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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, October 4, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Coming this December: International anti-jihad conference in Jerusalem

Recently I spoke with Geert Wilders about this conference in Jerusalem, and he asked me to be there. I plan to be. Meanwhile, watch for the video of my interview with Wilders, coming very soon. "Jerusalem to Host Ant-Jihad Convention...

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John Esposito in hell!

Oh, this is rich. Saudi-funded dhimmi academic propagandist John Esposito just keeps getting more entertaining. First there were the "Darth Vaders of the world," and now he is tormented by the devils Bernard Lewis, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, and...

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Stop the presses! U.N. anti-blasphemy resolution curtails free speech!

The presidential candidates should be asked what they think about this. "U.N. Anti-Blasphemy Resolution Curtails Free Speech, Critics Say," by Jennifer Lawinski for FoxNews, October 3: Religious groups and free-speech advocates are banding together to fight a United Nations resolution...

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More evidence that HLF "charity" was geared towards "global jihad"

"Live with self-respect or die honorably" Including new evidence indicating that the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was quite fond of citing Abdullah Azzam (1941–1989, pictured above), the mujahid/scholar mentor of Osama bin Laden who often boastfully...

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Three Muslims charged in firebombing of Muhammad book publishing house

"Police said Beheshti was also charged with possessing a weapon 'designed or adapted for the discharge of a noxious liquid or gas.'" Now that's interesting. A few days ago we saw Aziz Poonawalla, a colleague of the unhinged psychotic Dean...

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Tolerance of the unacceptable

"Toleration of the unacceptable leads to the last round-up." -- Bob Dylan...

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Taliban: "We reject an offer for negotiation by the Afghan's puppet and slave President Hamid Karzai"

Evidently they think they can press on to final victory. "Taliban rejects peace talks," from Reuters, October 3 (thanks to JE): A SENIOR Taliban commander today rejected reconciliation with what he called the "puppet" Afghan Government, the latest in a...

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Al Qaeda + Pirates = Jihad on the High Seas

Arrghh...Aslim taslam, matey! More evidence that the supposedly "random" Somali pirate attacks are, in fact, associated with al-Qaeda's jihad. Incidentally, piracy as a jihadist activity has a pedigree at least as old as the Barbary conflicts with Europe and...

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Al-Qaeda in Algeria offers "glad tidings" of "victories" and the "massacre of the apostate slaves of America"

For an "imploding" organization -- according to "analysts" -- al-Qaeda sure still manages to get around: "Al Qaeda says it was behind Algeria bombing," by Raissa Kasolowsky for Reuters, October 1:DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's north Africa wing said it...

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CAIR asks IRS to see if Obsession distributor has violated tax-exempt status

This claim is self-evidently absurd: Obsession was made several years before the 2008 campaign, and contains no exhortations to vote for anyone. It is also quite revealing that they think -- and don't seem to care if their actions make...

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Flying Imams try to add FBI agent as defendant

The Flying Imams claim that they were taken off a flight not because they were acting suspiciously, but because they were discriminated against. They tried to sue the passengers who reported them -- which would have ended the reporting of...

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Slapstick Jihad: Act 2 – a total flop at the UN Human Rights Council

Comments by David G. Littman on a special Day at the UN Human Rights Council: Act 2 of Â"Slapstick JihadÂ" by EgyptÂ's Counsellor Amr Roshdy Hassan at the Human Rights Council (HRC) on 23 September was a total flop. He...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Somali town administration vows "to bring back Islamic theocracy" and to govern "using laws of the Holy Koran"

Looking forward to theocratic rule Sharia-Alert. "Islamists slap Sharia law on Somalia town," from AFP, October 3:MOGADISHU (AFP) — Islamists in a town in southern Somalia have imposed Sharia law in line with their vow to bring back Islamic...

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Egypt: court gives Christian boys to Muslim father

More evidence that sharia law governs Egypt. A Christian man converts to Islam, and, even though Egypt's "Constitution" asserts that children under age 15 must remain with their mothers in case of separation, their two (apparently practicing) Christian boys must...

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Fitzgerald: Muslims and Hindus

Gandhi was unacceptably wrong about a number of things -- his advice to Jews to mimic Indians in their campaign with the British, and to offer "passive resistance" to Hitler, and if necessary to sacrifice themselves, takes the cake. But...

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Fitzgerald: A tribute to Noah Feldman

Some Jihad Watch readers recently wondered -- bizarrely -- if Noah Feldman was either a convert to Islam or what some of them insist upon calling "a self-hating Jew," or both. He is neither of those things. Rather, Noah Feldman...

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Acid, the new weapon for disfiguring women

It's happening in Bangladesh as well as in Pakistan and Gaza. There is, of course, nothing in the Qur'an to the effect of "Throw acid on her" if a woman is disobedient -- there is just "beat her" (4:34). But...

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