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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, October 11, 2008

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New Obama "Muslim Outreach Advisor" met with Islamic organizations associated with Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

Just like his former advisor, who recently stepped down. "Obama Muslim Outreach Coordinator Under Fire for Meeting With Extremists," from Fox News, October 10:Barak Obama's Muslim outreach adviser is under fire for meeting with Islamic groups with extremist views, just...

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Missed it by that much: Al-Qaeda, Taliban top dogs escape missile strike

Sorry about that, Chief Raising more tensions between Washington and our Friends and Allies in Islamabad. "Al Qaeda commanders escape in Pakistan missile strike," from AFP, October 10: MIRANSHAH, Pakistan- A US missile strike targeting a high-level meeting of...

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David Yerushalmi responds to Suhail Khan

In Suhail Khan's debate with Frank Gaffney the other night, Khan defamed me repeatedly, but I was not the only recipient of his venom: he also slandered David Yerushalmi, an attorney and expert on legal issues involving Sharia. David Yerushalmi...

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East Tennessee State University celebrates diversity, won't let me speak

Another Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is about to begin, and for the next three weeks, actually, I will be traveling all over the country to speak at various universities. But not to East Tennessee State. As I have made clear recently...

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Doctors' jihad plot: "who would have suspected two doctors to have been involved in such planning?"

Well, one who is convinced that poverty and/or lack of education causes terrorism might have been surprised. Of course, such a glaring exception to the theory should only point more strongly to the fact that there must be some other...

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U.K.: Official report details concerns among prison staff about aggressive Islamic proselytizing and "radicalization"

Another day, another study with the same conclusion. "Inmates 'Forced Into Radicalism'," from Sky News, October 10: Muslim prison gangs are trying to force other inmates to sign up to Islamic radicalism, prison officers have warned. Extremists at high security...

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Australia: Study finds most non-Muslims still unaware that Islam has its own set of rules

Sharia: the great divide. "Alcohol creates 'barrier' for Muslims," from The Age, October: 10Alcohol, food and gender relations are the key barriers to social interaction between Muslim and non-Muslim Australians, a study suggests. The findings emerged from a study commissioned...

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Mattel defends Islamic proselytizing doll

"Islam is the Light"? Mattel insists the doll does not say "Islam is the Light," and thus, even though numerous complaints have been lodged, will keep it on the shelf. Judge for yourself (above) what it says. One wonders,...

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Church of Scotland backs plans for sharia courts

An update on this story. "Church of Scotland backs Islamic sharia law courts," from The Scotsman, October 10: The Church of Scotland last night welcomed the possibility of introducing sharia law courts in Scotland. Rev Ian Galloway, convener of the...

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