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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Monday, October 27, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Syria claims US troops conduct raid inside Syria

"Syria condemns this aggressive act and holds American forces responsible for this aggression and all of its repercussions." A "developing situation." "'US troops' strike inside Syria," from the BBC, October 26 (thanks to Paul): US helicopter-borne troops have carried out...

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Al-Qaeda behind 2007 Glasgow terror attacks?

More on this story. "Al-Qaida appears to claim Glasgow attack," from the Associated Press, October 24:The leader of al-Qaida in Iraq has said his group is focused on attacks outside the country in a new audiotape in which he seemed...

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Muslim students: Bali bombers are "holy warriors"

The cognitive dissonance between what these students say and what I hear from Muslim students on university campuses in the U.S. is enormous. These students openly acknowledge the Islamic imperative of violent jihad; on American campuses, Muslim students profess outrage...

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Blogging the QurÂ'an: Sura 60, Â"She Who Is TestedÂ"

Karen Hughes: She was tested too The Medinan Sura 60 calls for an examination of the all-important but completely overlooked question of frames of reference: what is said is not always heard the way it is meant. Consider these...

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Women's rights, anti-FGM campaigner killed in Somalia

"Their organization campaigns for women's rights and against female genital mutilation but it was unclear who was behind the attack." My guess would be that it was militant Christian Fundamentalists. "Aid worker killed in Somalia," from AP, October 26 (thanks...

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Senior Iranian official: Hey, let's attack Britain

To attempt to deter America from attacking Iran, in a roundabout, Rube Goldberg sort of way. But the NATO agreement about mutual aid in the event of attacks would throw a bit of a wrench in the works. "Iranian official...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Saudi King continues calling for more "interfaith dialogue"

All while Saudi children textbooks continue to teach hatred of all things non-Islamic. "Saudi king to attend November UN interfaith dialogue," from the Associated Press, October 26:The Saudi king said that he would attend a meeting at the United Nations...

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Texas company fined for complying with Arab boycott on Israeli goods

The company's invoices contained statements such as, "We certify that the goods enumerated in this Invoice are not of Israeli origin and do not contain any Israeli materials." "Texas company fined for complying with Arab boycott," by Michael Freund for...

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Swiss swimming laws "violate the principles of freedom" and "transgress on the rights of their minorities"

More on this story. "Mixed Swimming Worries Swiss Muslims," by Hadi Yahmid for Islam Online, October 26:BERN — A Swiss court ruling against exempting Muslim students from compulsory, mixed swimming classes has sparked a hot debate over respecting the religious...

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Pakistan: New details may re-open case of sisters kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam

An update on this story. "Pakistan: Girl's account re-opens custody fight for sisters," from Compass Direct News, October 24: ISTANBUL, Turkey, October 24 (Compass Direct News) – Lawyers for two underage Christian sisters who were kidnapped plan to renew a...

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