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Friday, August 01, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, August 1, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Jihadists threaten to murder lawyer defending Afghan against blasphemy charge

"I told them they could do what they like. It didn't stop me taking the case." "Islamists threaten to murder lawyer defending Pervez," by Jerome Starkey for The Independent, August 1: The Afghan lawyer defending a journalist on death row...

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"You Jews should be aware: You will never, but never have peace with Hamas. Islam, as the ideology that guides them, will not allow them to achieve a peace agreement with the Jews."

Common sense from a former Hamas member who has converted to Christianity. "Hamas' Christian convert: I've left a society that sanctifies terror," by Avi Issacharoff for Haaretz, July 31 (thanks to all who sent this in): A moment before beginning...

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Fitzgerald: The Rand Corporation, the Left, and the Right

Â"In a new report, the Rand Corporation suggests the US replace the term Â'war on terrorÂ' with Â'counter-terrorism.Â'Â" -- from this article How much money, how big was the contract, that allowed a group at the Rand Corporation to come...

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Head of jihadist school in Virginia guilty of not reporting child abuse

This is a sidelight on the main issue at the Islamic Saudi Academy, which is that it is teaching jihad and Islamic supremacism, and turning out jihadists. Maybe he didn't know he was supposed to file such a report. That...

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Jihadists develop "suicide underwear"

Unmentionables. "Terrorists develop Â'suicide underwear,Â'" by Imran Asghar for the Daily Times, July 31 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): RAWALPINDI: Would-be suicide bombers could be using explosives Â"underwear briefsÂ" rather than explosives jackets to evade Â"conservativeÂ" body searches, sources said on...

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Philippines: Four Christians killed, one missing after jihadists ambush bus

"The signing of a peace accord between the central government and MILF rebels, held responsible for the July 24th attack in Davao del Sur, appears increasingly fragile." Uh-huh. "Mindanao: four Christians killed, a fifth missing," by Santosh Digal for AsiaNews,...

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Objective journalism update: US detains Reuters photographer in Iraq

Seeing the kind of reporting that regularly comes from Reuters and the others, it does not require a great leap of imagination to think that some "journalists" are jihadists. "Iraqi journalist detained by U.S. military," from The Associated Press, July...

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Spencer: Turkey's Dilemma

In Human Events today I discuss Turkey and Rice: Can democracy survive the closing of a major political party – the ruling political party in the country? Imagine if the Supreme Court had convened to discuss banning the Democratic Party....

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Fjordman: The Organization of the Islamic Conference and Eurabia

The European essayist Fjordman elucidates recent Islamic initiatives to end free speech in the West, and shows what's at stake: Dr. Andrew Bostom, editor of the excellent book The Legacy of Jihad and the recent book about Islamic anti-Semitism, warns...

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Iraq: suicide attack leaves three dead, four wounded

Since this is an al-Qaeda affiliated attack, one wonders if the suicide bomber was a child. "Suicide car bomber kills three policemen in Iraq," from ABC News, July 31:Three police officers were killed and four others wounded when a suicide...

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Pakistan forewarning al-Qaeda before American strikes, US asserts

Such otherwise traitorous behavior is in complete keeping with several Koranic injunctions which have led to the doctrine of Loyalty (to Muslims) and Enmity (for infidels), such as the following, which both insists Muslims are to have no loyalty to...

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Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets

"Unity and principle maintaining camps" "Hamas alone is currently conducting no less than 300 summer camps for tens of thousands of children." By Ali Waked for YNet News, July 31: In the Gaza Strip, as in Israel, children are...

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U.K.: Syrian Muslim gets 7 years in prison for building bombs

Hassan Tabbakh Update. "Syrian national jailed in Britain for bomb-making," by Agence France-Presse, July 30: LONDON - A Syrian national who attempted to make bombs for Al-Qaeda-style attacks was jailed for seven years by a British court Wednesday, after being...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Fitzgerald: Dialogue and reality

Â"Rome, 31 July (AKI) - Pope Benedict XVI has played a key role in helping Muslims and Christians start to find common ground on issues ranging from poverty to pollution, according to a top Muslim intellectual. "Â'After years of attempted...

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Now, according to some Muslims, the Pope is a "good guy"

To those who are smart enough to realize that, far from vilifying such a prominent Western leader as the Pope, who has repeatedly shown good will towards Islam, it's better to praise his dialogue-first approach. Since, as is becoming increasingly...

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We shall never forget -- the cartoons!

Likewise, we should never forget the Muslim backlash to freedom of speech -- including mass riots, burned buildings and cars, and dead Christians. See here for a long list of Muslim "reactions" to the "cartoon controversy," arranged by country. "Muslims...

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Saudi Arabia: when four wives just aren't enough

Now, of course, those two extra women may have simply been booty ("ma malakat aymankum"), in which case this Saudi, according to certain Koranic verses (e.g., 4:3), would be exonerated. "Saudi arrested for having six wives," from the Age.com, July...

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Taliban threatens to disfigure un-veiled women with acid

That threat comes as part of an extensive list of additional violent moves to impose more Sharia. "Taliban warn Â'un-IslamicÂ' businesses of dire consequences," by Shahnawaz Khan for the Daily Times, July 31: LAHORE: Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan (TITP) has distributed...

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