vow to fight Israel," by Zeina Karam for the Associated Press July 17: BEIRUT, Lebanon - Five militants freed in a prisoner swap with Israel prayed and laid wreaths at the grave...

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Obama shuns Michigan Muslims

This is a phenomenon I explained here. "They've met with other communities, so why is the Arab-American, Muslim community out of the loop?'' Because Obama, or at least those around him, recognize that there is real concern about Muslims in...

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Telling the truth is Islam-bashing?

A question I have often asked. The courageous Iranian dissident Amil Imani considers it here....

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Pakistani clerics: End U.S. involvement in Pakistan, enforce Islamic law

"The West and the Jews are conspiring against Muslims and Islam on a big scale, and are using different strategies to impose a Western system on Muslim nations." "Clerics: End U.S. Involvement In Pakistan, Enforce Islamic System," from MEMRI, July...

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New York: Muslim stabs his sister because she was a "bad Muslim girl"

Avenger of bad Muslim girls An attempt to add to the rapidly increasing number of Islamic honor killings in the U.S. Is this the kind of society we want to have in America? Are the assumptions that underlie this...

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"As Muslims we have fully integrated into British society, but we have no desire to assimilate to an inferior culture"

Foster Friess, who, among other things, is on a mission to help truly peaceful Muslims, such as Tawfik Hamid, moderate their faith, writes a revealing article in his blog demonstrating the many obstacles on the way to reform: Â"My meetings...

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Fitzgerald: McCain admires "the Islam"

"I admire the Islam [sic]. There are a lot of good principles in it." -- John McCain This comment is worth holding up for inspection and criticism. The Republican McCain is still apparently a sentimentalist, because still apparently misinformed, or...

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Next: a Harry Potter jihadi series?

Just when you thought Harry Potter was a Zionist agent comes this: "Call them the Harry Potter books on Islam," by Syed Ali Mujtaba for the Dinar Standard, July 16:[A] New Delhi based publisher, Saniyasnain Khan has come up with...

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Saudi king says they're tacking terror's "intellectual roots"; Saudi textbooks still teach jihad against infidels

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, July 15, 2008, as quoted in "Dialogue will remove mistrust: King," by P.K. Abdul Ghafour for Arab News, July 16, 2008: We have adopted a comprehensive anti-terror strategy that not only focuses on the security...

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Pakistan: Tensions over rumors of burnt Qur'an

What if this unfortunate child really had burnt a Qur'an, or used a page from it as wrapping paper? How would that have harmed the Muslims who called for his punishment and who may have beaten him? "Pakistan: Tension grips...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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OIC seeks to "criminalize Christianity and push the execution of more Christians"

Laurie Roth is wroth with Islam. Â"The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) wants to criminalize Christianity at the U.N.Â" by Dr. Laurie Roth, for the Canada Free Press, July 16:Since 1999, the OIC has been pushing with the U.N...

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Serbian eagle hovers over "puny Muslim and Croation emblems"

More Muslim fury directed at proud dhimmis (which, of course, is an oxymoron). Â"Muslims furious at anthem and symbols adopted by Bosnian Serbs,Â" by Daniel McLaughlin, for the Irish Times, July 17:BOSNIA: BOSNIA'S MUSLIMS are furious with the country's Serb...

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Available now: the State Department's 2009 Churches of America Calendar!

Just kidding. But you can get this one: "2009 Mosques of America Wall Calendar: Limited Edition for Ramadan." Available from the U. S. State Department's "Global Publishing Solutions" department. (Thanks to Brian C. Ledbetter at Snapped Shot.) UPDATE: Brian...

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Non-Muslims persecuted in Iraq

Chris Bowen, Australia's federal Assistant Treasurer and the Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs, here details how life has grown so much worse in recent years for non-Muslims in Iraq. He never explains, however, that this is because of...

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