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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, October 16, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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UK: Al-Qaeda operatives brainwashed "suggestible simpleton" to commit suicide attack

More on this story. "'Al-Qaeda' terrorists who brainwashed Exeter suicide bomber still on the run," by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, October 15:The al-Qaeda extremists who brainwashed an autistic Muslim convert into launching a failed suicide nail bomb attack...

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UK Muslims stage protest over being questioned at airports

"Psychological torture." Come on. If these demonstrators had any concern at all for preventing another terrorist attack in the U.K., they would accept the inconvenience of questioning as the price of preserving British society. I myself am often singled out...

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Turkey: jihadist tries to fly plane into mausoleum

"Death to the!"...already dead? More on this story. "Turkey: Islamic militant convicted of plot," from AP, October 15 (thanks to Dionysios):ANKARA, Turkey: An Islamic militant has been convicted for a second time of planning to crash a plane into...

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Al-Qaeda Number Two Dead!

No, not Zawahiri; this is the Iraq Number Two. As we all celebrate this minor victory (it seems almost weekly now that an "al-Qaeda #" from country X is slain) we should also ponder this far more reaching question: will...

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Muslim convert admits attempted suicide terror attack

Failed martyr More on this story. See here also for more on radical Islam's appeal to Western men. "Muslim convert admits attempted suicide terror attack ," by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, October 15 (thanks to R Brown):Nicky Reilly,...

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St. Louis: 14 funnelling money from bank fraud to Palestinian territories

Misunderstanders of Islam at it again. No doubt the MSA's that are so upset about my college talks this week will soon set them straight about jihad and Islam. "StL feds charge 14 in Palestinian fraud case," by Robert Patrick...

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MSA at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee defames me

The David Horowitz Freedom Center put this ad in the UWM Post, the independent student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (I'm scheduled to speak at UWM tomorrow evening): The Post ran this MSA ad alongside that one: You know,...

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Penn State: Stick to football

I just got in from speaking at Penn State, kicking off the David Horowitz Freedom Center's Stop the Jihad On Campus week that will take me tomorrow to the University of Wisconsin at Madison, then to the University of Wisconsin...

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Glasgow airport attack: "Both Ahmed and Abdulla threw petrol bombs and there were shouts of 'Allahu Akbar'"

Follow the link for footage from inside and outside the airport. "Glasgow car bombings: new footage," by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, October 14: The images, taken from CCTV cameras at the airport, show one of the men trying to...

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Taliban infiltrating more Pakistani cities

Not that this should come as a surprise. "Taliban 'infiltrating Pakistan cities'," by Bruce Loudon for the Australian, October 14: Fears over the "Talibanisation" of Pakistan's major urban centres rose sharply yesterday after a warning from one of the country's...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Al-Qaeda suspect allowed to live in Britain

"He was held briefly in 1999 under anti-terror laws and Tony Blair said it was 'crazy' he could not be deported." Now he has "discretionary leave to remain," including the right to "claim housing benefit, child tax credits and JobseekersÂ'...

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How one Brit survived Saudi Arabia's "chop-chop square"

Another Westerner has a near-lethal brush with sharia law and its draconian system. Yet while this writer descries Saudi Arabia for being inhumane, his ignorance of what fuels the Saudis' logic is revealed by the fact that never once does...

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BBC boss says Islam should be treated more sensitively than Christianity

Dhimmitude/Islam-as-Race Alert. "BBC boss says Islam should be treated more sensitively than Christianity," by Martin Beckfordfrom the Telegraph, October 15:Mark Thompson claimed that because Muslims are a religious minority in Britain and also often from ethnic minorities, their faith should...

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Christian priest converts to Islam but still wants to serve as Christian priest

The value of this story is to show the great difference between how Christianity and Islam treat apostates. Here, no one is out to kill Ms. Redding for becoming a Muslim. Even the "antagonist" of this story, who is "inhibiting"...

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Indonesian board game: Be the first on your block to win at the game of Sharia! But watch out for that "Kafir" card...

"Courting": Minus 500 points. Half as bad as murder. As for the general premise, Hugh Fitzgerald thought of it first. But now you can play at home, too: "Game leaves nothing to chance for cute extremists," by Nury Vittachi...

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Australia: University's interfaith prayer facilities not good enough; Muslims want their own area

This university has already bent over backwards for religious accommodations. But why let them stop now, when there are other demands to be made? "Muslim students protest about prayer room at RMIT," by Mark Dunn the Herald Sun, October 14...

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