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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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The American Muslim, terrorism, and Islamic supremacism

At the reliably truth-free publication known as The American Muslim today, Sheila Musaji has published an article, "What exactly is required to be considered a 'moderate' Muslim?" In it, she takes me to task for this statement: "And I wonder...

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Egypt: Christians and Muslims riot in village

According to this story, a Christian was shot dead; also, the reason given for this latest "sectarian" clash was that a Christian woman was selling property to a Muslim. According to this more updated report, however, the real reason is...

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"Hezbollah Brigades of Palestine": the latest manifestation of jihad in Palestine

These groups just keep morphing and multiplying, as recently happened with Hamas and its latest offspring, Jaysh al-Umma, which made clear that "Muslims all over the world were obliged to fight the Israelis and the 'infidels' until only Islam rules...

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Radical Islam growing in Bulgaria

Bulgarian jihad update. "New Â'radical Islam in BulgariaÂ' claims," by Clive Leviev-Sawyer for Sofia Echo, October 5:Just days after Sofia hosted a forum on how teaching at schools could be used to forestall radical Islam, a researcher gave an interview...

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Now wait a minute: isn't poverty the cause of jihad terrorism?

Today's news keeps disproving the learned analysts. Not that they, or those who keep giving them large sums for telling them what they want to hear, will take any notice of the fact. Rich Jihadist Alert: "Mumbai: The man who...

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Now wait a minute: wasn't "jihad" always an interior spiritual struggle?

Just the other day we saw the artful dissembler Khaleel Mohammed, the "moderate" Muslim who appeared in Obsession and was apparently fine with having done so until it was distributed nationwide, and then denounced the film, claiming that the "true...

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Spencer interviews Geert Wilders, Part 2

You can find Part 1 here. And in this part of my conversation with Geert Wilders, producer of Fitna and warrior for free speech, we discuss the "racism" canard and much more....

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Brooklyn: Litigious Muslim found with Al-Qaeda and chemical weapons material

He was well versed in the courtroom jihad, but apparently had plans to indulge in the more violent variety as well. Meanwhile, how big a story do you think this will be? Will the news networks report that a Muslim...

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Taliban in Saudi-brokered talks with Afghan government?

Just yesterday we had a British commander saying the Taliban couldn't be beaten. And Friday we saw the Taliban saying they were rejecting Karzai's offer to negotiate. The clue to this muddle may come in the Saudi statement about stopping...

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"Obama clearly will work a magic in the Islamic world"

"See that, Barack? That's Islamic anti-Americanism melting away!" "If Obama were elected president, 50 percent of the anti-Americanism in the world would disappear." I predicted this enthusiasm for Obama among Muslims around the world in March 2007: "Given ObamaÂ's...

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Somalia: Kismayo airport re-named after jihadist

"[Imam Ahmed] Gurey is a mythical figure in Somalia. A fervent proponent of Muslim expansionism, Gurey embarked on a conquest of Abyssinia which brought three-quarters of modern-day Ethiopia under control." Hmm. Was Gurey another misunderstander of Islam? Somalia Jihad Update....

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Kuwait: Music concert "abruptly" terminated after female fan hugs and kisses male singer

What do Malaysia and Kuwait have in common? "Uncontrolled" women -- singers or, as in this story, fans -- have a curious way of leading to canceled concerts. They also, coincidentally enough, have Islam in common, for what that's worth......

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Fitzgerald: The "root causes" of Islamic disarray

Arabs and Muslims, it has been said, cling to their past. And itÂ's true: they do cling to "their" past, as long as that past is the past that came after the pre-Islamic past that went before, which is merely...

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Mosul: "Climate of panic" among Christian community after month-long series of attacks, local media silent

Islamic Tolerance Alert. "Mosul, the relentless slaughter of Iraqi Christians," from AsiaNews, October 5: Mosul (AsiaNews) - A new attack against the Christians in Mosul: yesterday afternoon, an armed group assassinated Hazim Thomaso Youssif, age 40. The ambush took place...

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YouTube censors anti-sharia video

It apparently falls in the "hate speech" category. More on this story. "YouTube censors comedian's anti-Sharia video called 'Welcome to Saudi Britain,'" by Martin Beckford for the Telegraph, October 4:Pat Condell, an outspoken atheist and veteran stand-up comic, uploaded the...

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