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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Break out the hats and hooters: Spencer named among nation's leading "Islamophobes"!

It's party time tonight in the Jihad Watch offices here in Secure Undisclosed Locationville: the far Left organization known as Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting has issued a list of twelve "AmericaÂ's Leading Islamophobes" (whom they term, with numbing...

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Debates, Deceptions, and Suhail Khan

Last night Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, debated -- and bested -- Suhail Khan, Assistant to the Secretary of Transportation for Policy, on the question of "Is Islam A Religion of Peace?" You can listen to...

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Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: "I have been involved in the search for the elusive Iranian moderate for 30 years"

A most illuminating insight into the wishful thinking that guides and has long guided so much of American policy. "Giving Until It Hurts," by Barry Rubin for the GLORIA Center, October 8 (thanks to Andrew Bostom): In response to a...

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Gaffney: The Other Debate

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, was also in a debate last night: Shortly before John McCain and Barack Obama, as the Car Guys would say, wasted a perfectly good hour-and-a-half of AmericaÂ's...

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CAIR a front group with an "inconspicuous Islamist hue"

Check this man for an "inconspicuous Islamist hue" Those are the words of Shukri Abu Baker, a defendant at the Holy Land Foundation trial, which is underway now after a mistrial last summer. "FBI: CAIR is a front group,...

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Ian Buruma: Europe's "far-right revival" isn't Nazism, but resistance to Islamization

Ian Buruma thinks that Geert Wilders suffers from a "paranoid fear of 'Islamization,'" and his book on the jihadist murder of Theo Van Gogh, Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerence, suffers in many places from...

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Lawful jihad continues to flourish in prisons

Jihadist who declared the "time for jihad is now" and wanted to "smoke a judge," declared at his recent sentencing that "he no longer believes in violent jihad and has 'adopted more positive Muslim beliefs.'" Now he is the imam...

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Iraq: Top al-Qaeda female suicide bomber recruiter arrested

Vacancy-announcement: "Iraq arrests top Qaeda female suicide bomber recruiter," from AFP, October 7:BAGHDAD, Iraq (AFP) — Iraqi forces arrested on Tuesday a woman suspected of heading up the recruitment of female suicide bombers in Iraq, including that of a teenager...

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Spencer interviews Geert Wilders, Part 3

Here is the third segment of my conversation with the Dutch politician and international warrior for free speech, Geert Wilders. Part 1 is here, and part 2 here. Watch for more in the coming weeks from Jihad Watch Video,...

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Spencer: Obama Wages War on Freedom of Speech

"See those divisive Islamophobes, Barack? They must be silenced!" In Human Events today I discuss a recent disquieting initiatives by our anointed Next President, and their implications: Last week the Governor of Missouri, Matt Blunt, issued a statement on...

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Spain's top court acquits 14 accused jihadists

On appeal. "Spain's Top Court Acquits 14 Of Islamist Terrorism," from AFP, October 7 (thanks to Twostellas): MADRID (AFP)--Spain's Supreme Court Tuesday acquitted on appeal 14 of the 20 men who were sentenced jail in February for belonging to an...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Mosul: Three Christians killed in 24 hours

More of the same, in an update on this story. "Iraq: 'Three Christians killed in 24 hours'," from AdnKronos International, October 8: Mosul, 8 Oct. (AKI) - Three Christians have been killed in the past 24 hours in the northern...

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Sharia courts coming to Scotland

So much for fighting and dying for "freedom"... Suppose it's only natural, since down south, in England, sharia courts are the latest rage in "diversity." "Sharia courts set to bring Muslim law to bear in Scottish cities," by Shan...

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Baby doll engaged in Islamic proselytization and da'wa

"Islam is the Light" Karen Armstrong, John Esposito, Tariq Ramadan, make way for the "Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo" doll -- the latest Islamic apologist in town, and just for children, too. "EXCLUSIVE - Doll with...

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Wales: Parents, schoolchildren gather to celebrate Muslim festival

Do they do this for Christmas? If they do, do Muslim students and parents participate? "Pupils and parents to gather for assembly to celebrate Muslim festival," by Moira Sharkey for South Wales Echo, October 8 (thanks to Twostellas): PARENTS and...

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Four Algerians get four years in jail, $1,300 fines for Islamic terrorism -- no, wait...

Actually it was for not observing the Ramadan fast. Watch for these kinds of stories to start coming out of Europe before too long. "Algerians jailed for breaking Ramadan fast," from Al-Arabiya, October 7: An Algerian court has jailed six...

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Tunisia: "Controversial" film tackles issue of equal inheritance for daughters and sons

"The fact that the issue is not debatable from a religious point should not forbid us from discussing it from a humane and social perspective ... Should intellect be shackled if fundamentalists were enraged?" How that question is answered in...

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