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Friday, August 22, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, August 22, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for Algeria bombings

Continuing to increase its presence in North Africa. This emerging jihadist stronghold should be of particular concern to European countries on the other side of the Mediterranean, lest they find themselves with a second "Al-Qaeda Pipeline" (if "construction" isn't underway...

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Philippines: Government scraps peace deal with jihadists

An update on this story. "Philippines peace deal with Muslim rebels collapses," by Al Jacinto for the Los Angeles Times, August 22: ZAMBOANGA CITY, PHILIPPINES -- A tentative peace deal that came close to resolving decades of conflict between the...

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Philippines: MILF says "peace process in tatters"

A female Muslim displays her placard calling for peace as she shouts "Allah is Great" after the regular Friday prayer in Manila They must have recently gotten stronger, more confident that they can implement the "Medinan" phase of Islam...

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Son of leading Iraqi Sunni pol caught planting bomb in Shi'ite home

Maybe young al-Dulaimi was rebelling against his father's democratic pluralism. Or maybe there is an exceedingly fine line in Iraq between political action and violence -- a line much thinner than most analysts would like to admit. Sunni/Shi'ite Tension Update:...

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Fitzgerald: The situation of Israel is changing

GAZA, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- Prime minister of the deposed Palestinian unity government Ismail Haneya said on Thursday that liberating Jerusalem and the holy al-Aqsa Mosque can only be achieved through Jihad (Holy War), instead of "absurd peace talks." --...

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The do-it-yourself jihad

Yet another Misunderstander of Islam comes to the crazy idea that jihad involves more than just inner spiritual struggle. "Jury hears of 'do-it-yourself jihad' book," by Margaret Scheikowski for AAP, August 21 (thanks to JE): A DO-IT-YOURSELF jihad book provided...

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Hamas top dog: Jerusalem can only be liberated by jihad, not negotiations

And he doesn't mean an interior spiritual struggle, either: Haneya has bought into the Islamophobic notion that jihad has something to do with warfare. Ibrahim Hooper, call your office! "Haneya: Jerusalem can only be "liberated" through Holy war, not talks,"...

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Great victory for Sharia! 45 factory workers killed in suicide blasts in Pakistan!

Following closely on the heels of a suicide blast at a hospital, as the jihadists in Pakistan make their case for Sharia in the post-Musharraf era. "45 dead in twin suicide attack," from Agence France-Presse, August 21 (thanks to JE):...

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Race to destroy Israel and hasten the coming of the Mahdi hits a snag

A rather dismal display. "Iran missile test failed: US observers," from AFP, August 20 (thanks to all who sent this in): [...] Iran announced on Sunday that it had successfully launched into space a missile with a dummy satellite. There...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Saudis: Jews give you cancer!

Our Friends and Allies the Saudis Update: "Saudis warn: Israeli products cancerous," by Rachelle Kliger for the Media Line News Agency, August 21 (thanks to Writer Mom): Saudi trade officials are warning against what they claim to be cancerous products...

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Nigerian Muslim boasts, "A man with 10 wives would collapse and die, but my own power is given by Allah. That is why I have been able to control 86 of them"

You know it's bad when, of all things, an Islamic authority asserts you have one too many wives. "Nigerian faces death for 86 wives," from the BBC, August 21:Nigeria's Islamic authority has told the man who has 86 wives...

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Olympics: hijab-clad sprinter beats infidels at their own games

As an athlete, good for her. As a Muslima participating in a wholly infidel event that has absolutely no connection to Islam -- women racing and being awarded medals representative of mushrik Greece? -- well, the following Koranic verse...

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Malaysia court: Muslim convert's past identity "ceased to exist" upon conversion

Another no-brainer (see below) that may have to go to the supreme court. More on this story. "Malaysia: Court denies womanÂ's appeal to leave Islam," from Inspire, August 21:A civil court has denied a womanÂ's appeal to renounce Islam in...

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Pakistan: kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam Christian girls still unable to go home

Imagine, a case that would be a no-brainer -- kidnappers go to jail, girls return home -- in Pakistan, "Land of the Pure," has to drag on for months and go to the "supreme court." More on this story. "Pakistan;...

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Chicago-area official won't apologize for anti-Sharia email

Windy City anti-dhimmitude: "The e-mail's basic message was that people coming to this country should adapt." And that ain't "hate." An update on this story. "Frankfort Township Assessor Paul Ruff stands by e-mail on Islam, immigrants: Official does not apologize...

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