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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, August 30, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Morocco: Authorities break up jihadist network calling itself "Conquest of Andalusia"

The known Tiny Minority of Extremists increase in number again. "Morocco 'breaks terror network'," from BBC News, August 29: The Moroccan authorities say they have broken up a militant cell operating in several towns in the kingdom. The group allegedly...

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Jihadists hide in house in Jammu, take civilian hostages

Feel the love. "House siege second major attack in three months," from the Times of India, August 28 (thanks to Ravtish): JAMMU: The fidayeen took care to save their ammunition, even as army officers chalked out strategies to neutralize them...

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Saudis distribute anti-terror cartoons

"Terrorism" snuffing out the light of Islam, Saudi Arabia Another chickens coming home to roost moment. Of course, if the Saudis were remotely serious about condemning terrorism, they wouldn't be teaching their children to hate non-Muslims and that jihad...

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Pennsylvania Leftist useful idiot guilty of aiding Hamas

A member of the International Solidarity Movement. Left/Jihad Nexus Update: "York County native gets 31/2 years for helping Hamas," by Nichole Dobo for The Evening Sun, August 23 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): A 33-year-old York County native was sentenced Thursday...

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Fitzgerald: Muslims and America

"We have a message: Muslim Americans are as American as apple pieÂ" – from this article in The Guardian about Muslims at the Democratic National Convention in Denver If Muslims are "as American as apple pie," are they as American...

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Iran gives Hizballah advanced missiles to hit Israel

Another warning of Israel's destruction if the U.S. and/or Israel dare to attack Iran. However, this one has a curious hollow ring. "Report: Iran supplied Hizbullah with advanced missiles," by Roee Nahmias for YNet News, August 29 (thanks to the...

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Turkish army chief warns against Islamization

When he says that the military will take seriously any attempt to undermine Turkey's secular principles and turn it into an Islamic state -- which does seem to be the ultimate goal of Prime Minister Erdogan and the ruling party...

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Finnish jihadists back Russia

And at least one of them was or is KGB. We have noted many times over the years how eager Russia is to help Iran and other jihadists, despite facing its own jihadist troubles in the Caucasus. And now this...

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Fitzgerald: Greater Jihad and Lesser Jihad

"There are, according to Khan, two kinds of Jihad. The greater Jihad, in which a person fights their animal tendencies, and a lesser Jihad, in which they fight on behalf of their community." -- from this article Again and again...

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Senior Iraqi official arrested on suspicion of links to Iranian-backed jihadists

A supposed ally turns out to be working for the other side. Funny how that keeps happening. "Senior Iraqi official suspected of militia links," by Robert H. Reid for the Associated Press, August 28 (thanks to JCB): BAGHDAD - A...

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U.K.: Yet another misunderstander of Islam arrested in plot against Brown and Blair

An update on this story. "Fifth Arrest in Suspected Plot Against British Leaders," by Alan Cowell for the New York Times, August 27: LONDON — British counterterrorism police officers investigating a suspected conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Gordon Brown and...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Vatican warns of growing "Christianophobia"

Not too sure if the word "phobia" is suitable in this instance, as no one fears cheek-turning Christians -- at least not the way bomb-laden or sword-waving Muslims tend to instill fear. "Anti-Christianism" or perhaps even "Misochristianism" may better capture...

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Creationism leads to terrorism?

This entire op-ed could be summed up in one sentence: "If only we could get people to not take the Koran so darn literally, jihad would stop." Note, however, how Christianity is constantly conflated with Islam in regards to violence...

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American woman defends hijab, says it makes women feel "free"

Yet, oddly, she herself has only worn it once, to experiment. "Behind the veil lives a thriving Muslim sexuality," by Naomi Wolf for the Sydney Morning Herald, August 30:A woman swathed in black to her ankles, wearing a headscarf or...

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Pakistan: five women buried alive for honor

Sharia Alert -- we are constantly told in the West that honor killing has nothing to do with Islam, but Muslims somehow seem to keep misunderstanding that. I've said this before, and I will keep saying it: A manual of...

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